A man in front of a classroom of students. He’s holding an iPad.

Define your project’s scope

iPad and Mac in education scale from shared devices in individual classrooms to education authority–wide one-to-one. Define the scope of your deployment and set a timeline for milestones as you progress through implementation to full utilisation.

Establish milestones

A woman at her desk, working on a Mac laptop, with a stack of iPads nearby.

Prepare your environment

Sign up for Apple School Manager. Connect to Microsoft Azure Active Directory so every student and staff member can access Apple services. Connect your Student Information System (SIS) to import class registers. Select and link a mobile device management (MDM) solution to Apple School Manager.

Learn about Apple School Manager

A woman standing and presenting information from an iPad to a group of professionals who have their Mac laptops open in front of them.

Enable your teams

Engage with Apple Professional Services to develop best practices for device deployment and management, and leverage Apple Teacher Learning Center and Apple Professional Learning to enable your teaching staff to innovate in the classroom. Engage your curriculum team to select apps and books that support your learning objectives and outcomes, and create and test your deployment plan.

Enable IT with best practices

A woman sitting at her classroom desk with a Mac laptop open and a stack of iPads nearby. She’s handing an iPad to a student.

Deploy devices and content

Configure devices with settings, restrictions and content. Roll out devices to classrooms, students and teachers. Setup content caching to make the most effective use of Wi-Fi and internet bandwidth. Implement Apple TV to support dynamic and interactive classrooms. Manage devices with Apple School Manager and MDM.

Learn how to update settings, policies and software

A teacher standing in front of a class of seated students with her iPad open to an educational app.

Provide teaching and learning tools

Save instructional time with Classroom and Schoolwork apps. Provide teachers with insight into student progress to support individualised instruction. Help teachers bring coding and core creative skills to every subject with Everyone Can Code and Everyone Can Create curriculums. Run exam-based and formative assessments.

Learn about Classroom and Schoolwork

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