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Yo yo What's cracking pickles are what's up guys today? We're doing Porter so we're gonna be doing. a mini supporter games as you let me do. it like one AM and we've got a wingman. we're gonna be carrying him today. in sticks. Ha. JK JK. was first almost what's up Jody Jonathan Oscar's Beverly Maddie You're second Matthew Hillsburg GGs. What's the first? did I buy the pharaoh? I may or may not have a lot of you see to spin for it here maybe in the Middle of supporter games. let's do it You wanna play with 3:30 AM at I'm so sorry. What's Up? Shannon guys. I'm so I'm so late but you love me and I'm sorry again. I love you guys. I'm sorry sorry let's go. Such bad way. six, what you've been doing all day. Hey my stuffing. Here we go. What do you? what do you guys been doing all day? What are you doing six? Extreme Customs from like one to like seven, I'm like and then after that, I've been chilling. feels screaming or offline The I've been off for a while I took a break. Oh, Since this is live, we can do more than one of these. Is this what you guys wanted? Otto and James. Your daughters. Sarah says hi. hello. Oh man. Here just the Southeast that. intersection. I mean he's a real person. And Out one day here in this. The second floor of the location, it's one of the building too Mark. It's a buttt, It's to bite you. Jumping I'm sorry, I'm still in my first caffeinated drink. Six more days to one year. I good. Rooftop apartments I got supplies. Gary here marked the location where. Location. Nice it is the Pro me. Oh, you're knocked him. That's over here. Little Toots They're just everywhere. I got another one. Thinkers Important DPN is dead body. I don't know how you guys Mark the location. It's also a sweet purple box. If you just wanna go look at it. such a nice purple box. I haven't one of the babies and ages. What's up bride? Thanks for the hundred. Am I hack or no absolutely. Way too cool to be active. You it's a real guy right here somewhere marked the location. You stole my kill. Get it get it. Oh my God. I will say I feel like a million Bucks compared to. Whatever day, that was that we played two days ago half ago, you didn't sleep at all the faces before my coma. Pharaoh thing dude, I kinda want it. I really want it. Arrow the pharaoh outfit. I've not seen it actually on you're gonna blow your mind. It's kinda crazy. The team over here alright. besides. Watch out. Oh, he wants to play snipers. So the show em show em the real sniper. Who wants to play right? come here? Oh, All that. Alright. Oh, Oh, able to. One more guy. Gigi's how many hours in I want to play, I got a lot of hours to make up as long as you guys are willing to help as long as you want. if you guys if we're running out of admin help, I'll just start doing the gun game or something fun. Thing I'm so sorry we need your support. It's gonna kill it. We're doing another one let's do let's Tucson or something longer unless you guys wanna wanna do another live. Cuz it's like half a-game. First, James Autumn, What's your vote? What do you want? I'll put it on a random. let's go wait to live it. Okay. Oh, I hope it's soon as I put it on. Nice You need to have your team eight or nine you have to go in about here. Okay Madison. What's up a victor with the 500 stars? Thank Thank guys if you haven't done so already go Check out six list on Facebook he has. he's the baby is a little small following in there and he needs some pickles are really low. I think you done anything about Facebook yet dude. It's just I just did it and I haven't even supposed to do things. Yeah, I need you to need it we. Let me see what I can do. Hey, I'm just gonna put you as the pen. Oh damn. oh that. there you go. These I do right. Oh, there's a team or. I'll be a little late just to relate. Yeah. I just heard the guy where is he? Wrecked my leg, I like that. When I play and I get decent. Oh my gosh cooking some base right now and it's smells so good. What you can this is the old one year anniversary in peace can make a little pianos. Oh, I remember that yeah. Back in the nine mil. That one was decent. It's it's pretty bad now. Mark the location. I think it's about. Yeah. He has the names these days. do. I see some of the grass just enter the building close to us to the right. Pickles. No no. I got you. Forefinger call Consumables People in a bit. Second floor. He's in the Middle of the road Mark the location. Heads up on me one guy above me. Wait List. Two guys are for me one on. over here on the roof I think. Octagon on the roof. It's just baby. This 11 push through I think it's a. Pulling down the hallway, I can shoot them. All in Native I heard some sniping mock the location. watch out people fighting in that way. in a carpool Oh here people on this boat right here a car pulled up to the location. Nice This one. The guy over here. I think for how long is. That doesn't sound like but hey man, but you know I could be wrong. I could be wrong. What's all this? This you guys know better than BS. That's all it is for us. Right here in front of us. Sucker Oh goodness. By the way, Sorry guys. you're really cough. No guys, I don't have the virus. He's lying to us. All eyes. If I did, I contagious through chat. oh eight. You guys wanna. Motorcycle ride Up fall behind with my speedy right here in front. Got em got em? Can you run people over the Bay? you can, but it's 40 damage. Oh. Defend the Mark. Shiny Kobe thinks that Oh, you're done. It's been already know. yet. I'm not that easy. to wait at least one or two games. It's two chicken dinners on the Ross already, though James and autumn. We could have done paying dude Dang it. we're gonna get. dang Otto and James didn't get very much action. Hopefully we'll do more. I'm sorry guys. GG's Olivia. Hey. Follow me. thanks for the game. Thank you guys. Oh salt pepper. you can do it before so like dry it off with a towel. and then just one side one side with the scene. That's not salt and pepper. And then two minutes on each side. What's up what's up? John? The Nick. We're we're looking for those of you who just joined in. We're playing this for game six is wing slash. How you doing what's up? Nick and John in here I'm doing. Chuo Chupacabra I love what plan. do I haven't seen anyone else with it? many that Green and black is great, though. yeah. From way back in the day, it's like collect all these different skins and then it doesn't achievements and. To him, Do you know anyone else? Yeah? sometimes they don't run. Yeah. I've had a couple of them lately where they don't render in at all and then also just on top. Old. Footsteps here but I've not done yet I got better. I'm going 20 G 36. Nice thing. To me, There's six does he's streaming right now. guys go check out his his page is kinda bare right now on Facebook but go get it go get it ready and falls like we're gonna get we're gonna get on Facebook. Yeah. we've been here. It's about Facebook gotta try it out now. Yeah, right. Facebook. It's all the rage everybody hates on it. They're like Facebook is for old people. You know what old people are cool. People are. that's what you say about Myspace too now look at it. I'm sorry, I don't even know what my space is. Oh my God. Oh wow. And that kind of puts them on if you're old now. I don't. Marked the location. I have a streamers get bought out by Facebook. No. Cuz I know Tom doesn't own it anymore. I I bet he's some suckers that they can bring back to life. Get back here. Ends that you could leave. There's a there's an enemies death crate. Really wanna see what? Oh I have a stream sniper someone just said We're streams you good luck. dude. don't hit the button I need and kills. S Don't know where they won't know where we would be. hard. It's not. There's nine millimeter Uzi's everywhere on this map. Yeah, I know. I can't find any five but our electronic Tiger triggers illegal and PubG Mobile. They're not in Mobile, but you can't use them in. Unless those triggers require a third party software then it's then it's no go. Why am I losing down when I turn off my mic that makes me any better. Clay Greens Malaysia, like that man. If you become a support player picks and you definitely get to play with me This is my wingman today but it's not gonna be every time. I can't guarantee that. I mean if I'm awake during the time, I'll play, I don't mind. I'm awake. I don't like it about the fall asleep. sometimes if you're gonna pub G, you've got a sleeping problem. The better you are where your sleep schedule is exactly. So having insomnia makes me a God right. it comes it comes with me. I'm the other way around. This is. for a. I could probably no I got one. So far, no one team six guys please sign up for If you wanna play. we get anyone, it's gonna be up all night. I'm gonna be doing. I'm gonna be doing custom gun game or gun game rooms and whatever whatever else you guys are doing on That's what I wanna do, but if you're just sort of make sure hit me or Jonathan up, I'll play the pillow. celebration of friendship and sexuality. And like a Robert Californian there. But It's not that yeah, I I did it one time and I like so far for the air. Oh, is that was. I was like started. was Esport. Guys. that maybe the he's on the roof the roof. Our cars. oh yeah. Numerous directions. Yeah, I don't know where they're from. I cannot watch out figure out where you from. There's no windows. That's fucking bus. There's two in there, dude. But Just one more. Oh my God. For the on the three X or four X, oh, it's the right now. Watch out. That's right. the. We're I got. It. And he's he. That shots on him, he is a big. Hit him in the face twice a. week. Alright, you wanna get the revived now. I'm here to save you pickles. Oh my gosh, he needs a to the right to the right. We got more coming to the marked the location. Get him get him Do we get that guy at the now he's. And we could. Inside mean. Yeah, Yeah. Jonathan Back then you're getting hit from three different directions. I don't know. Come to me, Oh my gosh, I got you. I told you there everywhere everywhere. it is now three different small. I had to get you. from across oh man. Ribs a little sneakers. It could be the Dream sniper dude. Victor with the 500 dude. alright, that was. And we're able to do it again. We'll go again We're also ending so. yeah. I'm I'm pretty sure that was snipers. Yeah, it could be. When will we figure out that I would be really it's really right now. It's out. Did you hear that last Danville? Jonathan What's up? Did you hear that last game? my son came up. He's like is that Jonathan can I say hi. He's he's he recognizes Joyce. That's cool. But one of the convoys. Acts so there's like five different tests that you have to roll how does this guy move off dude but each chest is a piece. dude. I love your outfit. Yeah. We'll probably get to at four at the end. Sweet I'm gonna I'm gonna. You know, it's funny, You're the voice. the first time I ever watched your screen and that's why I continue watching it. I like that. We're still flying. Where we going so we gonna have another places i'm use the pole music i think i'll hit the way house there We're like nobody usually jumps to the warehouses. You. Like the last time, some of these jobs. it's hot spots are not hot anymore or something like they're changing it up. The has changed We've we pissed all over it so much the first all-in- one scared You know. Two warehouses in sections that's it. Well in the pubs are. If the people right, I don't kill him. and after you like the rolls out your you throw the cliff. The mag Good night Catch you later. Bye Bye. Footsteps. it's on you. The vehicle. Gideon with the new badge the That gorgeous. Or get your merit badge for helping some old lady across the Street. Indeed, Thank you for the 500 stars you're the man you got a vehicle here. Marc Tyson. Did you finish in magic? Oh myth? Good morning? I started pushing really hard got almost got past. And I just start playing a little bit and I start playing. a lot. Oh. that's the way to go. but if you got the gems for it, yeah. Yeah, or it's like like on both sides, you know like your page. It's not anymore. You know. you. I eat a lot of fish and fishing. I bought a bunch of fish from Amazon Rush. and they give you like this giant of selfish for like 24 bucks and they're It's called Ahi tuna and All the good fishes. hold them. I like the White flaky meat, so I eat a lot of bass and bass. I can't eat that Let me baths. Yeah. really, it's really popular around here is that really I just it just for fun. Catching a catfish I'll I'll put down on some cavities. Oh yeah and that's all you got. That guys. it's a damn shame. Every bite I got a four X if anyone needs one. You'll need to eat your carrot good for you. good for your eye. You'll need to beat your food. Hey. All right is no action here. We can go find trouble. I didn't get all dressed up for it. Hello. Patty James, if you're on an iPhone. Go to your general settings and search for the term guided access. Hashtag you're welcome. And check this usually have people of these places that are coming from villains. The people here. Nothing here. Running a sniper pickles, you got sniper. I'm Red. Oh my gosh. Yes, we're checking this place out. That people. Give it a 710 but the negative for not. All my presentation was good. The boxes everywhere. Alright. We'll go they're everywhere they coming in from Park. There's a ton of people here. Yeah. come in to. As they kill you now. Gigi's the third party. You're here. You don't see it on yours. darn are you It's has. You don't get that you say that. maybe Google it you should have isn't there isn't it? You have to enable it? Yeah. It's like if you just open up the settings app. There's a way to search it inside the setting Search. Yeah. Swipe down a little bit. just type and guided access to the top once you go to settings and it's probably the first thing. Yeah. This is. October and that's quite say that now. I got supplies. Tree in there. More I got a surprise. Nine here. is empty. I got supplies. And another. come on I might take some of that. yeah, just take the ammo and get on the fire right now. Eight times in this box. if you have room for it marked an enemy's death rate, even though there's so many people left. I really need some five circles once again, so he finds that car. Marked the location. And Suckers Jonathan Can you spare five? I can you? There's in his buddies a lot? There's an there's an SLR right here want that that supplies. Let's see. You dropped your six. pick up. you prefer 306. and if it's something all I do but I prefer the yeah. this car is gonna go right here. Alright. Let me check that stop stop stop. How was it on the ground? Perfectly. No, I don't work with it. Awesome. Darren That day, but not cooperating. Yeah, I'm sitting there like 80 grams on the five so yeah. Let's go. yeah. So it's a great right here. Rose Thanks Chris. it's good. Oh, now they're back. There's a rock there. It's not a tree. Pickles. What's your secondary? Do you want this car 98 pounds so you can. you're better at night than you could. I'll do it. Take a lot I need a car down the road. direction. watch out. That way behind the Hill. Deep in one of these houses. On Your Here I had some I got 35 anyway awesome but. I should I should have even get the with is what I should I got. hurt. That's just me the act that you did. Alright, I got another road. Watch out nothing coming. But another eight times in here an enemy's death crate they're going to. The show castle. Go towards that, but I'll go there. I wanna know what kind of business they had going in that castle. Right right? Or anything. don't see the castle. It's just castle. don't wanna go to a cast. Castle It's just a cat. ain't that good a car here. like a part one marked the location The marked the location is so like. Oh hi friends. Castle. Oh my God. The city up there. acting like right in the butt. where they at. That went up. one, there's also on top, but also on the top of the water here they just won. Yeah. Is that they're not for two nights two. So it's a Wall in dude. castle. just end it. Stand right here in the open. Of course, it's not. Hello, I'm here for your foot. We want to say hello. Don't. Hey, you missed. They're not a new spots and pick something else dude. Well, probably just run right in there and kill him. you get a. I wanna run across the bridge see if it works. I'm going I'm already underneath. the time now they can hit us in the wide open and not moving We just got it. serpentine. Yeah. They know they're fucking out. And another one. Oh hi there. I like that. Oh, Nice what you're going through. I thought it was part of the cast. That that's the enemy vehicle. Dude, I'm not lying. I'm not making this up. Oh my God full spot there spot here. everywhere. Take a look around all the way to the side of the castle. I'm gonna have to I can't by the way. Don't get my way in Oh my God this. it's almost as if you're not supposed to get in. That's you're not supposed to get into the castle. I have at least 51 third party. I don't wanna go third party third party back right. On the roof I hear them, they're up there. Over here, though. Oh shit to come out. Yeah, it's all over. Oh I'm at 1000 M s right now. Jesus did you hear that? you hear that. that that's just popping in what are they? Oh I know it's under Arab. I'm sure in this thing. They're after you. No pretty healed, but you know. let's go. Oh, Mm-hmm That one hit us up if you're doing that or some lighter, alright guys. Gigi's geeez. What's up? Gabe? We go. Where's all six? You're my sweet Dream. It's the sweetest thing anyone's ever said to me Oscar. What's going on? what's up girl? How are you doing? you good? like my math for the headband they got going on? Yes. this is the lame will do it dude. We'll Pharaoh stuff is so two hours ago. I don't care I'll eat two hours ago. I don't hold on this is MIA so racoons here. What's up Bubba? if anyone sees in him? to tell him the protocol. you need to do buddy. That's what happened you know in six and you can bring a gun. Heck, yeah. Alright Madison. I play Garrett, I have sent you a friend request years ago and into an arena you didn't accept. I got all the way to mythic. Oh, you did get it I haven't seen any any of you guys online. I've been playing magic like an idiot. You might have messaged me. There's two mummies. get out of here. They're both running into the Sun so you guys don't have eyes. What are we gonna play it again? Anytime, I added him as a friend again, I keep losing it. I'm my friends list because. he's accounts enemies ahead. There's a you give him a kiss. I feel like everybody in the air right now. I definitely about to pick up does the same time we had. Oh my. We got the shit. Walnut Park Don't even like dude. All right, I won't lie there's extra G three in my building. There's two I's name on the ground. Oh, yeah. it's right here. Anyone see I'm assuming that like. I said three things I've seen. They're all up here. And what direction are they? I'm just the Red building. marked the location. It's a full squad. I'm sure they're in each building up here I would say. This guy's a prone here. One just move out of the Red building closer to you guys. Alright, let's let's go find. Heck, It's a fun. For those you want three times. I'm good. Three times number. Thank you. I feel like the guy might be Hunkered out and marked the location. I'm Guinea pig, I was like let's just set this Internet, though no that's not happening. I don't think this is the. It at all he didn't come in here. It's not in here at all. A little bit. Say we just get it. Oh this is yeah. there's a there's a quite at the end of the year. There's a car in the garage. he eluded this, he probably wrap around and. I just play. There's no perks, there's no That I that I don't already have it so. Besides having kids for a reason all over the world because you're not on they're. We play their service. Cher out there. Let's go get it. Coming. Monna White I had a ramp. And I've also got a team of rec and I've also got here. Randy I'm just kidding. It's the dog over me throats tonight. Well, let's see well how about you just speak louder than damn it. Cheers to say it. There was shot yeah. Nope. Really, Down the stairs over here enemies ahead. That was not my name. Enemies ahead we got one. We have a car coming in. Me inside coming you're you're in the open here. Throw it down in the back. Maddie that's throwing in a. I'm wrapping around. Yeah, I'm right with you bro. I hear him too. you're on the Wall. they're. But Hey guys. He was ready. He was ready for me to eat food. I can't hold it like an hour to get over that Wall, I know. Here the cats I hate that dude. A chic the iPhone 11 I get heated. My does cuz it's. Where is it? where? Oh it's good. Red down shut up and get out of my life. What's up? I'm in this little garage and I can. really look at me hold on. that's broken what I'm gonna do. In the Wall. and also the vehicle coming up somebody just pulled up on a snowmobile. Yeah, it's that guy's butt. You may want more you stood in my way I know. Hey, buddy money I'm. Yesterday. Oh, that's right. go get it open until Friday Saturday Sunday I forgot. Ice cream It's perfect. Thank you. That's how many people who we appreciate that is part of it. On me, Turn up, that's it so fast It's so fast. That was a perfect 360. All I can do customers. It was like I couldn't. Honestly, it's good that it's limited because people play it all the time and not play. Battle Royale. I actually have money and I'm gonna I'm gonna spin for the actually I guess after this after this game, real quick shouldn't take long. for money at Pub wants my money. They'll take it pretty quick. if no one else wants it, I'll take it. I'm just gonna roll it though. Yeah, I don't know. Looking 60 - five, I just went down. Yeah. it's here at the compound Most watch out Watch out and see you get an eight. Oh there's already a freaking Not that one. The pressure sure, I'm sure he would. It's the Ninja sniper. Bull's eye target shooting It's a gun now. There you go. That's for ignore me and chat. I'm checking in you're missing so many you know that. It's gonna cost so much upgrade I know. I'm gonna have to put a lean on my House something. And you're gonna have to take out the heavy load. I'm at the. Are they? Oh, it actually went up the Hill. I'm impressed. So Shasta. How you doing people so stirred and I was so scared. fresh. If you want to. I still feel like I woke up from the best nap in the world. It's been a few hours to go. I'm gonna go you're gonna get alright. I'm gonna go find him. like a bad we'll be there. Two shakes lands. What's up guys? Well, around the world and back again. How much? you got any tracking skills? Pick up a full of dirt. smell it. Paul I honestly. I've said yesterday and I I I just might this might just be like a really sick gun. and have it like painted to match the skin in the game. you can be out love it. I love it to you here. I'll help I'm in the death rate. I'm always shooting the tires for the record You can never catch me. About to run out of gas, I guess I don't know. How did Pickles I have a gas? candle? I usually do, but you guys spend it playing. reindeer games that I didn't have to do that. Oh, my God got you got you. Oh, there's a drop. I found on my phone when I find him. So far away, They're all you. You got to be careful. I don't know where the rest of it, but that was a guy and I think trying to hide in the Bush. Can I get for my man's there? he's playing with his didn't work out too well. I found this backfired. I'm writing I believe in cars. He's trying to take a book out of me trying to become the push him he's trying to trying to smoke up. Hey, you're way out there. My sensitivity for Hifi just go. check out my Go Check out my video. It's all there. I couldn't even believe that I have no idea. I know there's a. A bunch of settings in that regard, I don't. I'm over here where they look at my smile. The up there point for me is I don't see him I saw this. It's not really for me the story here. I'll show you they got through and they were they gotta figure out. they're probably really hard like this way. Watch out There's an air drop right here. That's marked an AirDrop marked Dean. They do not have a vehicle The vehicle crashed up on the. Thing. He is in the House is there a guy laying here somewhere? Yep. That's me. He's close to me, I think he's behind the Wall. he's behind the walls. He's in the House. He's. It's gonna hurt real bad. I'm going. This double oh man just go just go. Don't worry about me. His name is Robert Paulsen. Name is Roberts tells us. GGs No penny. I had it all too darn it. I'm going keep saying Raiders. that I mean it's all good. It's just what you wanna do. I gracefully. To open this right now. There you go watch out. In that direction. They just shot at me. I'm trying to market my ass off. I don't see him is that the left side of the rock. A doctor to location. did you know that, at least Mark that 17 times? And it only hit once. I'll play a sniper. Oh, but this. See it but May not be long for this world Boys. and It's gonna run, I don't care. Yeah, we're gonna support again. That's our best. I think it is time now. Move to Monday's just this week Tristan just this week. I'm completely incapable of managing my schedule. It's a 10 - million -. dollar. I love it. You know how many times people or at least I was telling him Oh man Stay up. Get your Pens set up all night. Oh. All night the night before marked the occasion. the shoot at 40 'clock to 40. Yeah, go to bed four, though sleep eight hours at noon, start streaming at three. you It didn't happen though. I went to bed at like six AM. we're like. an hour and a half. No for 14 hours, Gigi guys. Was cracking dude. What's up? Victor? Oh you a-game. Don't you yeah. but I'm not. I'm cool bro. I'm done with I wanna do bro What is this? There's an? A? right now cuz I'm scheduled for 260. Yeah. What is that? that's pretty cool. It seems pretty solid. actually let's try it out. Turn it up. That I just took yesterday. Yeah, I woke up. six. Sean What the hell? Go What? Come on. Oh my God you're such a oh my God. This is gorgeous What is this? I've been to it? oh my God. You don't hear me right here in front of this guy right here marked the location for I'm stuck in the window so I've been stuck in this window since that happened. Should we go there? let's go to the secret that we gotta get the stuff There's definitely have to collect for the event. Go in there, let's do it. buckle in. You don't wanna get some coffee but I'm afraid I'm gonna have to poop. And just like the food. I love being, but I just don't. You go get the coffee and I saw the thing. Got it. If you try to tell me that you don't like pooping, you're a liar, you're full of shit. Literally get it. Oh, guys, six actually had to go to the Internet so so those of you just joining he's he's not here. Oh, yeah, you get you get the stuff. Yeah. The bigs float. Here is their floating freaking sky or the land. Oh my God like it. there's people coming through and it's two teams. Burrito We're not gonna make it. I'm. oh yeah, I'm gonna make it come on. I'll make it come on. I'm in there. Oh my gosh guys. It's it's they got right in front of us. They got no go forward. Go forward. Oh Crap me with the snow ball Jason the move. There's no literally yeah, I got a pistol now this. It's. Let's glitching. him punch him punch him punch. Punch punch him to death? No it is out there. Oh my God. I'm the witness. I'd we're dead. Oh, he shot a grenade at you. That was my fault. He sucks. He can't even really shoot straight. All that. you see behind me by the way outside of that when you move weird as hell, I hate it. Oh me no. no no not you. I mean you do that you would've kept going If you would have kept going straight in and that turn you would've got in front of them because they landed they crashed against the Wall I La. against the light. Even me. up a little bit. I can hear him turn around in there. be nice to your food your. Ha. It's. But he's gonna come back. Oh, no. that's okay. That's okay guys what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna spin for the fair of stuff. I'm gonna spin for it and then we'll go back to the rinse that way We're are you know. Oh, Watching the stream this is. So what do I do Yeah I got to the need. Oh the native turned into coins. Oh God they give you the extras. Oh my God, they can hear my echo. I hear me. I'm not gonna watch. I'll read it there you go. Oh, snap dude, I got the Red out. the warrior of Rock. the which one kinda like it on. the warrior of ran on. the warrior of that. Of the worry of rain. I'm gonna draw 10 times too. I get it. Hold on It's pretty good head on before we go. Kinda goes, but it's really good. here we go that goes look at that. I look like an anointed official and then you got a gun crafty suit. Alright, let's get it. At the backpack, which is so cool. it's so. I don't see it. Yeah. Oh, no, he didn't get ready. I got the fair pharaoh you show me now. You. It goes like this like a like a mini Temple. I got a helmet to go with it. I mean whatever let's get back to business. I'm gonna I'm gonna spend some more. Fragments that And Mort will. Star Forge some of those you need for the upgrading of the outfits fragment. He's a go for I'm gonna equip the need in a second. you can use the gold coins to buy the outfit out right. or a piece of the other outfits. story of these outfits are not the X. He's aren't the suit. the is rare. draw. We're gonna draw okay so get one randomly whenever I draw a name at the same time you get to draw one item from the prize pool of course on to the cliff gain two gain one luck. whenever a draw is made after accumulating five look. The next draw is guaranteed to be from ice pool selected in advance. It will be cleared after draws made duplicates of the Golden Farrell out will be converted into the amount of star forged stone, which can be used to upgrade star levels duplicate the mummies. That received duplicates will receive silver duplicate outfits. We got gold you can attain Farrell's memory from the word redemption for where we can be opened and used by yourself or just friends the cliff odds so the spare the. The golden suit is the point 198 cents. So that's one percent as you have to spend about a thousand times. It's not that expensive. I remember correctly you should be able to buff your friends like if you get the pharaoh set anybody who's within proximity, you can turn us into a Mummy. Yeah. it's like when you enter the lot you enter the one. Yeah. What that's cool. I want that Pharoah set up, We're getting it. It's way too cool. That tickles huh. This is have chickens. Do they give you a lot of coins? It's nice. What? Got it again, so they give you. The most expensive meal I've ever seen. That's going in 10 times. so I just spend a million dollars. I owe everything besides some of these big boys so I can buy like a different color version of I just got I don't know I don't know two The Mummy wants sick. Although it is that White one that's old. In the world gets that. Sahara's memory and locked her in and inherit his and obtained one piece of the Golden arrow suit this removed after it expired on that card. And nothing happens after this gives us the fair and you can no longer get to another person. I got the Black Warrior set. A thousand coins I can get it okay. Get the point. And then I'll get it. Make one guy now. a thousand. I have a thousand. Where's that oh, actually you buy the extra for 1000 coins. It's straight to jail. and the itself you know. this is a reward redemption. Yup, right there And Reward redemption the bottom right hand corner. Good That's him. Well, So mundane, it's like Oh, no, I can't get it. Oh my God. I got it. Where is it though I know people that have spent $400 trying to get this up and I got it the first day it came out on of the three coupon. The teammate interaction. Turn you into a zombie I need 16 more gold coins for that and then the advanced form. kill message. There's a freaking kill message for the suit. What about my other message stuff? You don't get the entry remote. that's sick, dude. The final form is way Oh God it's sick. The language they use for that 1000. coin card. they're playing what it does. It's not very. weird. much. looking. thank you. Leo. I'm equip that. parachute. And why can't I just equip the pharaoh outfit? Because it's not upgraded. That because of it, I don't really have a good home man. I'm get home for this. Accessorize properly You can't just throw anything it actually it actually it looks like it. I'm probably a it looks like it made you a shorter, but it's crazy cuz it looks like an alien like that. Is that the is that the AK with it? there's there's you already have that. No. It's a rock star AKI No. Alright, let's just go, let's go people are waiting. Dave's. What is this? Damn. Whoa. It's way to spend. redemption coins, Thank God and coins and I have like a million of them. Dude, if I get that final form. I'm gonna be eating ramen noodles for a month. Bring some ribs and I'm. don't don't worry me with a good time. dude. Yeah. I'll show you a good time. now that is so sick. Sick is walk around the. It's actually. that's. Are we going stupid again? We're going crazy? Yeah but it's the further one. Yeah. it's about to say the same thing. What are all the little? What are these things I bet they're like little cashes of loot. That's what I'm gonna do. When it starts to float. Need to be on that when it starts to float let's check it out. Some favor. This plan I. Let's go, let's go let's go. It's actually fired it's. is that I don't actually go crazy. It's really good. It's just you know. it's like more. how many lift it up Oh my God. is it worth it. You're not fuck it up. Yeah. push through it push through it. No. I dare you land you pussies. Oh they are 00. Please don't do that. Oh, no, we're landed. Push it up towards the Middle. He's feeling himself he's going so. There's there's both of them inside the Middle part. let's go around the corner. Marc to have the location you. Come and get us sorry. I just don't know if I have enough time, I'm getting them now. Make sense of all the fun stuff we're gonna come and get you so I got myself is there footsteps. And I'm coming home. I'm coming. I hear footsteps now got it. It's walking slow like a salute. It's getting revived. everybody get out of bandages. 02. I found something on the Wall here that we have to rotate. So here's the shot down the stairwell gator pretty good. What's the bullets? He's dead? He's got a young. Oh so cool. Alright. Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me come straight to me and revive. Now, I'm healing up coming around Oh he's coming he. It's not a it's not. yeah. It's just not enough. what's in there? What is that? That's what I'm saying There's like poses Wall. we have to figure out. You're up. Finding you some time, there's a box. There's a craze when you figure out the puzzle you get to create. He's on the other side he's on the outside. Oh, I see. Oh cool. I knocked my back up. Kevin Yeah, he's gonna read you probably have them, but they're both. they're both. they're right downstairs. take em out. That's it. Oh, he's a he's got it. come back to you. I know I know he's right here though. this Maui. Come on down for you. Oh, no he left us. Oh no. Oh no he left. Stop. what the what happened hold on? It made you parachute for a second we got food We got bro. I'm gonna just for the dude. This is cool. I'm gonna watch. watch I want to come back to you. Oh my God. Oh yeah. they're they're all here. You're sweaty man. He's Super Super sweaty. To put this really don't. Payback for what I did to his wife. Dirty person. here comes the car. so that if I wasn't healing, let him go, let him go. Let him go. Let him find you I couldn't hear you. Oh, GGs. Dang Kenny What? Kenny with $9525 Holy Oh kitty. Where have you been just come back and drop a bomb like that? dude? We love you. I love you that we love the shit out of you guys. Let's get more time let's make it a little match. We've done pretty quick the first two. we'll have a slow MO. Some Tomb Raider Seasoned BS last dude the pharaoh event alone is probably better than anything they've done. It's cool. Yeah, that was actually the anime the cinematic right there for that everything's top notch You're in the right direction. Yeah, like like the game actually has. Content. It's not just like a new outfit looks different. and a new seasons. It's it's a. Oh, we're not following. Honey Where are you going? you gotta jump? I'm jumping jumping jumping jumping where we going where are we going? We're going? outside of it? There's people that watch out you get a feel right behind you think watch out. Yeah the whole squat come behind. that there's a whole squats down here. Yeah. I'm coming down baby. I'm up and down. like okay. I'm done. Oh shit this shit. me again again any guns that somebody just landed on my roof. Yeah. Fudge We got you buddy. I need to go, I have those guns. Alright. That's all I have right now wasn't gonna let you go down like that. Right here in the corner, What's what's that? Thanks. Oh God. I'm gonna get you. Gotcha. Oh, no. I'm coming. She said. she never says that was me. no that's that's the problem. That hurt your ass, I know I did. Where is this guy shooting shooting you from? second floor apartment? I got supplies. I'm coming back. Of you, I love you panicked, He was showboating You're you're. What is the what is bugging me to do? My wife this whole team and then he's gonna. Grab it raccoon right over here on me, I'm gonna give it to you where you at. Oh shit and here's the one. Mark the location location. I'm going up the stairs so I can get a better visual. I'm that plays all this. do you like it. You're gonna watch my stream, I don't I'm going. Oh I am. Shall we? How we? I'm coming. Over here marked the location. That shit out. Let them up. go. Gross. I wish I had a. marked the location. That was thirst, there's there's. Right here Knocked Shit oh shit shit shit. Do you have pickles coming towards you you down? The shots in the body shots, he's gonna have to heal. come in. I'm gonna make a take a here so. I made it, I was more or less this. I got it. I got a buggy on me and I'm pushing those guys that we just that just talk. Get them. you're the bug. I don't see the. Hello guys and they both in the buggy. Yeah. And we're gonna find the other guys who not so much. I see one of them. You guys just give me a chance to. There you go. pushing me. Oh my God. And I was about. Apparently, I'm sorry, Oh, we got some shots fired behind us. Is still in the level three backpack Ramos. All right. now, I'm trying I got surprise. in there. Oh my God a scope freaking time. that's so much. There we go here we go let's go get em. Oh I hear car. that's not us. That's not. There they go right over there marked the location to location. and another guy will be here. With this freaking gun, yeah, he's in it. I got I got a guy right here. Watch out. Watch out. I'm gonna drop it. No one needs it. It looks good looks good. Is it the rocky watch out. There's another. Yeah. Was that the guy the rock? That's a different guy. I got the rock. it just threw a smoke. We're still on quality. Over a wrap We got em. No, no, no no no. Who's still on me? there you go. I'm gonna find a seat in here. Here. I got I got supplies. The wrap Well, let's say you won this, I gotta run pretty far without dying. You got this come on you gotta go. Oh, I've never seen a. Hopefully we catch them on his own too, and we're just behind them. I'm here guys. Don't be. don't don't be judgmental I'm I delete comments that are even though I love you guys if they're off on delete them. So I'm sorry if you guys that. Do Come back rewatch the footage from these games. Read the comments. So please be nice. We gotta keep pushing on you guys. Here we go sniper way back you. Got a vehicle right there hold up. No. I'm gonna say the better. marked the vehicle marked the vehicle. There's one here's the thing. No back the other way. So much grass. you guys hiding really good. Fighting over the air drop, Oh, he's behind the rock. I see him he's right over here marked the location The location nice. That's it. We're good. We got it baby. Just I think it's great, too. I love him. in real life too. We've hung out. Damage Son. All right guys, that was a few tips that was the last one Gigi's catch you all soon. Thanks Victor. All right, so we're doing what we're doing the floaty event what's going on? We're jumping into a floater. I should say. I was watching the stream that was. Oh, no your gaming. It's a little mud every time come on. I need everything you got. Victor and another 400 years. Yeah. I get that music. The quality it just sound so good. Fuck have a bad cough. It's not great. in fact, we should just lay here and drive to kill everybody. That's what I'm saying. This is the next level. This is the next Mobile gaming right here you're with us. Be on the road when it floats, I'll try if I don't get it today. I'll I'll go solo. But dude. You guys are following me. By the I'm sorry. I I jump is so big that I can't click follow when it's too late. Here's a giving it. Now we missed it, Oh well. Right We're all the way to here but oh you guys drop all the way there. I thought we're going to close. No I accidentally jumped like I even tried to precisely hit the freaking follow button and it it like auto hits the stupid button. Cuz I thought it was helping me. up. I think we're alone so whatever happens, I'm sure we'll be yeah. I didn't see anything. Hell that's. I need a gun. Oh yeah. I'm too shady or outside be. Captain America over there. Watch out Oh I see. I got supplies. The car. it's not a big deal, dude. I'm sorry. I got supplies. Note to self don't ever land here it's bad. Jacob thanks for the 50 Stars man. Yeah. I'm not. I'm not. I'm never come here. To run half the price you see the. Bye. In a vehicle my vehicle. James $5050 donation from James Oh my God. Whoa. James Thank you so much dude that makes the top score too. It's high score. I'm gonna refresh it. It is beautiful gorgeous. goodness. I'm talking about. Shout out to Sheens. Got a buggy on me. Alright there we go. Sorry, I'm sorry. Okay. Alright boys. Eating the trick. ER Sparky What's up Ed? On the you let me know peace. No, you're good. Yeah the guy over there horrible. Yeah. I'll let you know. Oh my God. I have a three. Marked the location if you knows. People yes. let's go. What this truck does in the camera gives you vertigo things for me. Drop that by the way right now. You. No one here in Mid explode they come back down or do you know. I don't know. I wanna say no. I wanna say you might owe you. I bet you get the pair when you jump off of it because my parachute on when it's when it lifted us for a second. Athena 60 seconds. That you can just lie or reply to another part of the afterwards kinda cool. So if you don't get the on it, it's just nothing more that yeah, you don't get to go to the game. I drop only what's up Nick. It's a Nicholas. Circus Yeah, it's above us in the air. It's crazy. Wonder if anyone's there. Oh people. AKI down It's coming back. Or it's moving. It's migrating and it's look on the map, but the ice I. I must have a level level four G. Six. That's floating to picado, it's floating into the circle, but they're all floating into the circles. freaking sick. We're leaning there next time I wanna float in a circle, dude it floats and disappears just slap in the circle a bit. Ain't No coincidence they just float directly to that circle. That's cool. That's way too cool so even if it's like way outside the zone. it's a crazy drop. You're good. You just take you No, you need it. nuts. Yeah. See in Europe I play on Sundays I've been in Europe for the last like I don't know 10 seasons I've conquered in North America ever since the game. the two seasons ago and I play for play for the. Go check out this floating stuff coming in. let's see if people are. On my Mark, I won't be able to land I'll die. Okay. I mean I have a video every Sunday of me doing it. Okay. I hear Europe is just so festive with hackers right now, I don't know who in the right mind is proud of your In fact, this is Europe. we're in right now for new-york. We just got a chicken dinner and we landed and I have four kills. Just like there's any harder than. People are silly dude. It's not like it, honestly, like turns my stomach, how silly people are like how many silly people that are out there. are you even tell you. You're up. Oh yes. it's. it? But You put it. We have four chicken dinners in your server playing with my supporters today. Stockton location. Over here I'm going to live. Good stuff. There's a car right here come out. It's gonna pick this up. Watch out. Whoa. They got a watch out the grape. Dude. That was a fun guy. Yeah, I don't think I think so. we gotta get this little girl was. She was just playing with her man. She doesn't her server. The next thing slipped tonight. Watch out. Dario Today's your server give us the time. I find it funny to chart to take our vehicle and people that ice cream. he turned back for some reason, too. The heck are you doing. Come here you. Got a little all that. What? It's have to rush. I'm running I'm running to come around. like get him get him. This guy's gonna get revive. Unsafe here. Yeah. it was him to kill the. okay we'll get up on the Hill. It has too many. Push it comes over the Hill. Ready We're having a great. time. For different They come into a beautiful purple box. You get him. I didn't see it. so he started shooting. us. no way to that. he's guys. You gonna do. Gigi's dudes And then I'll do that cuz I'm on my. on my computer. I'm on my game my game. Hey pickles. Jeez Yes, sir. Yes, sir Yes sir. a raccoon. I've never met in my life before. Yes sir. That's right, you're handing out free barbecue chicken all day all night. Oh, no. I'm not a beer. 23 more followers before 520 - four. Viewership is not. high right now we need those shares. need shares reaction. I'm gonna share comments. Right now to my page, I want you to spam stickers. Share Even shared in your browser's group or whatever you gotta do get this up. And Up pyramid Sounds good to me. G Shannon man Alright. So let's go, I guess. move on. Wintry Well, another alright we're go, let's go dude. That's good. polyps. the wind and get the wind right. share it to forums whatever you gotta do. I don't think anyone. You know, it's also effective as you know there's like post where it's like if you don't share this post 10 times you're gonna have bad luck for seven years you guys can make those. Some people still believe. I got supplies. On that. Hey, bro. Give me a Royal pass. Here's my. I'm sorry I can't but I'll give you my ID. Can I have a Royal pm? Just go ahead and send it. I appreciate it. Just in that right away if you can you get one of those just about every other day. every other few minutes. Damn it do it anybody see a backpack? Let me know I've been following one. One of three level one to the back. I got supplies. that'll work. To get it. sniper rifle suppressor down here I got supplies, I said a pickles, I said first Thank you. Okay. The Dos and the farr up the vehicle. The ones that we got no, I mean I have six, I think together we have three. I'm tired, I didn't hear anyone respond Does anyone or toss it. Yeah, I could use it. I don't have anything. I'm gonna hold on to it, I don't have the worst. yeah. Monroe. You got to the bottom, where did you go to the top? I was good. What do you stay away. Oh my. All right. get it done. Yes, sir. Are we doing what I think we're doing? Getting in the car leaving Yes, sir. Let's try it. Oh, no, no. no. no. no. no. no no. I don't think that I know that. I have one. Somebody Wanna do you wanna grab it? Now, I'm just spraying into the thing I get a hit marker. By the way it all my I'm not why my why are my viewers so low something's broken. I'm gonna restart the stream.
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