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Video Transcript
So that we can track it and stop at periodically and draw blood samples and check the progress of the virus. Okay. Hello everybody welcome to the territory of retarted console. I'll a-game singers across this works guys. Hello. Hello. Hello everybody. Let's see who's gonna be the first light. I'm gonna need you to do something who is gonna be part of the people. You've got Welcome back. Everybody. Welcome back. Daniella Welcome back everybody. Thank you. let's see who's gonna be the first on the streets. I like if you haven't already guys corporal. Like if you have it already guys, it's smash that like button. If you haven't already, let's see who's gonna be the first like on the screen, who's it gonna be who's gonna be who's gonna be tracking signals coming from reset. Hopefully it's working now. let's tell you what it's gonna be absolutely clear. I think it might be. We're back. We're back. let's see if the first flight on the Street. The first like on the stream is Daniella. Everybody shared the stream They never came back. Let's do this just let me know if you find him. Did the people here are looking for some closure. Good morning. Everybody. Good morning. Good morning. Good morning. Welcome back to where else. Can you tell me about the price? Don't have all the answers we call that the infected are mutating. Let's go back. I'm back. let's go millions of years of evolution. think the mountains are coming in with this. That's so much Samantha other you know to me sounds like a whole lot of mumbo jumbo. Hopefully this is working our fingers crossed fingers crossed one hour just 11 'll change your mind. Hopefully it affects the body in Fingers crossed this works. Yeah, what happened was that we're playing the game. We're stuck on this for about an hour. I'd say an hour now and the game with the game would not progress. The grounds fixed. Aaron With A- two months anniversary of Brian I'm at the cave and I'm Head you score. The game is fixed. It's fixed. Oh Jesus the ground fixed freak your As the ground fixed, this could be good, It could be walking out your man am I walking in here No idea we never heard back from. I think this cross fingers. If you find them, We got people here would be great. We'll see we have that changes everything I got it good. I'll take care of it out. It'll work. okay. Let's get some Gigi's flying in the chat The floors fixed you can't for the we're here how many did. That's ammunition because four men. Researching these soldiers, she's so what am I doing in here? I think it's walking the researcher. There's a friend of mine you do this and do whatever I can to help you get your wife out for this way. I think it's working Guys. Brian. So we're on track down your pet freak. give you some more mumbo jumbo. Tell me about the virus, I mean something that I don't know. The virus infection rate is close to 100 percent. Wow in the first week, almost everyone I can't remember the 2000 Stars puberty or the lack of it is so much Eric Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Eric. If you have a button and join the party today for the genetic wanna see I'm looking at tomorrow night everyone else who was exposed becomes transformed as the Jess mutch. The thing is the virus is mutating. Exponential rate and I know you keep saying that what is that mean that infected subject that you're tracking down? There's so much erich's. unlike any you've seen before we've tracked and identified over 12 mutations, 12. Yeah. And that's just the beginning. You some of the shit we've seen. Yeah, I don't I can't believe it. I thank you so much the first time as well. First. I'm standing stars' jump in the 2000 stas. You're amazing bro. It doesn't look good. I found your last minute. Ieds Cooper Copy that Still alive Hold on Hey Cooper. Hey. hey, right here right here. We're gonna get you out of here right now. come in. Come on. Here we go what's going on. His legs are broken hold on stay with I'm sending another team. No no no. Let's do this. Let me talk to you for Zombies Cooper. What the hell did this to you? What happened? I'm so fast. I'm. A freaking all of this. Get your comfort I can't believe it, I hear you. We're gonna get you out of here. Guys, we're so close to 100 reactions smash that like button. If you haven't already, let's see who's gonna be the one hundredth like on today's screen. Out of me-I get He's gone. Let's do this. As time is everybody ready, who's ready in the chat? If you guys are ready for this who's ready in the chat? If you guys are ready for this. In the chat, if you guys are ready for the let's go, I wanna see the flying is everybody ready. I wanna see you in the chat right now. That's let's do this. let's do this family. Everybody. So what the hell am I dealing with here? Brian I talk to me. The guys at the lap. One arms close right now, it's just. 40 miles an hour. Jesus. It's. How was that on boarding anything? There's something happened last night. Can we get some GG's in the chat? I'm a little harder than before you should have a tracking. Take it, We can use it to guide you out what Aww. Infrared we can track the movement. Oh Jesus. This never happened last time. Oh, Brian. I got you the last time. Hey John get out of there. get out of there. Now there's a war coming. it was bugged. It was Buggs treated me. We never got that Kaine. Shit they're getting close. Can you guys see that it's working? It's working. Can we get some gee's flying through the chair? come and get some GG flying for the baby. Let's go. I wanna see the Gigi's for the baby. Let's go baby. I was awesome. I think it's gonna be more. I think it's gonna be more. Let's go baby Jesus o 'brien you made it out. Yeah. I made it out. Thanks to you transmit coordinates o. That was awesome that was absolutely awesome. It was incredible, let's go guys. We are one follower away from 80 to 2200 followers. only one follower away who's gonna be the eight 2200 follower on today's stream. Your name will appear on the top right of the screen is pointing the wrong way. Top right of the screen top left there. You go Brian for men die for this shit who is worthy Jesus. Listen to you. Those are my men when I was going live. Well above the you crawl back in the cozy underground bunker. Whatever the fuck you have no idea what it's like out here. I wanted to you know those men Cooper. the other had no idea what they're walking into. you did didn't you. Huh Didn't you? Oh, When you're when you're ready to be lifted up, maybe this time you get on a chopper with her. so thank you so much. You like Elena Sony gonna get better. Let's jump on the bike. Okay here we go this time. Let's go through this way. there's zombies. can you guys hear him? Let's go down here there's word of. Curry tells me he's one of our best writers. Able to catch him now you see about that Saint John. Oh no. My bike needs scrapped. What's my cap? I can fix this. The bike Got you hoos down? Okay, we need to scrap for a bike. we need to find we can find scrap from all sorts of different kind of cars etcetera. Is there any scrap in the House? Okay, let's take a look around. Still got the colonel has there we go. The anti Christ of the annas of his bike come on. Let's do this. let's go guys of a bitch. Let's go oh shit he's motto. Hey, asshole Stop the damn fight. I need to miss the monta. What the hell? But I'm gonna wait for you. What we need to do is you see when he throws the bottle tops. What happens is that what happens your body gets damaged as soon as you throw mont tops, so we're gonna have to repair our bike, but the thing is we haven't got enough scrap. So what we're gonna do is we'll post the tops. We need to go left to right. We need a tie with a shotgun and that will be able to take them down. Okay everybody. If you guys are ready for this journey. If you guys are ready for us to get this guy ready in the chat right now, I wanna see the chat with the ready. Let's get this. This-we're also one follower away from eight to 2500 followers, only one follower away smash that follow if you haven't already Captain Curry tells me he was one of our best writers. If you let him get away, you won't be able to catch him. Let's get some stuff in here we can see about that Saint John up Okay. I can that's a piro now. Thank you so much after Tom's ready, everybody's ready. Let's get this is gonna be sick. This is gonna be sick. I can't fix this over here patched up and let's start it. What do we got there we? Back on track, Colonel has there is that. Let's jump on the bike and let's go come on. We're gonna make this easy. are you son of a bitch? Stay away from the Coast. You see the fire he's done and it go around the fire. That's what I use the bike. I've got health just in case, he shoots me. It's the Mont need to stay away from the Molotov and they cut through the corners. Makes a little tricky for us, but we'll do it. I'm gonna cut through here. In the country here. I got you. Oh shey lobster. I'm gonna I'm gonna hit you can't get away from me. We're healed. Thank you so much. Amy. Here we go. I got you. He's done he's done he's done. Oh goddamn Cros crashed he Cros. Can we get some GD for the let's go? Okay? This is it. How are you doing buddy? Huh looks like you're having a chaotic day? Yeah. just the way you like it. Alright. let's go. Oh, you won't take my life you're going. I think I already did it don't matter most to me one way or the other I jump on the bike. I've got em and transmitting the right now, the transmit the coolness to let's get someone else to pick him up. We've done enough work for one day. Okay, let's go back and find the MPthree plan for Weaver and off in our County. Shit. I need supplies that supplies. Yeah. Here we go, I guess I'll come back here burning this infestation so later. Let's get some. This game is called. It's gone. I've not got any help. I can't do this in just now. There's another one. That's it. Monet, as well, is everybody ready for ready in the chat you guys are ready for this. Good for here. Let's go for it. Okay. There's another cop on the next year. On the next one gonna be right here. I-smell it this guy be getting close. Let's jump on the bike. Guys, if you're watching this stream just now if you guys would like me to get away a free copy of this game, all you need to do is click that follow button. I was thinking about it last night to give a free copy of this game play this game for such a long time. If you guys would like a free copy of this game right exclamation Mark notify in the chat and click that follow button right now. It's a PS four game. It could be 80000 followers. We get to give away a free copy of this game. Let me know in the chat. If you guys can see a good idea right next to me on notifying the chat as well as press that follow button and leave a like on the screen as well. finish burning out this nesting zone. I'm ambulance. Estimation notifying the chat. If you guys think we should give away a free copy of this game, Let me know gotta be close. Oh, no everybody's thoughts can smell it. Drop a like on the stream as well. All about and if you like a free copy of this game. On the next is coming up guys, Yeah. Not burn it. Nest. It's gonna be right around here. One 's Case's Okay. So like I said, if you guys are looking to get if you guys would like to be entered into a giveaway to win a free copy of this game, all you have to do is write the word. Yes in the chat right now. Okay, right the word yes in the chat right now, if you'd like to be entered the giveaway. Thing we've got a Monet. We've got the Muertos. Like this, let's go. Does anybody see that hold? How are we gonna kill all the zombies? Guys, we are one follower away from 83000 followers only one follower away smash that follow button and if you haven't already, let's see who's gonna be the 80 - 3000 follower on today's who's it gonna be who's gonna be the 80 - 3000. Fingers Let's go this way. I need to get my bike. I need to get my bike. I need to get my bike. I need to get my bikes right now. And it's gonna get going. I've got distracted. Here they are it's gonna be. Five mistake coming here by mistake coming here. There's he's fired up. The game is called days gone. Shit. Let's go, let's go, let's get it going on that is crazy. Guys, if you haven't already don't forget to smash that follow up on, I'm gonna be shouting out the next 10 people that hit that follow button right now. Okay guys. I'm gonna be here on the next 10 people that I follow on right now. We need to go for a different angle. Smelling nest gonna be right here. There's another one time to burn. Oh, Someone Zachary Yeah. Yeah. I need to find help. Another Mobile medical unit. Find a way inside and see if there's a see if there's injector. Thank you so much for coming. I need help so badly. Anybody see the ambulances. Thank you so much Jesse coming in with a 311994, Thank you so much. okay. let's go over here. Okay. I need to find the help America Good fourth of July to everybody in the stream right now. Good morning. Good morning. Good morning. Hope you're having an amazing day. We need to find help before we do anything. Yeah, this burn it down. Where can I find helpful? Oh, God damn it. She was blown there. You are No Where the hell am I gonna get a fuse. Let's go over here. Guys we are so close to 2000 likes smash that like button. If you haven't already your name will appear on the screen on the top right, you'll see who's gonna be the two thousandth like on today's stream. Cuz I'm not support we're playing game called Days Gone. What we're gonna have to do is we're gonna have to take a look and see if we can maybe do a live because the thing is we can close the hood, but we haven't got enough help. We are going up health health and this this holds the nuts. It's nuts This one 's here. maybe we don't even have to interact with the You gotta take a closer look, you can make something out of this. Thank you so much. Baby yes, your mind now. Finally, I could just say. Guys we are less than 50 followers away now from 50 to 83000 followers that follow and if you haven't already, we're so close to 83000 followers. This is absolutely crazy, my stuff all of it and if you're watching the stream for the first time. Ambulance take a look at the ambulance is done the I've already read the ambulance. But look at my health. Look at my My health is a joke right now. The thing is this two ambulance is there. We're gonna have to try it. It's a House here. There's a House House price. Amanda Greg Loup the same support and Greg welcome to the family. Come on. Two minutes, I'm just gonna pop the toilet. keep an eye on the zombies. And yes, so this is a jump offa like that. Sierra hope you like the jump as well. Oh, my God you guys see the hold. With them, Guys we got health. Okay, we can do this. We can do this guys. Guys we got we got home. Some help. Let's get this okay you can cross this now. it's scrap them. We go Can we get some gee's in the chat for the health. Go. Cuz we are one follower away from 83000 followers only one follower away who's gonna be the 80 - 3000 follower on Only one follow away, who's it gonna be. Let's go back. The thing that we've got health, but we've got a. Anna Monicas absolutely crazy. Okay, we got to throw something called a distractor this distractors. Hopefully it will give us enough time to get to the police car and get the ammo we got. I'm gonna throw the distract. There's a blind side. Two Get it approved. Thank you so much. There's a whole coming to the homecoming. That's enough for me. Thank you so much for coming to the 2235 stars my brother smashed that support and join the family today. Man. Thank you so much. I really appreciate that man. Okay, we've got a dilemma we need help again. Okay, we need some more help again guys. Okay guys. If you haven't already don't forget to smash that all about we are one follower away from 83200 followers. Greg coming up with the stars Well. Thank you so much. Greg everybody here. I thought about it if you're watching the stream just now and if you love Zombies hit that follow button and join the family today, one follow way guys who's it gonna be. Dilemma You got bullets that we've got the bullets we need. Need some help again at least we've got some like we haven't look for here. You need some help. Med kit You go help help help let's put this nest down there. Is everybody ready? We need some mottos. This is a past eight 30. My God. Thank you so much You legend. Assessor here. It feels yes. Thank you so much Savannah. Poison Thank you so much Savannah, I think we're ready. We're ready, We're ready. Let's do this. Oh my God, you got a star on lupus Samantha. Thank you so much guys. Coming in with the stars again, Thank you so much. Greg let's clear this guys is everybody ready. Let's do this. See you here coming with the stars as well thank you so much guys In here, It will burn the life. That was awesome. There we go, but if they're all easy like that. Okay, we need to find headphones to someone called Weaver headphones are going to be in here. Thank you so much. Greg Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I really appreciate all you guys. you got the best man. Here here it is I hope it's worth all this trouble. Weaver Let's go back on a bike. let's get back to a bike. Oh, no, there's more. There's more. It would have heard that all the whole would have that we get gone. Thank you so much. Greg Ashley. And last. I forgot to send this earlier face. Eleanor Can we get some love hearts in the chat right now? Ella coming to the 11000 fucking stars. Can we get some love hearts in the chat right now for Elena? Thank you so much. Elle. you're amazing. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Elena Elena coming through the 11000 stars. Can we please get some love hearts in the chat right now for edna Jesus? I don't know what the fuck Lindsey coming to the stars. Thank you so much. Let's get going. Thank you so much. Ella you're amazing. I wanna see the top line with love for Elena they coming in with a 313. Thank you so much. David Thank you so much Elanor Jess Thank you guys so much man. Thank you so much guys. Drop Let's get going you guys are the best man honestly. Thank you guys so much man. The gate that's me Ciara. Thank you so much. Thank you so much for coming to the stars coming in with the stars. Davide Hannon Absolutely legendary. Wow man. Thank you guys so much man. I'm sure umeda if you haven't already smash that follow button. Oh my God Jimmy coming in with the stars as well. did somebody say thank you so much Jimmy guys all about. We are five followers away from 83500 followers. Thank you so much. Samantha Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Savannah coming to the stars as well. Thank you so much guys. Wow man. But also five likes away from Three 2500 reactions on the screen so hit that reaction button if you haven't already guys. oh my God. I'm sorry what the fuck is going on. Glad you guys are enjoying the game man. Let's go this way. We're here let me jump on a bike. This was all for an MPthree player that just to let everybody know that the chat that was all for an MPthree player. Thank you so much coming in with the stars as well hey let's do this guys hey man how to do I could find And what do we have here? Oh brother you're a life saver dude, but thank you Greg coming to the stars' Greg's we're. We do you need. So much Custy Christy coming up with the stars. Hey Saint John. You wanna do ones man brother from another mother. I don't care for sure. Yeah. Thank you so much guys. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Okay, let's do that. Do this? And we've done it, let's go. Keep on moving Okay Next mission. I'm so excited for this shadow of death. This is not unhealthy. As what's going on with the stars are you guys are going crazy? What the fuck Lindsey Crusty Daniella you guys go. That's right. Greg coming in with the stars as well, Geez Thank you so much. Gregg Thank you. Thank you. Thank you my brother. He's so much Greg man. I really appreciate that man honestly. thank you so much. Guys, we're five blocks away from 2600 reactions on the Street tunnel revelation. I don't like him, you guys know we don't know the kind of man I hate this channel. He's a fraudster. He's he's he's a he's a liar of the RPG, where would they be RPGs? It's gonna be the towers. Guys we're going to RPGs. Thank you so much Lindsey coming in with the stars as well. Can I get a fact? Let's go this way guys. Okay. Well, let's go for here. If you haven't already don't forget to smash that follow and let's see who's gonna be the 83500 follow on today's Dream. What I'm gonna do is I've got full screen now. I'm gonna be shouting out the next 10 people that's smash that follow button and join the family today. Okay the next 10 people so hey, that's all the button. If you can hear me right now. Buy me some water come on you. son of a bitch. Let's see what's gonna be great Loper coming with the stars. Thank you so much. Greg. I gotta get this. get this. Sarah Okay. lieutenant Whittaker coming in Brandon. Thanks so much hang on I'm coming. Thank you so much Sheri toros. Pony David Ben Sylvia Ben again can't you stand guard whatever it is you're doing out there. Colonel's orders gotta keep eyes on you at all times. I will fuck the colonels orders. Hey you watch your mouth. things are changing around here and if you don't follow the. It's time you guys. It's the big moment guys. It's so clear. Okay. you're Claire Okay. What's the plan? I need you to pack your stuff. We're leaving how are we gonna get out of here? The guards everywhere. Do you trust me? Oh Brian. I'm here we're heading up to the cone. We got one shot at this O 'brien out guys. This is the big moment everybody posts in the chat. If you guys are ready for this. Yeah, it's ready in the chat right now you guys are ready for this-we're escaping. I didn't read my note. Cheeky Little French one. let's get some let's see everybody say ready the top you guys are ready for this man wait so who's Brad How's he getting us out of here? I told you Brian is how I found you. He was the nearest soldier who was there that night the night that I put you on a He saved a life on Wei. I'm so fucking happy. No, no no that one canister right. Are you paying attention on your work? man That canister right there? No. Oh, I don't wanna see that again. Shitty let's go. Weaver. Let us go. Oh shit More guards Okay Hold here. Let's go around, Let's go. So bright the guy in the neer he's coming here. Yeah. Look it's a long story. I'll tell you all about it. once we get clear so they're flying. I mean God and they must have resources Labs equipment. Oh, yeah. I'm pretty sure they do look you can ask for Brian when you see him another guard. All distracted be careful. Soldier What are you doing? I'm sorry Ma' am The serious' off limits. How dare you talk back to the officer? Do you know the penalty for disobeying an order? Do you know that we have hanged soldiers for A nice job. Let's see if I can get them to move. I'll be careful. She's badass dead ass come on. We're almost there. I can't wait to see boozer again. You Are you wanna go with me to last like I mean I thought we were going to cloverdale. Let's go this way. No. I just wanna see him. He's like my big brother. I'm so like we have a family left these days you. Who has got? Didn't think the militia fuck. Do that? Can't wait to see Boozer again. Oh, we just stop here. you wanna go with me to Lost Lake. I mean I mean I thought we were going to Cloverdale. Oh, yeah. I mean my help. I'm gonna see him. He's like my big brother. I'm not anything I can get over there. I have left these days, you know. I'll distract him okay, Jeannie to attract the best who was that. Over here, please ma' am this is restricted. Are you questioning me? Do you see this ring? Huh? Do you know that I can have you court marshal what he said, he said he Nice You can see daylight come on. We're almost there. let's go for this way. Yeah. Okay. This is it We're at the cone. We're here guys. we're here we made it. Let's get some GT's baby. Let's get some GGs right now. Okay. We made it where is it where is he Where is it he'll be here? He'll be here We just ladies and gentlemen. This is the top of the cone where you can see. We got an amazing view here on it. I've just been giving this group of new recruits. a tour of the island. I was just about to go down to the arc. You should join us well a gentleman. This is Lieutenant Whittaker. She heads up part of the research team. That's exploring ways to use poison to defeat our enemies. Scher wait wait. Stay back. Are you being serious? I was just trying to tell you you're throwing on a murder in a spot. Why would you remember me? I'm not the leader of that sentence in here? I'm telling you I've never even met this. No you've got to believe me. Alright, I'm listening. I'm telling you he is a spy Matt. this guy's crazy. you've never seen him before lieutenant. He comes out of nowhere. I'm gonna believe this. I can't I'm from you think I'm what is it. I'm not lying. Have him show us your back show us. you're not up. It's my last warning. Now we will get to the truth of this matter. Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor. Captain Corey I forget is that the eight of the ninth commandment I don't rightly recalls her. Tell me what you saw and don't lie to me son, so I want to get some food Now. he attacked the woman. What the fuck are you bro? He wasn't wearing a shirt. son of a bitch has a tattoo covering his back some satanic shit. It's some kind of dog a dead dog. She went through a chain or something like it was nothing that I pulled him off and he was drunk and he fought like hell who knows it wouldn't happen if I had been there you. Show us his back and you will see who's lying. I'm sorry, I can't It's just so crazy. Cinnamon roll Image of Herts The Hound of Hayes, How fitting that you were discovered ascending from the underworld, but you are not server. Are you dicken Saint John's You hide behind the angels' the truth and he's got kicked out of you are out of it. And what about you Lieutenant? how convenient that you were with the Drifter when the helicopter came by her, I do not know what you're talking about. You were in a Nero catt of a run. How long have you been spying on us? How long that I promise I haven't been. I expect this from Drifters, I expect men like him to betray me. It was me Kern I lied. If you look at my pocket, you're gonna find a radio because I called them. I call them and I lied I lied to the lieutenant. I told you that I needed to help me check the shipment, but the truth is I just needed a hostage. You can see John Drifter are you there? It's so Bryant, I'm sorry. Corporal Saint John is unavailable right now. Sometimes in the search for truth. A blood of innocence his spell. Sorry, my dear. Release private Zak Koski Yeah. And Cory take this Drifter to look up at this game is tomorrow at seven on he will stand trial and he will hang. Are you being serious lieutenant enough of this? we have work to do? Come. Tell me more about this Lost Lake Camp. Yes, sir anything you wanna know Lieutenant. What a nice guy come on get up, you thought well on his feet. You can. Are you guys ready for this ready in the chat? You guys are ready for deacons biggest escape. Everybody puts in the chat right now if you guys are ready for it. I wanna see the flying through the shop. Lindsey's Quincy is ready. Emma's ready Aa's ready's ready, Jennifer is ready Emma's ready Hey, everybody's ready for this. Good, I thought I heard you breathing. fuck you. that's what I wanna hear. it means you shouldn't you yet. Okay. Why that on your back a dead dog two chains. That's not something you see every day. I did some digging before we freeze you. I was I. Make sense out of it. This was taken from the lieutenant when she came into the camp. My guess is it's yours. Yeah, it's mine And your wife's name. It ain't that no it ain't and you've been out here all this time. You just ask me why. Pretty simple really well, I figured it any man who goes to God knows what to find his old lady does not deserve to die at the end of the road. Three Why wait wait a second when you're you're you're helping me. Was that just means you're all gonna hang. We're not going back. Colonels Bat shit Crazy genocide. I mean what the fuck is that can we get some G's in the shop for you right now? Hopefully we can make it to Rena. We got some Gigi's and curry right now. Man you can't go back to militia will show you. I'm not leaving without her and I got to ride North. I gotta warn everybody. It's way too late for that. now why they spent all night clearing the Santi Pass. What a convoy rolled out early this morning heading North Oh, who's that. You don't wanna come with us. Yeah. I'm sure. Cuz we have one follower away from 83600 followers only one follower away. Let's he's gonna be the $83600 on the stream. The name will appear on the top right just there to the about my military service. I told them I hated every minute of it, but maybe it wouldn't have been so bad if. I've served under someone like you. You know. It's not too late. You want a nice guy. You are really nice guy there you go my brother. Let's do this. We're gonna get my missus back. We're gonna live. We're gonna see Boozer Christina came in with a three months as well. just Tina absolute legend. That's the Pima bike. I can fix this. The big moment guys gotta get back to Lost Lake. You gotta hite. I gotta say boozer. let's go see who's up Here-I'm Michael's family. I can't say sir, but I can save that. he can't that we'll get that they don't worry about that. I promise. I'm sorry sir. I'm sorry. Giving up Let's go take the. Sania Highway. It's clear. now, yeah, it's passed away. Everybody. This way heading North. Let's do this. It's your boy. This wasn't here before. No way around it. Gotta stop moving it sometime. Are you asshole? That's too many, but we do well. I hope you do. I hope you're having an amazing day. Hope you have an amazing day. Okay. I'm so excited man This is I think this is gonna be a big but this is gonna be big but don't just pick them off a lot of them got his head shield on like I had masks what you out. Yeah. It's proper intense, I wanted it's nuts. you're going to say Boozer best friend. This wasn't here before. okay. I'm gonna take and I want it. He's down. Come on Come on come on. First, There you go. Yes. Game two days gone. It become clear. The trend. One guy there, Bob not got anything. I've got a pipe bomb. I'm just gonna flush him. I'm gonna have to brush it out with the. Roland dogs Franken Is that all of them and I guess in the baby let's go. That's what I thought can I get some gee's flying through the chat? Let's go baby. Guys we have 18 likes away from 3000 likes smash that like button. If you haven't already, let's see it's gonna be a 3000 like on the screen. Let's get some G's the Chatman. Let's push this back right here. I always use this. Let's go to. Hey, I'm sorry I'm coming. Go. Man down Oh shit what you gonna have to work that way differently. I can't just go straight straight straight for it. We're gonna have to do it. pick them off bit by bit. Okay. I know we can do this. I know we can do this and how strong this is. Thank God I'm coming. A handgun for this. And keep on running around. Finally, It's great. Yeah, better than nothing. Oh shit almost out. What's this? We've got them, let's go back and let's get going. Let's get some gee's flying baby. That's not clear. Alright. I'm fine. you gotta put my way in. Oh, we're gonna blow this up. We gonna build this up. Let's do this. Alright fine, You gotta blow my way in. Tunnel is clear. it's clear it. Thank you. Prizes to them. A- one the LMG is good, but only good for zombies. I'll be completely honest. It's not good for people like killing humans. It's only good for zombies L-e Ms's only good zombies, and that's the only reason that we all use it only if I've got no-I the left, but honestly, it's really not good for killing people because it's it's spread so far. It's good for killing a holds because there's so many zombies you know what I mean. that's the only problem with the AMG. I wish I didn't put the Onna hand-I a checkpoint in Let's do this. Get in there demolition come on. Here we go snipe is down. okay. here we go. check this sniper. Kind of Asshole Come for the bitches. That's the more than. Use this. Let's push this back. okay. You know I don't know. I want to go see. Let's do this who's you get there? come back come back. Is that you've been here god-damn it. Inside Moser, something something at the College. You could use it about now about to say damn it. I'm coming. I'm coming Boozer. I'm almost there skittle skittle. He's there. he's coming for you. Hoos damn it. Lost Lake Come in Ricky Mike come in. I said you were dead. It's fucking do this month. This is my home. They pull out they're on the run. We got em. We got em. Where's is anyone seen We did it right on dude? It's not a thumb bro. Don't let him get away. It's not over to this over where the hell is Skiles of us have been looking for and no one has seen him. Hey. come on. We gotta go ain'. Don't worry. we're gonna find that asshole dude. Thank God come on Ricky. What's going on? It's Iron Mike he got shot. A US, a son of a bitch I wanted to see if you wanted to go fishing, we got to feed. I call voices he's like a dad to me. He's like a dad to me. I'll watch this. I found her he's out to me. And I'm like she's right now she's here. Look at I couldn't have done this without your help. It's. One -A meet her for I don't freak out. The my Hey, Mike Mike. I want you to take this. I don't want come on again. I can't watch this be careful. Ah I was I was wrong. Jake. No. no, we can create this together. Mike We just get back on your feet That was what's wrong. Bess You do what you have to. This can. Rookie Yeah. I'm here Mike. I don't go. It was wrong. His last words to me. Just It's like that. The Lord. But I wanna see hearts flying for the child. I'm like man. I wanna see them going through the chat for Iron Mike his honor his legacy will never die. He made me the man. I am I'm the in Saint John and I will kill St.. I like that one easy way to say this. And I try to stop pulling out. I'm Mike Mike try to reason with him and okay. Yeah, I shut up shut up. This ain't no eulogy. I am Mike wouldn't want that time for this because you need to get and get going we killed today. Where's boozer. There's more where that came from a lot more. I've been in the camp I've seen their army. And when they come back here, they're gonna slaughter. This is it a try. As we hit them first. Hey, shut up shut up. Listen to him, I earned my trust in him, so you have to trust him. No no no. I'm you know what I can't do this. I'm not Iron. Mike You've got a. You're right, There's a no. I'm not fucking, leaving. look at me. Listen. Alright boozer Thank you so much for coming in with the stars. Okay. So I found this in a survivalist bunker, but this is yeah. We're gonna need a truck, something big, something like a dump truck and we're gonna fill it full of fertilizer nitrates. Yup. We're gonna mix it with a hundred gallons of creosote, a fertilizer bomb that you plan. oh my. You have to turn this entire island into a forest, so I got civilians in the caves. You got the labor force and those considered unfit to serve in the survivor camp and you got the armory and the garrison right by the main gate. We hit that you tear-out the heart of the kernels militia. What about Sarah Oh she's in the cave. That's what the calls the arc. How how do you know that they're not just gonna kill everybody? Sarah and everyone else. I don't I don't but I figured. Explosion caused so much confusion and chaos that I can go in. I can find her. I can get her up before they know what hit her look. This isn't about just Sarah anymore. The Colonel has declared war on all of us and he's got an army to back him up. Iron Mike and the rest of them. They're just the first casualties in that war and it's gonna be a short one and unless we hit them. I didn't say it was a good plan. No. it's a really shitty one You with me brother, Oh, I wouldn't miss it. Let's do this. Well, we're not gonna be able to do it alone. Alright Okay. Well if anyone wants to join in and you hit them, you hit him at the South gate because when the explosion happens all the militia, they're gonna rush up to the main gate. Alright, we're gonna need some supplies. let's get some supplies ready. Let's do this guys if you haven't already don't forget to smash that follow button and we're so close to 83700 followers. Let's see who's gonna be the 83700 follower on today's stream. To this camp, So couple. The gate. Let's do this. Did you there? Yeah? Ricky. I just wanted to say thank you for coming back to all of us. I'm just sorry if I was too late, you won't we'll stop it so we're gonna stop it right. We're gonna kill it. I can't wait to get my hands on schedule. Don't worry about that. Sarah. I can't imagine what you must be going through losing someone's like that. Hey, I haven't lost her yet. We're building a really big bomb. Remember glad to have you back. it wasn't supposed to. I'm Mike. I mean he was he was only trying to do the right thing. Let's go down here. Find the holes. There's a hole down here. You pay. Let's go this way. Nothing like that. Who's just okay so we just need to get help. To comfort him. Out here there ain't nothing but murder and Drifters Raiders. I gotta reload jink you there. how about a kiss? Oh you got some nerve calling me bro There. You Are you gotta listen, but I try to stop I did and I Mike. I did not want to go down like that. Bro. Captain the Colonel wants to see you right away. Yeah. look. I'll tell them I'll be right there. Didn't take you long to light your way to a promotion? That is bullshit bro. I'm not your bro. I just want you to know Corey busted you out of the car. You are crazy, but she was. You went after Lieutenant Whittaker, he was gonna kill it. But I stopped it, I did. I told them that all that poison shit she's cooking up. Maybe we use it to kill the freak. Maybe there's one maybe they got one. Where is the gas stations people in the gas station? I'm trying to find it just now. There's one coach to I'm going anyway, so we just put up there guys. okay. One let's go. Let's clear this. Or boun, Let's go for here. That you guys ready for another hold of zombies. In the chat, if you're ready for the zombies in the chat. There's a gas station. For disgusting, I can't you. There you go. Oh wow, the Chas flying everybody's ready for some zombies. Let's do this. There you go. Tom's ready coming in with the stars as well. We're trying to fill up as much as we can. Because if you haven't already don't forget to smash that button and we are to follow away from the 83700 followers. On the two floors away, Ambush Ambush. We'll be needing this. Let's do this. Aed. We're only two followers a week guys who's gonna be your name will pull up. pull up. pull up. pull up on the screen on the top left. Let's see who's it gonna be. Welcome to the This is it guys. Find the hole Okay. We need we need to get everything ready for this. You guys know I have these things out. How can we do this? I'll do this stuff? How can we do this? I feel like I need to go on a course of how to do it. I'm not gonna lie to you guys. I put a shot myself. Get together. Okay, after we did the whole before so we just need to try and get that sorted. Guys, if you haven't already don't forget to smash that follow button, we're so close to 83008 hundred followers. Let's see it's gonna be the 83008 hundred follower on today's stream. Thank you so much. Tony I'll see you tomorrow my brother. I'm gonna be shot to the next 10 people I smashed up button right now. Okay. I discovered this is not good, not good. How's it coming back up? Hey Dick. What's this oh ask him. As big as a tank right huh, I figured. Holy shit This is this a CD. Okay. Oh, yeah. she's ready to fill her up. I know where to find some fertilizer when I'm ready. Okay. Here we go. Guys. If you're watching this video right now, I wanna see an exclamation about notified train in the chat right now, Let's see an extra not happening in the chat right now. Let's ready. I'm gonna get some stuff ready man for the holds and stuff like that. We need guns, We need everything. Hey, I heard you know. I mean what you did for us. How you the rippers all of them. I just I know you had to do it. What else was gonna stop him. You know. Yeah. Well, some machine got. I'm proud of what I had to do so on machine gun right. I mean I'm suppressed up. Yeah. I did special surprise. Oh look they were coming. Yeah, I know you don't have to explain anything to me. I was here when they attacked. I put the handgun. I don't know I guess I'm just tired. You know. yeah, I know. As we go for the sniper. I would need to have we need to have a machine gun. Slow down Okay. Thank you all Hi all kinds of stuff. yup. Hey, I wanna upgrade my bike as well. Thank Jesus man When the Ripper hits us, I thought we were all Conners, you know, see you later man. Honestly, if I can upgrade my bike today, I'm in Saint John have you been How's it going? Your bike's looking good now, you can finally put nitrous on the bike. Let's go to the most expensive one and that'll last year. Well, it's a good piece, nice and sturdy. Alright. I can feel your bike up, but what else can we do the visuals? Oh shit you can change the headlights. Yeah. that's our bike. I need the materials what else can I get you exhaust tips? And let's see that one your bike's looking bad. Hand the bars on that'll last You Need for Speed. you know it. Oh my God, you can't break this down. It's a good piece, nice and sturdy. Fun Fender Yeah. good part that one start to look like a dirt bike now and then the paint. I think we should keep all black. What do you guys think I don't know where to start with this thing. What else can I get you? Your bikes looking good now. Okay, let's try the bike out stop by anytime, but let me get a refill this off. but how are you doing you are need a refill you bro. I'll be here if you need me. What do you guys think about? let's try it out? I'm I've never used not just before. We've never done before. Let's try not this okay guys. Let's go this way. I'll get it. So what you think we can find out the fertilizer we need over the IRP. Oh my God guys look at the device. Yeah, it is that. Jesse and his rips are gonna need it anymore. I mean this place used to be a golfer. You gotta have maintenance area, you know, lawn mowers and the God. This is awesome right now, but it's clear I got a radio you and Ricky to bring the truck in. This is the houses are out. Take you there? Yeah. Yeah. I just wanted to say thank you for coming back to help us. I'm just sorry I was too late. And that ladies and gentlemen why you should never let your children modify their cars or the more bikes because of accidents happen. Oh great. Speed kills Drive a 20 miles an hour keep to the limit. Sight But let's do lunch. Okay. Okay, let's go now let's let's do Ricky let's go control. I just wanted to say thank you for coming back to help you control your break and you maximize the weight and then jump on and then release break this up. We're gonna start we've got boost as well. We're gonna start 321. That's Sarah. I can't imagine what you must be going through losing so much twice a month. Wow. Hey, I haven't lost it yet. We're building a really big bomb. Remember. A great family. Are you okay, buddy jump on and say? Say I'll say buddy that's it okay, Buddy Ricky It wasn't his fault. You're gonna be okay. Hey. hey, it's not safe out here in the shit. I know there's a camp. I'll go show me show me. At the Lost Lake, ask for Ricky Patel, she'll take you in. Thank you so much for stopping it was so dead we were getting out of there. Thank you my family. My name is Steve Anyways, Okay. keep running stay out of sight. There you're gonna wrap up the stream very soon. I wanna say thank you to every single person that has come to today's. You guys are absolutely amazing. I tried to stop this way to stop them before we got okay guys. I did not want to go down. We're getting ready for the whole row. Captain for tomorrow tomorrow is the big day. We're gonna try and compete this game. Okay. So we'll be right there. I wanna see everybody at tomorrow's Gores and we're gonna be completing the main story. So tomorrow, we will be a big day guys. Okay. I think you can make out here What's up. Boosted me. I'm Not Your Skittle enough. I just want you to. We must get out the crazy. When after lieutenant, I know it's a long today. About to see the crews the first game game fucked out, but luckily of Matthew Dixon that's coming up. Chriss Matthew That's. Guys I wanna say thank you to every single person that came to today's Dream. You guys are absolutely amazing guys. We all like I said. We all gonna wrap up the stream just to hope you guys have an amazing day. Thank you so much. Daniel. I love you so much and the scripts you guys the most amazing family ever I know it's all the time but I feel like exactly you reminded today of how much you mean to me. That's beautiful. Danielle honest. Do you mean everything to all of us all and thank you so much man. I wanna say bye to every single person on the chat. Your name is now on the screen. so we'll see wanna say bye to everybody. Okay. Thanks. It's great. Come to 200 stars by Amir Ahmed. I wanna say bye to everyone to check your name is on the on the screen right now. so I can see everybody who's posting by Amis by DM. We will be back again tomorrow. We will be completing this game. I'm so excited to complete this game. Oh man tomorrow is the big day the big final ending. I'm gonna do all the holes tomorrow as well. so I wanna see who's gonna be part of the notification gang. If you haven't already like Xs note in the chat, so you'll never miss out on a stream and I'll see you guys all tomorrow. Have an amazing day I look forward to speaking with you guys all tomorrow. love you guys more than anything like I said. I'm gonna end the stream to say I hope you guys have an amazing day. Enjoy July. The fourth honestly have an amazing time and yeah we'll be back again tomorrow with some more days gone the final chapter. Thank you so much Kiana coming with the stars. Greg's Diana coming to the stars. Love you guys. I'm gonna wrap up so I hope you have an amazing day. See you guys tomorrow. I wanna see you guys at the start Sri squad out.