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  2. WHO?... WTF wears coats?! My ENTIRE LIFE, since I was a child, ALL I've ever witnessed were the AGAINST the abhorrent , the whom activists still try to stop today. Do wear ? wtf ?

  3. This shit is starting to get really real people. Social media is not cutting it. It’s time to hit the streets.

  4. In the name of protests, they burnt public property, pelted stones on police and then went and hid themselves in JAMIA Library. Superstar also knows it.

  5. 1 hour ago

    "Where is a 200 per cent hike and a 20 per cent for economically ?" asked Read more about it here 👇👇

  6. Student Minister promised regarding the merging in the year 2016. It has been 3 years since the promise has been made .We are paying 4 times the Central government fees structure due to the slow process of merging.

  7. Feb 16

    Indian Police officers brutally barge into a university library known for harboring student protestors and indiscriminately beat droves of them.

  8. Kent State ‘gun girl’ Kaitlin Bennett flees protesters at Ohio University

  9. 17 hours ago
    Replying to

    I firmly believe that there will be a drastic blow up to all of this

  10. The Operator notes planned on February 18th across . Several major trade unions will hold 24hr to demonstrate for pension and social security reform. Residents/Travelers. advised to avoid large gatherings due to heightened security and local traffic.

  11. 19 hours ago

    If the protests & blocking of railways continues, store shelves may soon be bare. If it gets to that point, please feel free to ask the Socialists you know how they like this little test run of their ideology

  12. Latest most ironic Businessweek cover — The Fragile 🇨🇳 1/ : the forbidden “” 2/ DebtBurden: Trillions crisis! 3/ : unfair trading practice & intellectual property 4/ : ’s democracy & freedom!

  13. 6 hours ago

    *Do protests without any Fear ,this is not India * says Pakistan Justice in Islamabad High Court.

  14. Learn why & others hold . This insightful speech lays it out clearly 👏The 2020 Throne Speech overwhelmed by protests. In my response I detail how we got here & where I hope we go. via

  15. Feb 16

    Police in detained opposition leaders and "rounded up would-be" protesters arriving at a site to demonstrate against disputed parliamentary election results.

  16. Like most bullies, neo-fascists crumble when you stand up to them.

  17. Brave Univ.students protest regime's repressive rule, reminding 1500 martyrs in November . They chant:"From to , poverty, repression,& tyranny","while ppl are in poverty,they(rulers) are thinking about (their) vote".

  18. 2 hours ago

    This: Air Pollution (RealTimeIrQual.) today is “ in 2019 at massive air pollution forced gov to curtail plans exacerbating the problem. Watched globally 4 real signs impacts easing or not.

  19. 13.02.2020, 3pm from vidyasagar college on college street(where bjp RSS men had broken Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar's statue) to shyambazar

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