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  2. You wore out the bullshit. Where’s the evidence? Put up or shut up.

  3. Feb 21

    I’m a Veteran, I didn’t serve so could steal ANOTHER election. If is going to collude again, again. Who is with me? I’ll follow you back if you follow me Please 1 Follow 2 Retweet 3 Like 4 Reply 5. Party!

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  4. It’s so crazy but Democrats who have been alarmists over look like they’ll be stuck w/ socialist who honeymooned in the then USSR - guess you reap what you sow

  5. The are out of ammunition, but just keep pulling the trigger, like glass-eyed drooling zombies. They are yapping about AGAIN today. It’s incomprehensible. They forgot this evidently...

  6. Feb 21

    Trump’s Fury at Intel Briefing Shows Vladimir Putin’s Bet Keeps Paying Off. is not sick of winning.

  7. 2 hours ago

    A Turkish ZMA-15 has chased Russian made Assad Regime T 72 tank in Idlib Syria....

  8. Feb 21

    Now that we know Trump's again prepared to cover up Russia's crimes to help him cheat in another election, it's worth noting that expects major concessions after he's re-elected, which they consider a "fait accompli," writes

  9. Robert O’Brien claims he‘s “not seen” intel that 🇷🇺is is trying to throw the 2020 election to Trump. Q: “Don’t you have a responsibility as national security adviser to find out?” O’Brien: "I haven’t seen the intel." READ THE MUELLER REPORT.🤬

  10. The media needs to get ALL Members of Congress *on the record* on ’s firing of the DNI for revealing that 🇷🇺is YET AGAIN trying to throw the election to Trump. After 2016, NO ONE can claim ignorance. Not even the GOP.🤬

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  12. In Helsinki, Putin publicly admitted his desire for Trump to be elected. Was he “overstating” it as well? Give me a break.

  13. Media: Jim to : "A source present for this briefing ... said the information relayed to lawmakers made it clear has already begun interfering in the 2020 election ... Asked whether the information presented was alarming,' the source said, 'Very.'"

  14. Several Turkish forces killed in Syrian-Russian strikes in : SOHR

  15. Look which hate group is Defending the What a surprise. Arron banks who ALLEGEDLY is funded by must LOVE her..

  16. Feb 21

    Turkish soldiers firing a MANPADS against a Russian jet over Idlib in Syria yesterday, the missile missed the jet

  17. Today, 23rd🇷🇺 of February, celebrates Defender of the Fatherland Day! We with great pleasure take the opportunity to congratulate all the men💯 on this holiday☀❗

  18. 99y ago, on FEB 25 1921 's Red Army took over Tbilisi, which lead to 70y of . National flag of to be flown at half-mast to commemorate victims of the occupational regime

  19. Feb 23
  20. Raise your hand if you changed your vote because of a Russian facebook ad you didn't even know existed?

  21. Russian inspectors plan to carry out observation flight over the territory of the Republic of plans to carry out an observation flight on a Russian Tu-154M LK-1 observation plane. An observation flight will be carried out from 25 to 28 February, 2020. 🤏👈

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