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“I’m trying to help give these animals a second chance. I try to be one of the many voices for the voiceless.”

Eduard is a restaurateur and volunteer pilot with Pilots N Paws, a non-profit that flies transport rescue missions for dogs and cats in high-kill shelters to no-kill rescue organizations and foster families. Eduard’s passion for flying and love of animals makes this the perfect way to give back.

“One of my main goals with volunteering is to inspire more pilots to do... the same. When I see animals in photos in shelters and terrible situations I want to fly them to a better life.”

To date, Eduard has flown over sixty dogs to safety and new homes, finding his own creative way to give back. He uses Facebook App to share out his rescue stories, and WhatsApp to stay in contact with his community of fellow pilots always at-the-ready to rescue an animal in need of a second chance.

Eduard is one of countless individuals giving back every day, but especially during Giving Season. Learn more about ways to give back this Season of Giving, visit about.fb.com/SeasonOfGiving

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“When my late wife was terminally ill, we'd go buy coconut cream pie whenever she got out of the hospital. It was a kind of ritual where she was ‘free’.”

Thanksgiving reminds us to be grateful for the deep bonds small businesses forge with members of their community. Jothi P. recalls a moment when his favorite bakery, Peggy Jean's Pies MO, a mother-daughter business led by Jeanne P. and her daughter Rebecca M., went above and beyond for him. Read on to see how they comforted Jothi P.

How do your local businesses step up in times of need?

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