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  2. Could this be the best definition of the and sound ON 🎧 retweet

  3. Valérie Pécresse on Macron, sexism, Boris Johnson and Brexit. With the publication of her book – part takedown, part feminist manifesto – is being talked of as France’s next president

  4. My friend sent me a clip from a speech I gave on how to improve student achievement. Then said keep fighting for and I couldn’t agree more! ☺️❤️

  5. 2 minutes ago
  6. Parliament has suspended its deliberations amid 'security concerns' following the presence of leaders in the house.

  7. I’m AND I’m going to cont. to spread his message in congressional district 37. If I have learned ANYTHING from being in Crenshaw would help small black owned businesses & working families by bringing financial relief. ☺️❤️

  8. Bernie heads for the Nevada Caucus....

  9. 1 minute ago
  10. I just went back out to talk to people about and it’s safe to say, I wish ⁦⁩ was still running for President. 😔💔

  11. Feb 16

    Anyone aspiring to joined up adult thinking in USA & UK should reflect on the👇lawyer's concerns in Tweet below, as oft lauded "checks & balances" of US/UK are seen to be increasingly illusory! + re. Fascism, NB..

  12. 11 hours ago

    If you are one of those bringing into the situation with and the you are the lowest piece of shit on earth. Here is a hearty FUCK YOU for all of you.

  13. simple analysis looks for looks back n focused on focused on knows Administration knows Destruction believes in believes in

  14. 2 hours ago

    The Turkeys were those who trusted and voted for brexit !

  15. “GOP lawmakers push back on proposal including tampons in Tennessee's tax-free weekend, say women could purchase too many” Shit, they’ve found us out. . . .

  16. Maxine Waters: 'Fancy parties' in Beverly Hills should give California more 'say' than Iowa, New Hampshire It appears to have never crossed her mind that she sounds just a tad condescending and elitist. 😄

  17. 14 hours ago

    - 2/17/20 - Jeff Weaver, a senior campaign adviser for talking about hitting Sanders' supporters in new campaign ad and 1/3

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  18. 4 hours ago

    RT : RT : "I am sure all of us here have seen the way is played... we play it as a family. Any part of you go to today, I have who I can stay on their homes. Some of the best friends I have today, I …

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