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  1. A rocket was fired from at Israeli civilians earlier tonight. We just responded by striking Hamas terror targets in Gaza. As•the•world•fights•COVID19 We•must•also•fight•terror And we’ll defeat them. Both.

  2. happened an hour ago in Nusirat camp in the middle of Strip ... 😱😱

  3. End the siege of .

  4. | A prototype for a ventilator designed and developed by two engineers from to help improve the health care system's abilities in the besieged enclave amid the crisis. They say it costs only about $200.

  5. People around the world are calling for an end to the illegal Israeli siege of , 🇵🇸

  6. 🔃➡✌💐The groom from Maghazi camp abolished the rent for the hall and an evening for young people and was replaced with the help of poor families 💕/ Abdul Rahman Hamdan distributes dozens of baskets of food and cleaning supplies on his wedding night

  7. A friend in just sent me this video of a ventilator he is developing in response to the outbreak. Gaza only has 65 ventilators for a population of 2 million people.

  8. The Strip's health system is already on the verge of collapse as a result of a 14-year-long Israeli blockade. Even the world's richest countr ies are struggling to deal with the pandemic.

  9. Ask a Pastor Ask a Preacher Am the Teacher....

  10. A Palestinian young man working in a cake shop in started to make cakes that look like emojis with protective masks as the number one trend in the world nowadays is Covid-19 and wearing masks!

  11. Breakfast in the middle of the sea

  12. 1 rocket was just fired from at Israeli civilians in southern . Thousands of Israeli men, women and children are currently in bomb shelters.

  13. The Palestinian Artist Rana Ramlawi, 23, works on her sand sculptures depicting the earth with a message reading "Stay Home" at her home in Gaza City during the pandemic, in City .

  14. Recreation for children in in the preventive home reservation from an outbreak of the .

  15. Imagine how petrifying it is to be trapped in , an open-air prison as even David Cameron described it, with a healthcare system on the edge of collapse, and for coronavirus to begin spreading through the population.

  16. Israel's blockade of has turned the strip of land into the “world's largest open-air prison.” And now the overcrowded enclave has its first confirmed cases of .

  17. Away from news a bit.. it’s green almond harvest season in city, 🇵🇸

  18. From the window of my room .... the electricity is cut off and the Israeli aircraft fly over the sky

  19. Entertainment for children in Gaza in light of the preventive home reservation from the outbreak of the Corona virus, by the Smile Technical Team.

  20. 23-year-old sand artist, Rana Ramlawi, from sends a message to the world asking them to "Stay Home" to limit the spread of , using this sand sculpture that depicts the earth and some people wearing medical masks. 🇵🇸

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