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From my good friend films producer Dr. David Milch: "Powerful storytelling with elegance, poignancy and humanity in every dimension. An honor for me to be an Ex...ecutive Producer and MiLa a helpful support to this important achievement."

Please celebrate the success of this great film project.

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Ido Aharoni

It was such a pleasure to participate in this exciting New Diplomacy workshop alongside 160 young and enthusiastic participants in Jerusalem. The event was orga...nized by the Charney Forum for New Diplomacy and focused on the technological disruption to traditional diplomacy. We explored the impact of the Information Revolution, one of the most dramatic revolutions in history, marked by unprecedented levels of participation, content co-creation and accessibility to information. Massive exposure to stimuli and information overload had already disrupted major industries. The core practice of diplomacy is perhaps the most disrupted field yet scarcely researched or discussed. In this workshop participants simulated new scenarios, used new tools and gained insights as to how diplomacy, policy making and politics were all dramatically disrupted by this revolution. The Charney Forum is operating under the auspices of the wonderful University of Haifa.

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