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    Poisoned. If we are not diligent, we will be experiencing events like this on our way to total chaos.

  2. This footage needs no commentary.

  3. JUST IN: The opposition candidate Lybov Sobol was arrested at Signature Collection Center in Rozhdestvensky during Putin’s gestapo police raid at her office. Sobol is one of the only prominent opposition leaders not currently in jail.

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  4. UPDATE: Putin’s OMON police attacked peaceful Moscow students and chased them down the street while arresting random people.

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  5. -Do you know your candidates running for Moscow State Duma? -Well.. I wouldn’t vote for anyone.. -But you know them? Can you name them? -Well... approximately... I guess not. Hahaha

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  6. No luck with interviewees by TV Rain today. -How did you decide to organize this [protest]? -Someone told me. Honestly I don’t know. I want to change the power in general here. ... -Where are you from? -I’m from Stavropol region. Arrived in Moscow to work.

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  7. journalist Pavel Lobkov from liberal channel TV Rain (the mouthpiece of opposition) is praising police live on TV saying the policemen are extremely gentle and polite. I wonder what would say about it? 😉

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  8. Putin’s thugs in uniform now resort to punching a woman in the stomach and dragging a handicapped man down the street without a wheelchair. Also, reports of many political prisoners being kept in cages like animals. (NEW VIDEO)

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  9. 4 days after : Many more countries have joined in condemning Russia for disproportionate use of force, in calling to uphold democratic principles & to release peaceful protesters exercising their democratic rights. Still crickets from U.S. .

  10. 2. There is a coordinated wave of bots and trolls funded by Russia, pushing this messaging. Our elections are secure, Trump won’t have a choice, and Putin desperately wants civil unrest because embarrass him. He wants to see it in America.

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  11. oh dear... of course. 👇😣😤 "Russian opposition leader Alexei , currently serving a jail stint for calling for unauthorized protests, was hospitalized after suffering an acute allergic reaction on Sunday, his spokeswoman said."

  12. This is what it means to protest in Putin's Russia: "Blunt injury of the chest, right upper limb, head, neck. Multiple subcutaneous hematomas and bruises of the soft tissues in the head, neck, posterior chest wall, right upper limb."

  13. This is what it looks like when 5 percent of the people have a stranglehold on the other 95 percent. and are NOT our friends. The Russian people are courageous patriots and are fighting for their lives.

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  14. Protesters marched through Moscow for a 5th straight weekend, demanding free elections. Or, to use a literal translation from local coverage, 50.000 Western-brainwashed Russians haven’t heard of how popular President Putin is.

  15. I hope that the Finnish president will actually confront Putin due to this activity and also say out loud that condemns the Russian actions in and as well as the violence Kremlin is using on its own citizens at

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    Good luck with all that. Trump's off golfing when he's not mimicking Asian leaders at his Hamptons fundraiser. Pompeo's getting ready to run for Senate, and Bolton hasn't been seen or heard from in weeks. All fits well within the scheme of , doesn't it?

  17. Russian protest: -Why have you came here? To the rally or for a concert? -For a concert. -And why are you leaving so early? -We're tired.😊😁

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  18. Moscow police set ominous record w brutal attacks on peaceful protesters who wanted fair elections - ’s take on

  19. Today the were 2x more protesters than 3 weeks ago (50k) despite: foul weather all the leaders jailed Massive disinformation threat of police violence. Writers, intellectuals, pop stars join the protest (Ulitskaya, Parfyonov, Krovostok, Face, IC3PEAK on stage)

  20. Konstantin Kotov in court before the verdict : “In Russia, there are no independent political parties, no fair elections, so only one option remains – to go to the streets and shout your demands. But even that is forbidden.”

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