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All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware...... Real life is dialog and encounter.

the Netherlands
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    When I was young, I admired people who were clever. Now that I am older, I admire people who are kind.

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    Parooltje. Hij is 89, zij is 86. Hij woont thuis, zij in een tehuis. Hij stapt dagelijks op de fiets, zij kan haar rolstoel niet meer uit. Hij is hardhorend, zij fluistert. Ze missen elkaar. Zij zijn mijn ouders.

    In betere tijden / foto: Gon Buurman
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    9. 5.

    I got a new guy up here and he's rambling. Does anyone know what "Wop-Bop-A-Loo-Bop-A-Lop-Bam-Boom" means?

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    Help us reach people around the world. Help us educate & remember online. Let others know about the account. We need your support. Please RT or encourage others to follow & please - .

  6. Trump the fool has created a self-image of himself as Americas saviour.

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    The US government has released footage of a UFO

  9. It bothers me that at one of the most terrifying, lethal times in our history, most people don’t really understand it’s impact on society for now and in the future.

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    27 April 1925 | French Jewish girl Paulette Bloch was born in Paris. On 31 July 1944 she was deported from Drancy to . She did not survive.

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    ‘I want to live, and I want to see a world without Donald f*cking Trump’ — NY journalist Sandi Bachom poured her heart out about losing friends to COVID-19 and the ‘horror movie’ we’re all living through

  12. How did the world get its response to coronavirus so wrong. I think that first thoughts were the economic impact. What a tragedy at the cost of many lives.

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    Mikhail Gorbachev: When the pandemic is over, the world must come together

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    19 April 1943 | Groups of Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto began the uprising against Germans. It lasted 27 days. Today we remember the heroism and sacrifice of people who chose to resist against impossible odd to die in dignity & save the human spirit.

  15. should be charged with first-degree murder.

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  19. Kunnen we alle domheid in quarantaine brengen ?

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    Stay at home as much as possible. Listen to the experts, ignore the morons (foreheads). We will get through this together.

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