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  1. „We expect the authorities of the Russian Federation to respect Russia’s OSCE commitments and other international obligations when conducting the upcoming local elections.“ ⁦says

  2. Something trump only dreams of: “banned opposition protest”

  3. People around Russia support the protests in Moscow

  4. Calling on to respect 1) its constitution; 2) its OSCE commitments; 3) CoE standards; 4) the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: * EU () * Council of Europe () * U.S. Embassy () Silence on : * U.S.

  5. Over 1000 people have been arrested, and people were beaten, while standing up for free Moscow elections.

  6. 835 detained so far in for asking free elections. Today free world is with you, brave russian people. Photo: protestor showing riot police a copy of the Russian constitution.

  7. Support the Russian people who are rising up against Putin! Let us learn from their courage!

  8. Putin spent decades trying to prove: if anywhere in the world anyone’s absolute power is questioned - it must be a US conspiracy. And just when he was almost done making his point - Moscow questioned his power.

  9. meanwhile, in revanchist closed society news...

  10. Biggest political rally in for the last years, as 47000 citizens gathered to demand fair elections and registration of opposition candidates!

  11. A hardcore group marches on Old Arbat, shouting “Putin Thief!”

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  13. Russians continue to protest against Putin and his regime trying to rig the Moscow election

  14. While has attempted to treat the August 10 as nothing but a “farce” attended by kids interested in music and not politics, performers & brought to the center stage.

  15. RT: This is what happens when democracy is dead. 👇You can't vote, can't speak up. If you do, you are jailed, tortured, or killed. Stand up for democracy in your country and worldwide.

  16. This Friday’s story is about 10 men arrested and charged in “mass riots” that allegedly took place during a peaceful demonstration on July 27, 2019 in Moscow. recognized the men as political prisoners.

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