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Content Setup

Create a channel

In Apple Podcasts Connect, you can create a single destination, called a channel, to list one or more podcasts in a central place. You can group your shows together however you like — create a single channel to highlight your brand or create multiple channels to group shows with similar themes. When creating multiple channels, keep in mind that shows can only be linked to one channel. If you want to set up a subscription for a single show, you must also set up a channel for that show.

If you’re participating in the Apple Podcasters Program and want to offer a paid subscription, you’ll set up your subscription metadata at the channel level. Channels can only contain one subscription and can include exclusively paid content, free content, or a mix of both. 

Create a channel

  1. In Apple Podcasts Connect, click the Add (+) button and select New Channel.
  2. Enter a channel name (up to 25 characters) and click Create.
  3. Upload a logo image and select a background color. Learn more about artwork requirements.
  4. Upload an icon.
  5. Enter a description. You can enter up to 4000 characters.
  6. Add shows (or a single show, if you are introducing a single-show subscription).
  7. Add a subscription (optional). You need to be a member of the Apple Podcasters Program to add subscription benefits. Learn how to set up a subscription.

    : If you add a show with premium audio then you need to set up a subscription in your channel before anyone can access that audio.
  8. At the top of the page, click Save. If your channel is ready to be submitted, click Publish to send the channel to Apple for review. If your channel has a subscription, click Submit for Review.

All channels must comply with our content guidelines and are reviewed before they’re available on Apple Podcasts. Learn more about our review process.