«Медиазона» — главное СМИ России в 2021 году. За то, что она защищает интересы общества — наши с вами — власти присвоили ей статус «иноагента». Поддержите независимую журналистику, подпишитесь на пожертвования STAY ~/ CTF – Telegram
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Let's go and play big A/D CTF by C4T BuT S4D. Actually, don't go anywhere. Stay home and play online. And remember to wash your hands!

Chat: @cbsctf
Chat in English: @cbsctf_en
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Rounds are updating, but slower now
We are trying to keep yellow cells under control, but they attacking orgs
Congratulations to team Bushwhackers on service grox firstblood!
It’s getting greener!
Whoa I did it
Round 195 will be the last one! Now scoreboard is green again, so good luck and hack em all (not jury system :d)!
Sorry everybody for the 1 hour total jury downtime. We’ll post the analysis of the event during the next week. I hope the last hour will be fun and productive for all the teams who haven’t left us yet. Thank you all for participation and great performance! Good luck!
Extend the event for the downtime period (1h)?
Final Results
Yes, full 1 hour
Yes, but 30 min only
The game won’t be extended.
CBS@CTF:~/$ gg
Thank you all for the game again!

Repository with sploits for each service is available here: https://github.com/C4T-BuT-S4D/stay-home-ctf-2020

It also contains source code for martian service
There was one unintended bug in ice-and-fire service — just send NaN as one of the coordinates.

We will be really glad if you fill this feedback form: https://forms.gle/RfT125wrv12UWuPt9

Feel free to bring down your wrath here.

We will write a blogpost with all the things we've learned during this game not to repeat these mistakes next time.
You’ll have ~30 minutes to download everything from the boxes. After that, they’ll stopped and permanently removed.
The last information for today and we are free. We organize our CTFs and trainings on a regular basis. Though our infrastructure is cost-optimized, it is not 0. So we are open for donations if you want to support us. Vulnbox costs ~3$ per team.

Paypal: https://www.paypal.me/pomomondreganto
Tinkoff (roubles or if you have a multi wallet card): https://www.tinkoff.ru/sl/3JBSc9Kgiy0
DStream: https://donate.stream/cbsctf
Bitcoin: 1F6XjKjCMvHseScedHyH2xFpLybFGAfgZP
Hope to see you soon on our next training. Information will be posted in @cbsctf_c channel and in @cbsctf_en chat. I believe it will use community-created tasks, so we can see a lot new ideas never seen before. Sincerely, C4T BuT S4D CTF team.

We completely forgot to congratulate our winners! Gratz teams

1) Bushwhackers
2) ZenHack
3) Suicide Apelsin

Today you were the best!
Everything useful after the CTF is here: https://stay.cbsctf.live/.

We’ve also have published the scoreboard on https://ctftime.org/event/1024, so feel free to vote 🙂
Forwarded from A&D trainings (channel) (kekov)
On the 14th of June we are holding our second Attack-Defense blitz.

The competition is planned to start at 11:00 UTC, and we’ll be playing for around 2 hours in total, including 30 minutes of closed network.

No more than 2 people are allowed to be in a single team.

You can register using this Telegram bot: @cbsctf_bot.

Competition chats are at @cbsctf_en (international) or @cbsctf (Russian).
Competition channel is at @cbsctf_c.

Service(s) languages are: NodeJs, Lua, Php, C.
More technical information will be posted later.