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Let's go and play big A/D CTF by C4T BuT S4D. Actually, don't go anywhere. Stay home and play online. And remember to wash your hands!

Chat: @cbsctf
Chat in English: @cbsctf_en
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Game information:
- Round duration: 2m
- Flag lifetime: 10 rounds
- Checksystem address:
- Checksystem port: 80
- Flag submission: curl -s -H 'X-Team-Token: your_secret_token' -X PUT -d '["PNFP4DKBOV6BTYL9YFGBQ9006582ADC=", "STH5LK9R9OMGXOV4E06YZD71F746F53=", "0I7DUCYPX8UB2HP6D6UGN86BA26F2FE=", "PTK3DAGZ6XU4LPETXJTN7CE30EC0B54="]'
- Checksystem protocol: https://github.com/DestructiveVoice/DestructiveFarm/blob/master/server/protocols/ructf_http.py

Attack data:
- Available at:
- modelrna: user id
- virush: username and sha256(flag) for flood protection
- 5Go: name of the document
- kuar: username
- vacc_ex: public vaccine id
- sputnik_v8: vm id
Tasks will be available at /tasks on a vulnbox and in the channel for self-hosted teams
Teams ips are 10.80.0-111.2
Password-protected configs and sumbission tokens are available on the site and in the bot!
Password protected services can be downloaded on https://storage.yandexcloud.net/stay-home-2022/services.zip !
Password for configs and services is 82db8bfef0fd2594d155d917142c5372
Let the game begin!
Network is open! Attack!!!!
We've resolved issues with checkers, SLA was restored
Public scoreboard is available at https://cbsctf.live/
5Go hacked by team m17m0!
The last round is 210
The easiest service vacc_ex hacked by team ENOFLAG!
No offence team ENOFLAG, it only was intended to be the easiest!
sputnik_v8 hacked by team saarsec!
modelrna hacked by team OnlyForAlexHonor!
Congratulations teams
1. saarsec
2. Bushwhackers

Feel free to discuss your solutions. We will post repository link here later.
Vulnboxes will be destroyed in 30 mins
We are stopping & destroying the vulnboxes