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  1. was right when he condemned liberal “democracy” in . People don’t want to be patronized by political -institutions who are not representative. The large majority of the people doesn’t support the liberal ideas about migration and multiculturalism.’

  2. You could say the right things and it still wouldn't be right because it's simply the wrong person. - for those who gave there best and still failed

  3. Nothing says "Russia is innocent" as clearly as wanting witnesses, possible perpetrators, persons of interest back

  4. Look , this is how a true leader leads! While Europe throws away billions of €’s to a liar and a cheater, Putin shows Erdogan where thugs belong.

  5. Replying to

    If Marvel can rehire James Gunn, COPA 90 can bring back Poet

  6. This is very scary. The world of , , , , , , , and is a world of monsters, horror values and a horrible future!

  7. That kinda puts that "documentary" in perspective, now doesn't it ?

  8. Nice picture of the evil triplets! and

  9. I am afraid it’s just a matter of time before invades to establish ‘order’.... that together with , , , , , ...I sold my shares yesterday.

  10. This is news. Not only said this, also had said this.

  11. Erdogan’s illegal invasion of , , and his ongoing support for terrorism should be stopped immediatley by Poetin.

  12. Kan niet aftreden na deze afschuwelijke faux-pas, voordat hij NL, en vooral de nog meer schade toebrengt? In een crisis is meer mogelijk dan anders. geeft wat hij wil, op een presenteerblaadje.

  13. zegt dat het bereid is een vliegtuig met medisch materieel naar de te sturen. Dat is overeengekomen tijdens een telefoongesprek tussen en gisteren.

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