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  3. Feb 13
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  5. Feb 18

    Have a wonderful midweek everybody

  6. Feb 19

    This nigga still dey argue plus me about who is the best between and Nasty C? Ok thread

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  7. Feb 19

    Here are the main components of rap and tell me where that your Soith African gets close to the King

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  8. Feb 22
  9. Congratulation 😘 15.2 Million Followers on

  10. Feb 17

    “The sun will rise and we will try again ✌🏽

  11. Feb 15

    Fresh morning fresh meal

  12. Feb 19

    When the two were dared placed on the same pedestal, we all know what happened

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  13. Feb 20
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    Your soulmate has arrived

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    😂😂😂😂 you’re mean

  16. Feb 20

    Greatness in one photo ✅✅✅

  17. Feb 13
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  18. Feb 15

    Eyo gee, why do you want to end a career so soon? Chilax my bro

  19. I’m not falling I’m not falling I’m not falling I’m not falling I’m not falling I’m not falling *he holds my hand* Fuck it I’m falling

  20. Feb 15

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