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Here we announce Telegram coding contests in Android Java, iOS Swift, JS, C/C++. Discussion: @contests
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You can now submit your reaction videos to the GIF Contest by uploading them to one of your public channels.

Please read the full instructions before you upload anything:

In addition to submitting your videos, you MUST register with @ContestBot (send /start, then choose GIF Animation Contest).

The deadline is March 31, 23:59 (DUBAI TIME). We recommend you to begin submitting your videos as early as possible.

Good luck!
Submissions for the GIF Сontest are open until March 31, 23:59 (Dubai time).

We suggest that you try submitting at least some of your reaction videos early – to make sure you've familiarized yourself with the process. Videos submitted late will not be accepted for the contest.


If you have any questions, please check the FAQ.

A few extra tips, in case you're having any issues:

1. Prepare your videos for publication in an external video editor (it is not recommended to use the built-in Telegram media editor for this purpose).
- Aspect ratio: between 1:1 and 4:3
- No audio track! (especially important for uploading via desktop apps)
- Suggested width: 380, 640 or 848
- Suggested height: a multiple of 16 (but remember to use the correct aspect ratio!)

(Other widths/heights may also work
– but if you run into problems, try the suggested ones.)

2. Once you've prepared your videos for publication, use an official app to send them to your channel.
- Send as a video (not file).
- If you use a mobile app, set the maximum quality.
- If you use iOS, disable audio before sending (tap on the speaker icon) – even if you removed the soundtrack when preparing the video for publication.
- If you use Android, don't disable audio – instead remove the soundtrack when preparing video for publication.

3. If @ContestBot tells you your videos were not accepted, you can tap the "Show videos with issues" button to get details on each problematic video.

4. If the bot tells you you haven't submitted any videos, see number 1 in this message👆.

Good luck! And don't wait until the last moment. 😉
If you are trying to submit videos to the GIF Contest, but no watermark appears and @ContestBot doesn’t recognize them, make sure that you have disabled the soundtrack completely before uploading. Your video file must have no audio channels for Telegram Desktop to recognize it as a “GIF” (and for the bot to accept it).

There are many ways of disabling the audio track in a video. If you’re having difficulties, we suggest googling for a solution that works best for you.
Participants of the first round of the Data Clustering Contest can now view their preliminary results on the contest platform:
https://contest.com/dc2021-r1 (the link will only work for contest participants)

Preliminary results for each submission include 0-100 ratings for each part of the task, our preliminary comments, an archive with an evaluation dataset, and a log file from the submission.

Stay tuned for the final results coming soon!
GIF Contest: Submissions

We received 3580 reaction videos from 239 participants in the first round of the GIF Contest.

Everybody is welcome to view the submissions using GIF search in any Telegram app:
- Open the GIF panel (a tab in the sticker panel)
- Type #reactiongif in the search box
- You can refine the search by adding one emoji after the hashtag

Stay tuned while our judges are evaluating the results!
@ContestBot is now ready to accept submissions for the second round of the Android Contest.

- Make sure your code is using your own package id.
- Place your submission into a public repository on GitHub, forked from the Telegram-Android repository.
- Open @ContestBot, send /start, choose 2021 Android Contest, and follow the steps to submit your apk and the link to your repository.

Remember, you have until 23:59 Dubai time today (April, 4) on to submit your app. Good luck!
Aptitude Test Contest: Results

The results of the Aptitude Test Contest are here!

This contest was one of the most involved, requiring that participants pass our evaluation tests to take part, and then demanding their constant attention for over 1.5 months.

We have split the entire remaining €250,000 Quiz Contest prize pool among those participants who completed all the tasks:

Participants had to design a set of 30-question Quizzes which tested three aptitude groups:
• English Language
• Mathematical Ability
• Spatial & Logical Thinking

They then reviewed 9 Quizzes from other participants (that's 270 questions) and submitted rebuttals – reflecting on the reviews their work received.

Finally, Telegram Judges analyzed the content of each Quiz, its adherence to the rules and its overall usefulness. The quality of Peer Reviews and the validity of Rebuttals was also assessed.

All of these ratings produced a final Contest Score for each Quiz, between 1 and 4.3.

There are 4 reward tiers for this contest, per Quiz:
🥇€3000 – Contest Score 4+
🥈€1500 – Contest Score 3+
🥉€500 – Contest Score 2.1+
🏅 – €50 – Contest Score 2 and below

Bonuses were awarded for Outstanding Peer Reviews.
Penalties were incurred for Unoriginal Content and Low-effort Peer Reviews.

You can view all of the participants and their results here:

Congratulations! 🥳
Data Clustering Contest: Round 1 Results

The results of the first round of the Data Clustering Contest are in.

In our evaluation, accurate sorting by category carried twice as much weight as sorting by language. Overall speed of the algorithms influenced the final score.

If a submission required adjustments or fixes to make it work, it was penalized accordingly.


🥇Dark Lizard$9,000 + $2,000 bonus
Bonus prizes for:
- Categories EN
- Categories RU

🥇Mindful Kitten$9,000 + $900 bonus
Bonus prize for:
- Language detection
Penalties (-$100):
- Minor fix penalty

2nd PLACE$5000

🥈Gifted Piranha
🥈Tall Raccoon
🥈Daring Frog (-$200 rebuilding penalty)

3rd PLACE$3000

🥉Giant Fox
🥉Gifted Lemur
🥉Hip Hyena
🥉Sharp Sloth (-$200 rebuilding penalty)

4th PLACE – $2000

🏅Bright Deer
🏅Tanned Gull
🏅Small Dolphin (-$200 rebuilding penalty)

Congratulations to the winners!

The next round will be announced within two weeks. All participants of the first round will be able to take part. Stay tuned!
Android Contest, Round 2: Submissions

We received 17 submissions for the Second Round of the Android Contest.

Everyone is welcome to check out the apps on contest.com (at their own risk) while our judges evaluate the results:
The Second Round of the Data Clustering Contest will start tomorrow, on April, 17.

This round will be available to all participants of the first round.

The task will be to improve the C/C++ libraries for detecting the topics of Telegram channels created in Round 1.
Data Clustering Contest 2021, Round 2

Prize fund in round 2: $50,000.

Deadline: 23:59 on May, 2 (Dubai Time)

Task: improve the C/C++ library you created in Round 1 to determine the topic of Telegram channels based on provided data.

- Only participants of Round 1 can take part.
- Categories should be determined for channels in English, Russian, Arabic, Persian and Uzbek.
- Samples include more banned content than in Round 1, added 8 new categories.
- Samples include more data: number of subscribers, total number of text posts, total number of posts containing various media, metadata for media and links.

Details: https://contest.com/docs/dc2021-r2
@ContestBot is now ready to accept submissions for the Data Clustering Contest, Round 2.

Remember that that deadline is 23:59 Dubai time (~4,5 hours from now).
In case you missed this from the blog, the Telegram Jobs page has some new vacancies:

Note that candidates for the position of Content Moderator and Translator should submit their applications via @jobs_bot before 23:59 Dubai time on May 10 and May 14 respectively.

Applications received after that point will not be considered in this round – and will have to wait for future vacancies.
🏆 iOS Contest, Round 2 (watchOS): Results

The WatchOS competition was unusual for us – unlike most of our contests, it hasn’t yielded any high-quality or even functioning apps. Despite that, we're sticking to our commitment to distribute ~$50,000 among the winners.

Here are the results of the Second Round of the iOS Contest:

1st PLACE – $20,000
🥇Hip Hyena – This app includes most of the required features and can run on a real Apple Watch. It supports viewing chats (including a wide range of media) as well as sending messages and stickers. It can handle chats with large numbers of messages fairly well.

2nd PLACE – $10,000
🥈Noble Puma – This app can also run on a real Apple Watch. It supports a limited list of features, including logging in, viewing the chat list and displays text messages in chats. The app fails to display profile photos or media in chats.

3rd PLACE – $7,000
🥉Fairy Turtle – Implemented viewing messages in chats, including certain types of media. Also did some work on the Settings screens.
Penalties (-$2,000):
– Simulator only, doesn't run on real devices

🥉Perfect Wasp – Implemented viewing messages in chats, including certain types of media. The app also supports sending messages (with the exception of stickers and locations).
Penalties (-$2,000):
– Simulator only, doesn't run on real devices

4th PLACE – $4,000
🎖Huge Kiwi
Penalties (-$2,000):
– Simulator only, doesn't run on real devices

🎖Hairy Duck
Penalties (-$2,000):
– Simulator only, doesn't run on real devices

Honorable mentions – $1,000
🏅2176 Merry Goat – The app only allows logging in and viewing the chat list.
🏅2178 Huge Giraffe – Only supports logging in, the chat list can't be viewed.
🏅2179 Sunny Moth – Presents mockup data.

Detailed comments from our judges are available on contest.com

Congratulations to the winners! The next round starts now.
🏆 iOS Contest, Round 3 (watchOS)

The third round of the iOS contest starts now. Everyone can participate, even if they didn't take part in the previous rounds.

The task is the same as in the second round – to create a working watchOS app based on the mockups provided.

Deadline: June 6, 23:59 Dubai time.
Prize fund: $40,000

Who can participate: Everyone. We expect the participants of the second round to improve their submissions. We also invite new participants to join.

TDLib: Most of the participants of the second round based their apps on TDLib. At that time, TDLib wasn’t optimized to run on WatchOS. We have recently updated TDLib to better support WatchOS. We hope that this will result in a significant improvement in stability and performance of apps submitted in this new round.

The Task:
Create a standalone Telegram app for watchOS 7 in Swift without using third-party UI frameworks (using TDLib is allowed). Bonus points if the app also supports watchOS 6.

The app should support:

- Logging in via QR Code with support for accounts protected by a 2-Step Verification password.
- Viewing the chat list.
- Opening chats with users, groups, channels.
- Viewing messages in chats, including text messages and all types of attachments: photos, videos, files, voice and video messages, locations, contacts, static and animated stickers, polls and quizzes.
- Sending messages via voice message and text, as well as sending current location, stickers, emoji or canned text.
- Sending new messages to existing chats, by replying to notifications, and via the 'New Message' button in the chat list.
- Swiping right in the chat list to open Settings.
- Accessing the Archive and Saved Messages.
- Changing Notification settings.
- Changing Data settings.
- Terminating sessions from the Devices menu.

Your app should run on WatchOS 7. The design implementation should be identical to the mockups (Sketch, PNG).

You are welcome to view the API docs and inspect the source code of Telegram for iOS. The main criteria for us to identify the winners will be the speed and stability of the apps – as well as attention to detail.

The primary objective is to implement viewing messages in chats, sending text messages and push notification support.

We understand that you may not be able to support all the features from our list before the deadline. During evaluation we will note the number of features implemented flawlessly. The largest prizes will be awarded to contestants who implemented the largest number of features without major issues.

Note that features on list are sorted by their relative importance.

Contestants will be able to submit their apps to @ContestBot closer to the end of this round.
🏆 Android Contest, Round 2: Results

We are happy to announce the results of the Android Animations Contest. Meet the winners:

1st PLACE – $8,000
🥇Fit Rhino – Implemented all of the required features except background animations when the device is tilted. Nice job on the Animation Editor and background transitions when returning to the chat list.

2nd PLACE – $6,000
🥈Eager Cat – The app is well-optimized to animate message sending effects on low-performance devices. However, the contestant should have devoted more time to pre-submission testing. While evaluating the app, we faced numerous crashes; for that reason, a penalty of $1,000 has been applied during the final scoring.
Penalties (-$1,000):
– Multiple crashes

🥈Fairy Zebra – This submission features the best-implementation of the Background Animation when the device is tilted – which works great both on low-budget Xiaomi phones and Samsung flagships.

3rd PLACE – $5,000
🥉Sacred Gorilla – In addition to the main task, the contestant has been working on the GIFs sending effect. The submission is affected by some inconsistencies in the design implementation, especially in the Animation Editor.
Penalties (-$200):
– Default package ID.

🥉Dreamy Crab – This is the only submission that includes an attempt to animate the Send button like on the provided mockups.

🥉Gentle Otter – We expected submissions to be better optimized for running on older devices; however, the app is quite solid in other aspects.
Penalties (-$200):
– Default package ID

4th PLACE – $2,000
🎖Modest Dolphin
🎖Desert Falcon
🎖Slim Scorpion
🎖Suave Lion

🎖Gentle Crow
Penalties (-$200):
– Default package ID

🎖Dreamy Eagle
Penalties (-$400):
– Default package ID
– Rebuilding penalty

The following contestants focused on implementing background animations alone and didn't implement any message animations👇

Honorable mentions – $1,500
🏅Cool Hare
🏅Fit Falcon
🏅Sunny Ant

🏅Large Flamingo
Penalties (-$200):
– Default package ID

Detailed comments from our judges for each of the submissions are available on contest.com. Congratulations to the winners!

Stay tuned for the next contest for Android developers starting this summer. The goal will likely be to develop features for the Android X app.
Participants in Round 3 of the iOS Contest can now submit their WatchOS apps to @ContestBot as a ZIP archive with their source code (choose 2021 WatchOS Contest).

The archive must contain a readme file with build instructions.