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  1. According to , 49900 people took part in the rally for freedom and justice at Sakharov Avenue on the 10th of August

  2. 10 Aug 2019

    People at the rally in Moscow today

  3. Despite the bad weather, people in Moscow came out to protest! See the images! Yes, and journalist and YouTuber arrived.

  4. 10 Aug 2019

    Rapper Face is performing at the rally on Sakharova. He says he is not an expert in politics, but independent elections are a must. Other artists supporting the rally are IC3PEAK and Krovostok. People are cheering

  5. The rally for free and fair elections is going to start shortly. Several thousand protesters showed up. It’s cold and rainy. I expect more people to come later today. ⁦

  6. 10 Aug 2019

    Of the 40,000+ at today’s protest in Moscow, 1 in 6 are attending their first ever public demonstration - protest-monitoring NGO White Counter estimates

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  7. 10 Aug 2019

    Half a dozen extra garbage trucks - used to block off the road for the protest - are dotted around the Garden Ring near Prospect Sakharova. Ready & waiting to block a few extra streets if turns into a march?

  8. 10 Aug 2019
  9. Meeting in Moscow is continuing... I hope that Russian guys without weapons and masks do so how they want.

  10. I have day of city in my place... Meeting in Moscow is smoking nervously in side. Sadly...

  11. 10 Aug 2019
  12. 10 Aug 2019

    Just judging from online keyboard warriors and commission hungry for corrs, there should be at least a million people on the streets of Moscow protesting, Ted :-)

  13. The rally started. The detained candidates for the Moscow City Duma and the protest leaders are already here, on the Sakharov Prospect.

  14. 10 Aug 2019

    Another 11% said they attended their first demonstration within the last month - i.e at one of the previous protests in support of the independent candidates blocked from participating in next month’s city council elections.

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  15. 10 Aug 2019
  16. Сегодня в Москве митинг за свободу и справедливость. Власти сделали свой ход — недопуск до выборов, полицейский беспредел. Теперь слово за нами. Встречаемся на проспекте Сахарова в Москве. Сбор с 13 часов, вход со стороны Комсомольской, митинг до 16. Приходите!

  17. 10 Aug 2019

    tens of thousands people are attending today the anti-’s government rally. The new surge of protest movements across and particular in occurred after several prominent oppositionists were banned from local elections and then arrested

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  18. 10 Aug 2019

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