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  1. This brings back horrific memories of Sept 2004. Our doctors also balked at diagnosing what happened to my husband as poison. And some doctors with security pasts tried to cover it up. Recommend Alexei get treatment in Europe ASAP. .

  2. Until being imprisoned, Alexei Navalny was unaware he was allergic to a Novichok nerve agent known as A-234. Opposition leaders are particularly susceptible.

  3. 26 Dec 2019

    aide who wanted to see tanks in Moscow is conscripted into military service, sent to Artic. Hopefully other soldiers will teach him a lesson, treason is the worst of all crimes.

  4. 9 Oct 2019

    Finally ’s "Anti-Corruption" Foundation has been placed on foreign agents list. This organization does nothing to fight corruption, it's an entity that acts only in the interests of Washington and despises and its sovereignty.

  5. As riot police officers flooded Moscow on Sat to curb protests calling for fair elections the Ru auth announced they had opened a criminal investigation into money laundering against an anticorruption organization led by Aleksei A. Navalny

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  7. 29 Jul 2019

    Evidence is mounting was the victim of a super-strength substance mixed with Assad's special death-ray chlorine. ⚗️🧪😱

  8. Let’s hope this is not another poisoning >> ‘Russian opposition leader hospitalized for allergic reaction’

  9. Feb 12

    is the Venezuelan , they are both despised or ridiculed by 98% of their compatriots, at same time they are treated as celebrities in the West. They represent the final phase of Western neocolonialism before its inevitable collapse.

  10. 26 Dec 2019

    Russian Federal Bailiff (FSSP) Service raid office of ’s Anti-Corruption Foundation

  11. 29 Jul 2019

    What do you make of the breaking news that Navalny was poisoned?

  12. Russian opposition leader Alexei was "poisoned" by an unidentified toxic substance and doctors have sent him back to jail despite his condition, his lawyer and his personal physician say

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  13. 28 Jul 2019

    In Russia, Putin continues to suppress democracy and to attack his foes. I wish we still had a State Department.

  14. left hospitaml and returned to prison. His physician criticizes the absence of a toxilogical consultation.

  15. Opposition protests in carried on for a third straight weekend in Moscow, with 's team calling for demonstrations to go nation-wide this coming weekend on Aug 10 Russian Opposition Plans New Protest Despite Over 1,000 Arrests

  16. Russian Justice Ministry blacklists 's Anti-Corruption Foundation (FBK) as "foreign agent."

  17. John makes a fair point here. You’d rather be than wouldn’t you? I hope I’m proved wrong but I very much doubt if the latter will ever be ‘released from custody’.

  18. Russian opposition leader Alexei says he has been arrested in Moscow, in an apparent move by the authorities to prevent a major protest rally this week.

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  19. 28 Jul 2019

    Navalny's ally Leonid Volkov writes he suffered the same symptoms after 28 days in the very same cell where does his time. Big red stains on the skin. 'Weird allergy' comments Volkov

  20. in hospital: "he developed this skin condition not just around his face, this big swelling, but across his back and legs as well." tells us more ⤵️

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