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  1. There is nothing more romantic than striking for climate on St Valentine’s Day🌊 – at Пушкинская площадь

  2. Feb 15
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    Meet my new friend: his name is Sigismund. – at Московская школа йоги

  4. Feb 18

    how we usually interact (24/7) – at МГЛУ, аудитория 216

  5. One of the things I’ve always loved about Moscow are all those countless monasteries hidden within city. Not being a religious person I still find something soothing in the peace and refuge they provide from bustling city outside. Such as for example Sretensky Monastery – at Сретенский монастырь

  6. Feb 14
  7. Feb 17

    Going to San Francisco to discuss nuclear riscs in the era of “major power rivalry”. Looking forward to terrific conversations as long as I can survive a 12 hours flight (seriously, we need hypersonic or at least supersonic passenger jets much more than missiles)

  8. Feb 17
  9. Feb 18
  10. Feb 15

    A bit blurred in the cold but a great light show turning a 2000’ high TV mast into art. 😎 – at Гимназия Марьина Роща им. В.Ф. Орлова

  11. Feb 10

    It’s a new chapter of my life.🎆🌅 – at Neofit

  12. Feb 17

    And goood morning, guys))) ☀️☺️❤️ Lovely day to us all 🎺 🤍 Dorothy, feathered hat and coffee, photo by William Klein, Rome, 1962 – at Starbucks

  13. Feb 12

    Finally, a decent boxing training. – at ТЦ «Праздник»

  14. Challenge accepted! – at Guns & Bears Pub

  15. 20 hours ago
  16. Thank you for the sweet and warm gift🎁💗💋💋 – at Marriott Grand

  17. Feb 15
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  18. farewell, 26 🧡 – at M!CROBE

  19. 5 hours ago

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