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  2. Cops pulling demonstrators without consent

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  3. 9 hours ago

    Graffiti seen on police station shows ACAB and the names of those killed by police in London. . We must all continue to a fight for a world without state violence.

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    Never forget our roots!

  5. never give opossums access to heavy equipment. Brb going to bulldoze the police station.

  6. Even media still getting stopped. Shit show E division, as usual, have no idea what the current orders are.

  7. Ranks in the British Police.

  8. Feb 20
  9. Feb 17

    PHOTO | "Never Stop Hating Cops" Sticker seen in Cardiff

  10. Feb 14

    "Go on, get him"😂 cop was left completely drenched when a Volkswagen driver deliberately drove into a huge puddle to splash him.

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  11. 【We condemn the Tokyo Police's house search against our comrade in the Anti-Olympics struggle!】This is the state of the police repression we are experiencing, in the name of the Olympics. Raise your voice in support!

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    dammit. including agend dale cooper

  13. 8 hours ago

    How can you have more cops and more crimes? Why? Malcolm X

  14. 5 hours ago
  15. 8 hours ago

    Listening to the podcast Dig... and us lieutenant Shaming Lauder got her feelings hurt because they proved cops don’t give a shit about rape victims... I’d hate to see how hurt they’d be if the tables were turned and she was a victim. Smh.

  16. You were the BIGGEST asshole in high school and look at you now. Fucking creep.

  17. Feb 19

    Tapos these people would eventually be cops no? Yung mga may Oplan XMen na paganap?

  18. Feb18th’s morning, police did a home search to our NOlympics comrade by warrant. We strongly protest against this suppression against NOlympics movement just before . We're preparing English statement also. Please give your attention!

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