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Telegram stands for freedom and perfection. It is built by a tiny team of world-renowned developers selected in multi-level contests. If you want to join the Telegram team, check out the options below.

Check out the Telegram Contests channel and our @jobs_bot for ongoing competitions and the latest news.

C/C++ Software Engineer

Responsibilities: work on Telegram's custom-built low-level data storage engines distributed across several data-centers.

Preferred qualifications: experience working on scalable C/C++ projects and/or networking protocols, experience working with Linux, top results in programming contests.

How to apply: contact @jobs_bot and fill in the required info. The bot will also notify you whenever we're holding relevant coding competitions – which are the fastest and easiest way of joining the team.

Site Reliability Engineer

Responsibilities: automate routine tasks, proactively identify and solve potential reliability issues, increase fault-tolerance of Telegram's multi-datacenter infrastructure.

Preferred qualifications: experience administering *nix like systems, experience developing in C, Python or Perl; knowledge of bash, network protocols, and network equipment of major manufacturers.

How to apply: contact @jobs_bot and fill in the required info.

Junior Accountant

Responsibilities: maintain accounting books and records, ensure documentation of financial transactions, manage payrolls, prepare financial statements and reports (balance sheet, profit and loss statement, cash flow and analytics).

Preferred qualifications: high GMAT score, native-level fluency in English, appreciation and working knowledge of accounting principles under IFRS, experience with QuickBooks or Xero software, strong computer literacy with proficient use of Microsoft Excel.

How to apply: contact @jobs_bot and fill in the required info.

Assistant to the CEO

Responsibilities: manage and maintain calendar of the CEO, booking and arranging travel, transport and accommodation, lifestyle management.

Preferred qualifications: high IQ score, native-level fluency in English, excellent verbal and written communications skills, accuracy and attention to detail, basic financial skills, discretion, persistence.

How to apply: contact @jobs_bot and fill in the required info.