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  3. Before I sleep just remember... Last week Chrissy Teigen got a special celebrity at home test done so she could get a boob job. Then she sat in her mansion helping incite rage in rioters during the protests. Most celebs... are trash humans who don’t care about you.

  4. 14 seconds of video will change 2020 for ever! RT to support a peaceful movement for a positive change which world needs more than

  5. A gentle reminder to those going out today for ANY reason- Though cases are trending down, the virus remains as contagious and deadly as ever. When in public/ around others, PLEASE Wash hands, maintain 6ft physical distance, and wear a face covering. 🙏🏽

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  6. So Sturgeon makes the excuse to that not enough was known about asymtomatic transmission of to excuse all the care home deaths in Scotland . Please check the date on this 👇

  7. I’m ready to give authorities the names of these two looters I spotted.

  8. This Irish pub's 'dial-a-pint' service is helping keep business flowing as bars across Dublin struggle to make it through lockdowns. dials for a cold pint of Guinness

  9. Describe the UK government's strategy with a gif. I'll start:

  10. There will be a spike in infections and more deaths. Everything is about to get worse for several months. It will be a marathon. Have to hold tight and fight for the long run.

  11. Montara Task Force Papers/theses on Timor Sea Oil Spill,basically same. UNCLOS artl.139:Countries cause losses to other countries due to their activities,should be subject to compensation for adverse impacts on that country.👉Australia's Accountable👈

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  12. We should not support the Govt’s easing of Would be premature to do so with class/race inequalities 😢The UK is at Alert 4 😢The R rate is dangerously close to 1 😢Test, track, isolate and trace is non existent 😢UK has highest death rate from

  13. Pope Francis said that people are more important than the economy, as countries decide how quickly to reopen their countries from lockdowns

  14. With the invention of fashionable masks, could this be a ploy to get women accustomed to covering their face... burka style?

  15. The coronavirus lasts for hours and days on everyday objects like mobile phones, currency, utensils, etc. It has become important to properly disinfect all these objects before using them. Stay tuned to see how ViroSafe can help to kill the virus!

  16. My son & family live in Vietnam. The govt imposed tough quarantine for people coming in. And contact tracing etc. Lots of public mask wearing. Just a few days lockdown. Their business seems to be doing well. Opposite of 's chaotic non-management of

  17. Since isnt trending as much, here's a throwback.

  18. Difference 27 March. 31 may

  19. What we are going through economically, environmentally, and ... this is just hurting the cause... #2020

  20. Respected sir we belong to ews category our parents are jobless right now so we can't afford any rent so please request landlord to waive our rent for at least 3 month. Thank you 😞 kindly favour the students living on rent.

  21. Good morning ☀️ thank you for the important reminder to wear the mask 😷 & to continue the sanitation measurements of stay away 2m, wash hands, and clean surfaces, change to clean clothes and taking a shower to protect us from the . I still think 2+mo

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