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  1. 10 Aug 2019

    They say Russia’s youth is key to a democratic future. This boy chanting for the Moscow mayor’s resignation is probably just hoping the mayor’s gone by the time he graduates college.

  2. 10 Aug 2019
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    And the bells were ringing, while the people called out for the downfall of the Tsar

  3. Despite the bad weather, people in Moscow came out to protest! See the images! Yes, and journalist and YouTuber arrived.

  4. 31 Aug 2019

    Several thousand people are marching through Moscow today, with chants of “Putin is a thief!” and “This is our city!”

  5. 10 Aug 2019

    About 200 protesters still walking through the centre of Moscow. Some were detained but then unexpectedly released.

  6. 10 Aug 2019

    Around 1000 protesters still shouting in Kitai gorod. Police retreats. 20 minutes without arrests

  7. RT: This is what happens when democracy is dead. 👇You can't vote, can't speak up. If you do, you are jailed, tortured, or killed. Stand up for democracy in your country and worldwide.

  8. "Hit those pot-heads harder, they should crawl on their stumps" - Russian patriot Andrey commenting a video of a policeman hitting a female protester on Aug 10

  9. 10 Aug 2019

    47000 marched today in Moscow. That wouldn’t be a small protest in Paris or London. But Muscovites had to brave official harassment and a miserable, grey day. isn’t going away.

  10. 10 Aug 2019

    Lyubov Sobol released from the police station at nearly 11 pm with a summons to come to court.

  11. "Away with the power of the KGB (CHKA)!" chants the group, about 45 people. they also sing the anthem of Russia and carry Russian flags. While walking by the police, they chant "Police with the power!"

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  12. 10 Aug 2019

    In Moscow, all municipal opposition candidates have been jailed. Outraged, 50 000 Muscovites take to the streets on a rainy afternoon.

  13. 11 Aug 2019

    Well done to for getting some great engagement with the hashtag covering the protests yesterday.

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  14. --admit? So they want putin to admit that he is a thief. Is that the right translation?

  15. 10 Aug 2019

    Russia: it’s fine, police will help you :) Nobody Literally fucking no one NOT EVEN ONE PERSON IN THIS COUNTRY FEELS SAFE AROUND POLICE

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    -admit. Is that the right translation- for putin to admit his crimes?

  17. Young people chants "Dopuskaj!" (Let the candidates regster!) The other main slogan is "Otpuskaj!" (Let the prisoner go free!)

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  18. Don't they know that when you try to douse a fire with oil that it'll only get hotter?

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