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    We don't need anyone's help. These borders are our legal right 🇹🇷🇹🇷 1982 United Nations maritime law agreement = İslands do not have the right to a continental shelf 🇹🇷🇹🇷

  3. Breakdown of Eurosystem aggregated balance sheet: February 2020 vs

  4. The has many bad points but at least a good point to show that the is not a paradise and Europe is in dream of being supported by the

  5. Well done all those playing a tactically bearish bias in , a very good live example of positioning in month end dynamics.

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  6. - From long term perspective (monthly chart), a descending triangle has formed. It is a bearish continuation pattern.

  7. If you had bought 100 of the 10-09-2013 Today, 2396.76 days later, You would have 6395.57 EURO and the same amount of

  8. Cambi, in lieve flessione sul a 1,0842

  9. Risk appetite will suffer if statistics show that the economy has lost more jobs than expected. This would provide further evidence the World economy is falling into the unknown. Dampened risk sentiment will send the (EUR/USD) rate lower.

  10. At the end of an eventful week, here's an attempt to create a little bit of order in the topsy-turvy world of risk sharing proposals

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  11. Solidarity... The is on the clock...

  12. Britain and updates....

  13. Watching the crash over the upcoming weeks and months

  14. -Export- Selection of 1.4 and 1.5m3 Buckets suitable for Euro Pickup. 2.4 and 2.45m wide. Ready for shipping. @ R&M…

  15. (-0.54%) vs. US-Dollar at $1.0786 // – US ISM non-manufacturing index in ‘positive territory’ in March at 52.5; More on

  16. 🔄 Prices update in (1 hour): - 2.14 € (-0.19 %) - 0.14 € (0.0 %) - 4.68 € (-0.09 %) - 6.47 € (-0.51 %) - 62.46 € (-0.96 %)

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