What is Family Sharing?

The simple way to share subscriptions, purchases, iCloud storage, and more with up to six people in your household. Screen Time and other parental controls are built in, so families with children can manage purchases, downloads, and permissions for kids and teens.

Family Sharing makes it easy for up to six family members to share App Store, music, movie, TV, and book purchases, subscriptions to Apple services like Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple News+, and Apple Arcade, and an iCloud storage plan — all without sharing each other's Apple accounts. You can set up an Apple ID for kids, set up Apple Cash, set permissions remotely with Screen Time, and approve spending and downloads from a parent's device. Your family can also help locate each others’ missing devices.

Set up Family Sharing

One adult in your household—the family organizer—can set up the family by choosing features to share and inviting family members. When family members join, they get instant access to services set up by the organizer and services already in use by other family members. You can add more features or services at any time right from Family Sharing settings.

Share purchases with the whole family

When you set up purchase sharing, the songs, albums, movies, TV shows, books, and apps purchased by family members are immediately available to everyone else in the group. So are new purchases. The content automatically appears in the Purchased page in the App Store, the iTunes Store, or Apple Books for each family member. Just select the family member whose collection you’d like to browse, then download or play the content you choose. Other family members can access your collection in the same way. If you want to keep some purchases private, you can choose to hide individual items or choose not to share your purchases in your Family Sharing settings. All new App Store, music, movie, TV, and book purchases made by your family are billed to the organizer's account. Learn more about how purchase sharing works and what you can share with your family

For children in the family, just turn on Ask to Buy and the family organizer can review and approve downloads. Learn more about Ask to Buy

In-app purchases can't be shared with your family members. Learn more about the types of content you can share.

Share subscriptions with everyone in your family

Sharing access to Apple Music, Apple TV+, iCloud storage, and other Apple services is easy. You can manage your Family Sharing subscriptions in Settings > [your name] > Family Sharing. 

Share music, games, and more

With Family Sharing, you can share subscriptions for Apple MusicApple ArcadeApple News+, and Apple TV+—all without sharing each other's accounts. The family organizer can invite a family member to share a subscription in Messages. Just tap "Invite via Messages," enter the family member's name or phone number, and tap Send. The recipient can accept the invite by viewing the invitation and then tapping "Join Family."

Share an iCloud storage plan

You can share an iCloud storage plan with your entire family. Choose a 200GB or 2TB plan to give everyone enough space to store photos, videos, documents, and more. It’s easy to see how much everyone is using, and you can upgrade to a larger plan at any time. Learn about iCloud storage plans and pricing.

When you share a storage plan, everyone’s personal photos, files, and documents stay private. Family members are only sharing the storage plan. You can't see each others’ content. If an adult family member needs more space or wants to use their own iCloud storage, they can choose their own storage plan and still remain part of the family.

Share locations and find devices

People in your family group can share locations and help other family members find missing devices.

Keep track of where everybody is

With Family Sharing, you can share your location automatically with the rest of the family. If you’re running late to a restaurant or need to know if your kid made it to band practice, just use the Find My app or the Messages app to keep tabs on each other.

If you need privacy, you can temporarily stop sharing your location by turning off Share My Location in the Find My app.

Find everybody’s devices

Finding your family’s lost devices is easier when everyone can help. With Family Sharing and Find My [device], any family member can help locate another member’s missing device. Their devices appear in a single list in the Find My app and on iCloud.com. So it’s easier than ever to track down a missing or stolen iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or Mac.

Set up parental controls for kids and teens

If you have a child or teen, a parent or guardian can set limits on content, approve downloads and purchases, and set up Apple Cash with Family Sharing. To get started, create an Apple ID for each child and then add them to your Family Sharing group. 

Set limits on purchases with Ask to Buy

Ask to Buy is turned on by default for children under the age of 13.* When a child initiates a purchase with Ask to Buy, an alert is sent to the organizer, who can review the purchase and approve or decline it. This applies to both purchases and free downloads.

They ask to buy

Before your children can make a purchase, they must ask your permission.

You reply from anywhere

A notification appears on your device. You can review the request, then approve or decline it.

Learn more about how to request and make purchases with Ask to Buy

Set up Apple Cash for your child or teen

With Apple Cash Family, you can set up an Apple Cash account for your child or teen so they can send or receive money in Messages and make purchases using Apple Pay. After you set up Apple Cash for them, you can view and limit their spending.

Learn how to set up Apple Cash Family

Set up a child with an Apple Watch

Keep your children connected with the rest of the family with just an Apple Watch. Family Setup includes School Time to make sure your child is distraction-free during school hours. Ask to Buy lets you approve or deny purchases, and you can also manage who your child can message.

Learn how to set up an Apple Watch for a family member.

See how your family uses their devices

Use Screen Time to view reports and adjust settings for children in your Family Sharing group at any time, right from your device.

Learn how to use Screen Time on iOS and Screen Time on macOS.

Age varies by country or region

Learn more

Family Sharing requires a personal Apple ID signed in to iCloud. If your family has purchase sharing turned on, apps, music, movies, TV shows, and books can be downloaded on up to 10 devices per account, five of which can be computers.

iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite or later are required to set up or join a Family Sharing group and are recommended for full functionality. Not all content is eligible to be shared. Content can be hidden by family members; hidden content is not available for download. Content downloaded from family members or acquired via redemption codes is not subject to Ask to Buy.

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