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Christian, hotelier, dreamer, bookworm.

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  1. March ~25. And how you spend your ?

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    Они отдали свои прекрасные жизни... Умершие медики Италии. ©

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    Advice for your livestream sermon tomorrow: 1. You’re not a medical expert. 2. Preach the gospel. 3. You’re not a cultural commentator. 4. Preach the gospel. 5. You’re not a politician. 6. Preach the gospel. 7. You’re not a comedian. 8. Preach the gospel!

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    You can't believe in Jesus and not believe in hell. —

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    The men and women who pray in silence, in the night, and in solitude are the supporting pillars of Christ's Church. Robert Cardinal Sarah

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    When I read the news everything seems out of control. When I read the Bible I know that God has everything under control.

  8. Мысли в конце утомительного рабочего дня: почему нет шазама для ароматов? Вот прошёл мимо тебя человек, окутанный восхитительным ароматом, смысла спрашивать нет - забудешь. А так «зашазамил», сохранил, и купил, когда тебе надо.

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    Фигууры Лиссажу́ — траектории, прочерчиваемые точкой, совершающей одновременно два гармонических колебания в двух взаимно перпендикулярных направлениях. Впервые изучены французским учёным Жюлем Антуаном Лиссажу. Вид фигур зависит от соотношения

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    Scripture has: Two destinations: Heaven or hell Two ways: Narrow or broad Two masters: Christ or Satan Two walks: The spirit or the flesh. There’s no half-way point in any of these.

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    История о том, как одна фотография может стать символом надежды и сопротивления для целой нации

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    Claude Monet, The Chailly Road through the Forest of Fontainebleau, 1865 Oil on Canvas, 97 x 130.5 cm Ordrupgaard @ordrupgaard Charlottenlund, Denmark

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    Christians should never fear Satan. 1. He can’t separate you from God’s love (Rm 8:38). 2. He ultimately serves the sovereign purpose of God (Judg 9:23). 3. He is terrified of Christ and the gospel (James 2:19). 4. He has been and will be judged by God (Jude 1:6; Rev 20:10).

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    If you get on the train while people are still getting off, may your tea be forever cold

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    The true sheep are sensitive to the Spirit’s conviction and confess their sins. While the goats see no blemish and are perfectly content in their comfortable religion. To make matters worse, their dangerous spiritual state is rarely exposed from the pulpit.

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    Loving your life isn’t about enjoying your life only on vacation or on your birthday. Loving your life is about embracing every day because of the One who gave you life!

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    “Oh I’d love to come but I’m afraid I’m already in my pyjamas”

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    The warfare you are facing may be proof that you're in God's will.


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