A Mac desktop showing a customized desktop picture, with the Dock along the bottom of the screen and several documents along the right edge of the screen.

Do more on your desktop

macOS is packed with smart features that make it easy to quickly change settings and customize the info you want to get about your day—right from your desktop.

Learn what you can do from the desktop

Launchpad showing app icons in a grid pattern across the Mac screen.

Apps for everything you want to do

Your Mac comes with built-in apps that let you do amazing things—and you can find even more great apps in the Mac App Store.

Learn what you can do with apps on your Mac

A Mac desktop with Reminders, Messages, and FaceTime open. Messages is in the foreground and has multiple conversations in the sidebar and a group chat on the right.

Stay connected with those you love

From group chats to shared reminders, your Mac gives you great ways to keep in touch with your loved ones.

Learn how to stay connected

A Safari window showing the Privacy Report.

Protect your data and your Mac

Nothing is more important than protecting your privacy and the safety of your data. Your Mac provides the tools and apps—such as Find My and Time Machine—you need to protect your personal information and keep your Mac secure.

Learn how to keep your data safe

A Mac, iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch.

Your Mac is part of a great team

Your Mac works seamlessly with all your other Apple devices. With just a click or a tap, you can use AirPlay to stream video to an Apple TV, effortlessly share files with friends, and more.

Learn how to use your Mac and devices together

A Mac desktop with the Apple TV app showing The Watch Now screen and the App Store app showing Apple Arcade.

More to discover on your Mac

Your Mac makes it easy to be entertained—from watching the latest shows on Apple TV+ to playing groundbreaking new games in Apple Arcade.

Learn about media apps on your Mac

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If you need more help, visit the macOS Support website.

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