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  1. not kpop related but my country is currently on fire and the government isn’t doing shit about it so it would be helpful if any of you could retweet this to spread the word

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  2. RT❤️🌳 More than 5 million acres of forest are burning in Siberia right now and Russian government ignores it. So I’m opening ko-fi commissions to suppport movement with donations 👉👈

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  3. 3 million hectares of forest are burning in Russia.

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  4. Meanwhile, the forest continues to be exported, and hungry surviving animals go to the roads

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  5. Did you know that an area of Siberian forest larger than Vancouver Island is on fire? This type of extreme fire can send up into the air, where it can travel to the Arctic settle on the ice, trapping heat & accelerating melting.

  6. So we’re just gonna ignore the fact that one of the coldest regions on Earth, , is on fire because of the heatwaves? And the area of the fires is as big as Maryland, according to some latest reports. But let’s talk about how climate change isn’t real.

  7. About two million hectares of Siberia is on fire. Wildlife is destroyed, people in numerous cities breath smoke for several days. Government gives the littlest fuck possible. At least there are common people, who care.

  8. The Amazon rainforest is on fire. And it’s on fire because of us. Humans. Greed. Money. But yet.. chicken sandwiches, memes, celebrity gossip and the president seem to be more of a concern..

  9. Replying to

    Siberian Forests are on fire for almost 4 months now. Still 1 mln hectares are burning and none cares. We tried to make it go viral but didn't succeed. Tayga is 1/5 of all forests. It's deeply painful how conceited ppl are sometimes...

  10. Here: 530 km northwest of Yakutsk 🇪🇺🛰️ image acquired today 30 July (the burn scar is 40 km north-south) and larger view showing the location (and many other blazes)

  11. Despite the statements by Russian authorities, the intensity of forest fires in Siberia is not decreasing but growing by the minute. This is not a local issue; this is a global climate disaster.

  12. No sign of improvement in the situation... Here: 300km southwest of Yakutsk, 4 active fires, 2 extinguished (by rain? by lack of fuel? or by firefighters?) image acquired today 30 July

  13. there’s smoke everywhere. visibility is low to poor. it is possible to breathe; however, if you spend an hour outside, your eyes and airways start to burn. the sun is blocked by a thick layer of smoke, and you can’t even see your shadow.

  14. Ecological catastrophe goes on, 3 million hectares of Siberian forests are on fire now. Government still doesn't put it down. I want people from other countries to see that insanity 💔 Russia helps Greece with fires but do nothing to help it's own forests

  15. More than seven million acres of forest are on fire in Russia. Here’s a (very smoky) view on the disaster from the country’s Instagram users. — Meduza ⁩ ⁦

  16. — When the last tree's fallen the animals can't hide Money won't solve it what's your alibi? 🌲🎶 💔 🌏

  17. They say it’s not cost-effective to liquidate the fires in Siberia. I mean we know who is not cost-effective there!!! Photo by RIA novosti

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