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  1. Putin one day is going down just like the Czars. Protesters will win. 400 years of oppression and oligarch rule will fall to the people.

  2. BREAKING: Russian police went into action.

  3. As hundreds of protesters are beaten & arrested by riot police across Moscow, Russian state TV is showing scenes from a “joyous concert” in the city’s north. No word on the violent crackdown that paralysed the centre of Russia’s capital today

  4. A Soros funded, fascist, CIA, gay, Nazi, Russophobic, imperialist repeatedly head-butted an innocent riot stick

  5. Interesting timing for Epstein to get snuffed, same with El Paso: (Is it just me?) 🤨

  6. 'While the report is a textbook case of propaganda & disinformation, focusing on music as one of the main pieces of evidence that the protests were neither political, nor organic, does not stand up to scrutiny.' My dissection of a hit piece.

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  7. Something trump only dreams of: “banned opposition protest”

  8. Video: Police detains . Young people chants: "Police with the people--do not serve the monsters!" Please share so the world knows.

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  9. Russians are protesting again this weekend, important to remember the Russian people are our friends.

  10. Welcome to Putin's Russia. A place where you get arrested for waving the Russian flag.

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    I watch and admire the tens of thousands standing up for freedom and democracy. But I fear for them. The world isn't paying enough attention. In and brave people are fighting powerful forces. Can they make anything change?

  12. "Metro 2033" is a post-apocalyptic fiction novel by Russian author Dmitry Glukhovsky. The novel is set in the Moscow Metro, where the last survivors hide after a global nuclear holocaust.  This photo is not from that book but todays protests in Moscow.

  13. The whole is an absolute . Western leaders should never treat Putin's like a normal power. Any complacency is fool's game and undermines our values, our strategic consistency and our security. Period.

  14. Detained in today's now up to 685, according to an independent NGO.

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    . It's coming America. In fact it's already here. Sad State of Affairs in the World. and good, sane People. ❤🌍🌏🌎

  16. RT: This is what happens when democracy is dead. 👇You can't vote, can't speak up. If you do, you are jailed, tortured, or killed. Stand up for democracy in your country and worldwide.

  17. Brutal mass arrests of pro-democracy protesters in .

  18. Why are you, , lying?! *Who* did block the streets?! Protesters, not police Since this protest was unsanctioned, what do you expect police in any country would do?!

  19. ’s own doctor saw him briefly, is convinced his condition is a result of chemical toxins. Stresses he has never been allergic to anything

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