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Ieke de Vries doesn't recommend Boston Logan International Airport.

Have your security personnel at the the security check in wear masks!! Those that cover the nose too. Your putting your personnel and passengers at risk, particularly because these particular security check-in persons were not standing 6, nor 3, feet away from others.

Logan and JetBlue are trash. Sat in plane 40 plus mins to unload. Ask stewardess what’s going on very rudely responded like I’m stupid.... I’ll do my best to never fly in or out of Logan’s JetBlue.

Rebecca Woltz reviewed Boston Logan International Airport1 star

Least efficient security screening process of any airport I’ve flown through. Requiring people to put carryon luggage into the bins means people have to use more bins. But the automated system doesn’t have room for enough bins, so when bags get detained for search, those bins are out of rotation and now the people in line have to wait extra long for a bin to cycle through. The result is a bottleneck at the bin loading area with long gaps between passengers going through the body scanner. Please fix this, it is infuriating.

Paul Koster doesn't recommend Boston Logan International Airport.

Gates 40-42 terminal C is absolutely horrible. Minimal services and selections. Why this is here is beyond me and others I talked to.

Anthony Lombardi reviewed Boston Logan International Airport1 star

Your TSA team needs to get it together. I came in through a wheel chair today, had emergency surgery 4 days ago, and was told by the agent looking at my boarding pass to leave my shoes on. When the attendant wheeled me to the check point, your TSA agent asked me why my shoes were on. When I told him, he yelled at me, as if this was my fault, to take my shoes off. He then proceeded to make me stand there 10 minutes while allowing others to go through the line. The government red tape needs to go away and TSA agents need to be held accountable for the same standards of customer service as the airlines. As someone that owns a security agency, this individual would not work for me based on his poor customer service skills. Being part of the TSA might be a tough job, this is inexcusable, and shouldn't be tolerated.