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  1. 3 Aug 2019
  2. Calling on to respect 1) its constitution; 2) its OSCE commitments; 3) CoE standards; 4) the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: * EU () * Council of Europe () * U.S. Embassy () Silence on : * U.S.

  3. 28 Jul 2019
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  4. 4 Aug 2019
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  5. 3 Aug 2019
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    Support pro-democracy Russians by using hashtag !

  6. 27 Jul 2019

    Standing with the Russian people who won’t accept Putin and Sobyanin dictating their voting choices.

  7. 27 Jul 2019

    For non-Russian speakers: here's some compiled footage of 3 (of the 22 that ended up in this particular bus) people getting shoved, dragged and accompanied into their space of temporary and frankly overcrowded confinement.

  8. 3 Aug 2019

    Putin’s regime disqualified every single pro-democracy candidate from participating in the Moscow City Council election. Today is the fourth weekend when people protest that decision in the center of Moscow.

  9. 3 Aug 2019

    Following the July 27, web activists started a campaign to identify the cops who beat & brutally detain protesters. Today, almost all of the cops wear masks.

  10. Putin spent decades trying to prove: if anywhere in the world anyone’s absolute power is questioned - it must be a US conspiracy. And just when he was almost done making his point - Moscow questioned his power.

  11. 27 Jul 2019

    Over 1000 people have been arrested, and people were beaten, while standing up for free Moscow elections.

  12. 27 Jul 2019

    Moscow police detain hundreds over election protests via

  13. meanwhile, in revanchist closed society news...

  14. 27 Jul 2019

    How dumb is it that you have to get authorization from the government in order to protest the government.

  15. Biggest political rally in for the last years, as 47000 citizens gathered to demand fair elections and registration of opposition candidates!

  16. 2 Aug 2019
  17. 3 Aug 2019

    A hardcore group marches on Old Arbat, shouting “Putin Thief!”

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