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  1. Почему я не могу быть собой в интернете?)))Почему не выдерживает техника моего присутствия?!

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    I’m sure it’s Tyler

  3. Batman beat the shite out of Darkseid till he was a pulp just to get Damian's body back from Apokolips, Thanos is nothing

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    More on the ended side of things knowing how American cops have a "shoot first, assess the situation never" policy unless it's another Gary or Karen

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    Superman can do the same and Darkseid beats Thanos w/ or w/out the infinity gauntlet🙃 what's your point? And don't tell me something like hulk can get stronger by getting more angry cuz Thanos showed you gotta put the hurt on hulk quick and swift

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    Lol nah😂😂😂

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    Toes curling?👀👀

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    I’m just saying 💁🏽‍♂️

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    Lol and I said Batman has beaten Darkseid alone and Thanos even with the gauntlet is weaker than Darkseid

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    I Stan a cultured queen

  12. What if she wants to see too? 👀

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    You forget we basically have a tunnel of trees😂😂

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    Yes!!! those ones slap real different

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    This is just basically saying Superman vs Batman without the Batsuit and gadgets which isnt a even a fair fight

  16. A group of American cops should be renamed to a murder

  17. @lord__primus 👉🏽👈🏽🥺

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    Yes but then we rename crows to a squad since that’s actually more reasonable😂

  19. jungkook: flexing I got none, I don't need one

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    Rather have a movie instead

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