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Video Transcript
Wow like a little up coming so ha. It is uh well I know he will it's all well if I do say so, the right oh you're selecting the live. You know, after so gina foul L, just want you for my song, the patient just be on sundays, but I say it as you yeah. I just want Happy birthday to you, such a nice I need was the kind of place you to commit soy started, but on behalf of hate sociology only see josh if we do leg out is the advice get the finish o'clock example. I just did you buy something to help myself. Blackie as you think, even will tell the guys you someone kiddie quality twice busy shot them with lego back a bobble black show, but it's probably dollar 40, that shit done I got a question booking the the officers pc alec what's up it's the deep place uh exciting way we fuck out now oi got out of your Go to to show us up this days. It's like you can visit the Western album guy that you can faith idea, but I don't know I just think it's not bottom uh. I want you to fight not who's a do the same vehicle the day, a dollar wiser k monthly logic force check possible hop. Oh my miss local news, said give homes for some Louisiana because yes, knowledge of teaching me the place vehicle comes first solid and local music by family and don't miss the largest in my room comes place are possible, half like Okay, yeah how do that and she was like you hit the style. I have to say this videos and fashion. Danna zina yeah, who double as the key process that if you have the idea that video, I show my face in and then will buy something. I count. What you have not wait oh yeah baby baby back up and everybody thought of muscle standing here do not hello Keep those days as we got the things you put on stop place that which you, which gets up any, find only forgotten, but he got it good idea show your block that don't from online. No man. She boy. You got to be fabulous so they were so. I think you could support their voice official books. Yes, I will even do half of by this. This this guest back and just become percent, so they Fuck you to eastern general, different show by yeah I just so lucky a honda on osage today, so shots. He was just different back new You and make up by the shaky it if you could see when you look in the live each before the place, loco. My not that when I'm back is sore back yellow, frosting thinking about changing the massaging he put his said don't put me down at the specially to judge. Maybe hot something uh. You say that one thing for something possible, just somewhat yeah beautiful Sun down on the get my two bottom and what's so G five. He was pops up on this. You no, no, no, no, no thank you, but also plan you do by keep local full-time secure one plus that we think you know my Starting, but what I see you to keep it up when you door message for the switch you think I should pull a cock keep jump jump is the bundle. I shot. I will gonna get me. I see, I saw East, but I was thinking big enough. I hear the children ask me to keep my eyes Gonna be there from my sponsor anybody here to meet your most annoy me. This okay bye see such an overcomes. You Mark is now yeah be fine odds don't you work on that. So I keep pushing the message and we'll see you, I keep them foods artist. He finds you know in Chicago, she did shows up on the inside the passion to see you could be about shut up and I can't go Okay, it's subtle gloria is easy. Touchdown nice, if I you still gonna, have the black gold lace. Today's even forget, of the color, dad she's beautiful little guy oh what I sell by the inside you guys oh putting walks not five. You keep us. I see his point to the land. My facet thing okay today. She has but on the inside the hands bitch but it is what I say if I see what you can back help a lot from what you see one would fast evelyn song handle the ones that think on pump up the venue, keep going on top of your full of kinda. What a beautiful Seattle follow. Thank you see me so it's gonna be happening value little bit difference to your life, little pussy one water see uncle eventually Save one for yeah, I will not see me out to yeah boy on my Bank go come on someone in the inside your budget. You stop bump with the theater. Did you might. He said, is wow. It is up and I thank God walk to water who I say out of all my classes catalina Both the ha well, I got all the class whatever they keep. That the k stand. Gabby's and I base beyond that so through that what a past years ellie, what do I need to babysit some massage package back office agile found by It even kinda yeah I think I could give credit when you got a good young deal is such a different. I basically patty in it. What wait to come on. I don't do is over them over the half by half of what you need in email, luke at design ha duncan, oil You think I body than what you I'm not. Nobody I designer ah I've learned is you don't forget it is only in my building and this mission I thought in mind is that possible place to see it well boy. You yeah what a half that's. What up some go on. How you would be follow up base of the human which you more we'll be Subway got lana of black she's become glass ha, good day. Hello gaming or is photos so tool just is the five. He said she gets keeping the importance in uh. This piece across the bottom. Fossilized beginning day. What don't you cut the shit you follow that mean. I don't like that so he said date. My thing how much be my best. What special oh he sees on did a heat safe place for yourself and if you make them eyes, they are paskah so shop with Watch them with your possible known dishes. You coming to see you on the right or fight I'm win today. God wanted you fit a change message. This y'all. You possibly see on in my cheeky cocaine slam god's biz ain't cheap and it should be a good one. This huge plus. She ate at those got the just the basic one tell us on yeah it's always you possible in their winter schools, even if it's mom would ask, of a beautiful B. I had van the The Beach, some Paul tell which the happiness they have hey gonna give you a life and vision, but also uh. It is not about you picking Bay. Someone bakes all I did that's played on facebook back this month with more to follow a child
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