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  1. Kaliningrad: 7:06pm: sunset

  2. current weather in Kaliningrad: clear sky, 11°C 50% humidity, wind 4kmh, pressure 1015mb

  3. Kaliningrad: 6:53pm: sunset

  4. Новая версия того, почему погибли динозавры.

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  6. Mar 22
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    Great job

  7. current weather in Kaliningrad: scattered clouds, 12°C 30% humidity, wind 1kmh, pressure 1024mb

  8. Mar 22
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    Hi you have scheme 160m?

  9. The Ghost of Me - Chasing This Ghost - 🔥

  10. Kaliningrad: 6:19am: sunrise sunset will be at 7:06pm

  11. я конечно все понимаю и сама отменила всю работу и остаюсь дома но формулировка «вы ничего не потеряете» такое себе некоторые люди теряют деньги, не всем выплачивают дни карантина :’)

  12. 6:37am: sunrise sunset will be at 6:53pm

  13. current weather in Kaliningrad: overcast clouds, 10°C 52% humidity, wind 4kmh, pressure 1029mb

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    We miss you, Jungkook 💔🥺

  15. broken clouds -> overcast clouds temperature down 6°C -> 4°C humidity up 64% -> 73%

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    The same

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    At 83 years old, do you mind being one of the tradeoffs to get the economy back on track before we get the virus under control ?

  18. 7:00pm: sunset

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  20. few clouds -> clear sky temperature down 4°C -> -1°C humidity up 48% -> 68%

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