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  1. слов нет, мыслей тоже

  2. still haven’t found a wisconsin Supper Club in russia but we’re gonna keep trying

  3. Replying to

    Where is my money then?😂 “accepting cards”

  4. Вы же стримите? А то по жопке дам

  5. I thought toiletries were “Toilet Trees”- just thought the word was a play on the idea that everything you need for when in the bathroom is from one hypothetical “Toilet Tree”.

  6. 7:17am: sunrise sunset will be at 5:58pm

  7. this one got me chuckling to myself 😂😂

  8. Обычное утро в Российском.

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  10. Finished ‘The Stranger’ on Netflix and I have so many questions. - did the alpaca head mean nothing? - what happened to Tripp’s son? - how did Dante end up? - why was the groundskeeper in the woods with a hatchet? Too many holes in the ending unless there’s another season lol

  11. current weather in Krasnodar: mist, 2°C 100% humidity, wind 1kmh, pressure 1016mb

  12. looks like a different stance and stride. Could be big for him!

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