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  2. First Clinic was a success! Great job ladies! Way to keep it up and put in hard work.

  3. Ohh might have a fan on our hands

  4. So fortunate to have had the influence of Genevieve Jones as the first dance teacher I had. Introduced me to creative movement and a creative spirit that guided my work and teaching.

  5. Cute Baby Carriage Gift Bags

  6. A little freestyle for my first post on Twitter ❤️

  7. I just want to support my bro with this video 💪💪BANGER SOUND EVERYWHERE 🔥🔥 —————————————————- ARTIST: ————————————— Act: ——————————— Follow

  8. What if one day I find a way to connect to people, through music! 🥺

  9. Love love love these two art pieces by for 1. Striking a pose. What song are Stone & Robotnik listening to? 2. Amazing Gender Bend 💙

  10. Get ready for day with us at the Swami Vivekananda Cultural Centre, Johannesburg.

  11. Middle School Magic!

  12. You need some dance lessons? I'll give you some.💃

  13. A girl’s got to have a side hustle, current work in progress. This piece will eventually go into my ‘Showgirl’ range when she’s finished and has been photographed 👯‍♀️

  14. Year 10, 11 & 12’s turn for Got to rehearsal tonight 👍

  15. This group of Year 4s were working hard in their dance lesson today!

  16. Having some fun in my new pole room. 💪 And wearing my “Charm” velvet pole outfit. 💕

  17. Life_of_a_🌟 Good mood 🤩🤩🤩🤩

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