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  1. Siberia is on fire 😢😢😢 Please, don’t stay indifferent🙏🏻 The world is in danger 🆘

  2. Declare state of emergency across Siberia over huge wildfires - Sign the Petition! via

  3. is burning. Almost 3.3 million hectares on fire, including Arctic, with fumes having hit area larger than . authorities are not eager to liquidate the wildfires as they think it's not cost-effective. I simply can't accept that! 😭

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  4. The fire now covers over 3 million hectares of forests. Think about this. 3 million hectares

  5. You can help by signing the petition at the link below, more than 900,000 people have already signed it. I think, that this isn't a only Russia's problem, but for all mankind.

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  6. The in are INSANE and NOTHING is under control as the government says "it's not economical" to put out the fires, as if breathing smoke is. That's how Novosibirsk looked like which is *800km(500mi)* from the epicenter. IT IS SMOKE

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  7. My country on fire. We already lost a lot of forests and wild animals. Government doing nothing.

  8. Hey, help us save Siberia! Russian government doesn’t care...

  9. Siberia in forest fires 🔥 and burned out
  10. Siberian forests are on fire. Lots of animals burn. Russian government is saving money on the fire extinguishing budget

  11. Our update about Siberian using FIRMS hotspot detection 🛰️ (last 48 hours) Irkutsk region and Yakutia (Kirenskiy, Kataganskiy and Zhiganskiy districts) have most fire hotspots these days 🔥🔥🔥

  12. A massive forest fire has broken out in Siberia, sending smoke as far west as the Urals. So when a regional governor said extinguishing the flames was “economically unprofitable,” it didn’t go down well.

  13. Replying to
  14. Officials said that fighting the fires was “economically unprofitable”. Runet users were outraged: “Living in Russia is economically unprofitable, but I still do it”, wrote one. Latest by

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  15. Our Siberia is burning but the government does not want to extinguish it. People around are choking on smog. Not enough medicine. Save us. Save our Siberia

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