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  3. 🚨BREAKING: the Trump administration bungled the initial distribution of —sending it to the WRONG hospitals: those with no ICUs, no eligible patients, or without refrigeration to store it—delaying treatment to critically ill patients.🤬

  4. Czech Republic put in mask rule in March. They’ve basically conquered the epidemic and reopening businesses and lifting mask rule again. 2 months of mask compliance has stopped the epidemic.

  5. Tonight, let’s remember the over 100,000 Americans and 400 Kentuckians we’ve lost to . We are one people. ^AB

  6. Replying to

    Am I the only one who feels if Trump had responded to , as promptly as he did to Twitter, fewer people would have died?

  7. New Zealand now has just one (1) person with . Every other case has recovered.

  8. You have to wear pants in public. STFU and wear a mask.

  9. Kerala: A 65-year-old person who had tested positive for passed away at around 2 am today. He had returned from Sharjah on May 11.

  10. Smart reframing: wearing a mask while outside is the simplest act of kindness you can do in a day.

  11. . tries to protect church goers from practices that can spread by urging suspension of choirs, which have been shown to spread virus if a singer is infected. WH tells CDC to take it out.

  12. Latest update for in Malaysia, May 28.

  13. A mere few months have passed since the first case of , and humans already made sure to pollute seas and oceans with disposable face masks.

  14. 👏🏼AWESOME👏🏼 A 103-year-old woman recovered from and celebrated in the hospital by drinking a .🍺 “This feisty old Polish grandmother of ours officially beat the .”

  15. "I fought in the war which ended 75 years ago. Now we are faced with another invisible war - ." - 95-year-old Private Joseph Hammond

  16. Brazil registers record 26,417 coronavirus cases in 1 day

  17. Filipino artist Leeroy New poses with a makeshift mask he designed with recycled materials as he adapts to the effects of pandemic in the art industry, in his studio in Quezon City. | via Eloisa Lopez,

  18. Today continued to fight against the judge ordered release of former Black Panther, elder in the face of his potentially deadly vulnerability to

  19. The 1918 Spanish flu does have something to teach us about the current crisis. But first things first: the Spanish flu ... didn't actually come from Spain.

  20. June 27th I’m back in action against the 2018 PFL million dollar tournament winner, Philipe Lins, and I’m going to kick his ass for $24,000 and a mandatory 2 week quarantine.

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