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  1. 10 Aug 2019

    They say Russia’s youth is key to a democratic future. This boy chanting for the Moscow mayor’s resignation is probably just hoping the mayor’s gone by the time he graduates college.

  2. 10 Aug 2019
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    And the bells were ringing, while the people called out for the downfall of the Tsar

  3. 31 Aug 2019

    Several thousand people are marching through Moscow today, with chants of “Putin is a thief!” and “This is our city!”

  4. 10 Aug 2019

    Around 1000 protesters still shouting in Kitai gorod. Police retreats. 20 minutes without arrests

  5. 3 Aug 2019

    275 vicies In , 's policemen randomly arrested a peaceful guy.

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  6. 3 Aug 2019

    275 tricies quinques This famous |n youtuber decided to make fun of Rosgvardia men saying that they arrest only those who violate the law. He then gets arrested while people laugh. Watch it till the end because it is funny. Link:

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  7. 27 Jul 2019

    I'd say a 1000 crowd of protesters marches through the streets. No riot police in sight

  8. 3 Aug 2019
  9. 27 Jul 2019
  10. 3 Aug 2019
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  11. 12 Aug 2019
  12. Новосибирск. Акция солидарности с Москвой.

  13. 10 Aug 2019

    Шествие по Покровке прямо сейчас.

  14. "Славься, страна! Мы гордимся тобой!"

  15. 10 Aug 2019
  16. 10 Aug 2019

    Шествие по Чистопрудному бульвару.

  17. 10 Aug 2019

    Люди продолжают оставаться в центре Москвы.

  18. 10 Aug 2019

    Podle už v Moskvě policie zadržela po demonstraci za čestné volby 249 lidí. Je mezi nimi i tento tělesně postižený mladík,který podle reportéra dvakrát upadl na zem,když ho policisté (vědomi si jeho handicapu) vlekli do antonu

  19. Люди идут на Китай-город к администрации президента.

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