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Transcription de la vidéo
Yo what's up? dude My allergies are killing me, so I'm sorry if I cough a lot, but I'm calling all over the place. Dylan dude, I didn't even see your invite but even even a raccoon is like I can invite my friends while I was like dude, let's just do a squat. so we're we're just gonna do a squats I really like doing for people right now in Live is like everyone's starving for kills. Yeah six the Middle. it's okay. What's up? Ruby. Some hot tea I I hit delete that actually what's up. Chris Patty. What's a she was. let's do it dude. It's not the rona guys. I'm spinning for this outfit for the upgrades before we go so hope you guys enjoy that the number of matches that are played in night mode. I don't want that. I'm cursed dude. That's. All right. when this thing up in the five dots fill up you get in like you're guaranteed. something one of these deals. This is I believe all of them and then this is. Oh, no, that's just different. Anyway I need a ton of coins so that I can either get this mummy outfits or get a ton of these stars. I mean silver stars, which are more expensive and then gold star fragments. so. and. Let's go on, let's get it. I'm gonna start right now. you're done what's it like playing with 20 milliseconds just like playing any other game on a server, you're supposed to be playing on. It's great. Oh, yeah switch. Nice I got any other game that I've ever played they make servers for every other portion of the world, just like just like PG and you get good. get good the game for you. play in the one they made for you. That's still pregnant. In baby I see. Why my life's so late? I'm sorry. Sleep schedules messed up You got the backpack again, which is a whopping 140 coins. so can't even open it yet. I need three more dudes than another. do you. I wanna be get you. That's what I need. So if I lean on the thing I get a I get a dude on that. You know what I'm saying. A hundred and 10 K. D. Probably could. Mmm I've just been eight K U C. I've got eight hundred coin. I'm gonna buy one of these. And one of these just. And see if that gets me an upgrade. The victory broadcast. So we're four at the stars shocking oh man. it's gonna be cool. End of the Pharaoh background story I don't I don't read that stuff. I'm boring. The hymns of the pharaoh have you heard of it. Cory Welcome back. Look at all the coins. Hey, they're not giving me. they're not giving me the I need these two amounts. that's actually something. I might concern myself with. You can't buy that right dude, you gotta win them. And you can get this outfit. And now I already had that. Meet so many things so. I need six stars and then 300 ish. If I bought out right. Would be hope. a lot. eight times six is. there? That's 668 six. draw on a Bank. No, no, no, no no. So 640 coins just for which I could probably just get pass it like this. See that. for 600 coin, I got one. Okay, but they're not the same. try again. 40 eight. So I got a thousand. I'm not buying those Mummy outfits not until I get this upgraded its way cooler. The the the yellows cool, though the White one is old, it's recycled and it comes with that. that that it came with while back. All right 28 hundred. I need five. and then I need 15. with 500. that's gonna take a lot. What's up Bert? So a 400 left what can I do? How much stuff do I need now so I need four more stars. I can get that. Stop it. 1234 In a million more of those rags, God. I need like 300. Oh my God. so that cost a hundred and 10 for 11 of the fragments. We might be grabbing a Mummy too. 300 Oh my God. I mean all I need I didn't for coins just to get this. There's literally nothing I can get coins besides the money suits, let's just concentrate. We got a thousand. Final form 15 Gray stars 370 - eight star fragments What Which. It's pretty much like these two levels I did so if I just spent the same amount of money mathematically, I could get this. What they're looking? Alright, close your eyes. What's Up? Karen Got by fight, you know what kind you didn't ask it. gotta ask it dude. It gave me the little dude sick. I'm so glad I didn't buy it. Oh my God. All of that. And I'm hope for this fiery deal. so. Oh Gamelock plus one draws so I can do this now. Okay. So I'm gonna change this to the fiery thing and hope for the Mummy outfit. I just hit in the same freaking spin option forever. What you see is that? I want you to see is that now. 16 K eight KA KA KA. 30 - two. Do you mean the fire thing? Give me that give me that money. Oh, And so to this fragments those are you dude. Oh my God. You know. that's just I know that Oh, yeah, I know that much. When you and you right now. The game the game will pay you I'll do that And. I don't know what will happen. Oh my God. I have such. I have such good luck to you. I wonder if I if I would ever spend on it, like I get whatever I wanted. Has to go through. So I don't get. Eight points. So now, I need five more holy cow guys. You want it 100, you see I can't afford to do that. I shouldn't have bought that very thing. Get it wrong. 451 so. where we at I need four and then a billion. oh my God this dude. Oh my God. Wait, it was like or this is four pieces This is by this first. Oh, man 300 star fragments More. We've come this far. fuck. You guys need to hear first. Hit that follow button. This for you all. All you need is pregnant so every grave piece. You think you're free. thank you by the way. Thank you Thanks for 25. You give me like one little segment here and there. Goodness gracious man Oh, yeah. Dude I don't want to spend it all I won't so that about half of the stars I need to 50 ish. so. stop doing it dude. I still need more. That was a hundred and 20, I need 30 more. Bling bling bling baby Yeah, I spent hundreds today guys. I don't wanna know how much I don't I didn't pay attention, but you guys can send stars to make it up to me. please. pretty please. Anyways and I are gonna go heads down now I guess. and before we do that. we raccoon I'm gonna invite you back. I didn't do the thing. Let's do this. and we'll start with the. Nothing helped me to spend money on real quick don't have that but it sucks compared to the right now. Everything chin to the Pigeons Thank you. Thank you dude. let's get it done. Do the amounts I didn't do them No and I can't do a-game. I have to join him. He has to invite me that's right. Dude, it's baller look at that. Yeah. there's two. It's like it's own hysterical it lays on the ground and that's actually sick. Curls are on your butt. Just a look. No one else is here to be scared of Toma. I need a weapon. At the I can't get my button in game is literally they did for me. I don't get it. I lost my privileges. I think Victor with A thousand. Thank you. Danny with 15 thank you. thank you dude. The vector crate I don't like I don't like the vector. I thought I was jumping. I'm sorry I submit. Yeah. Yeah. I'm laying in a little head on the Hill. There's a guy laying there with you. People on the roof. We're. I'm gonna rotate around. 10. Oh shit. There we go. Push up into that. Yeah. Are you are you able to? I am? I'm the guy he's gonna hit me up he's coming. Watch out inside my in this hut. It don't think so. Hey, buddy. Where are you? I've got 27. it doesn't matter let's just go. One more. Yeah. right here next to him too. Oh shit. That's what I call payback. Fucking Red zone dude, oh my gosh. payback now it's gonna kill me Karma I need right at you. That was nice. Hey, how many times do we just took out midst with the that hut. Don't use the helmet. Alright. Raymond Nice outfit. Oh, you mean this whole thing. Thanks dude. had forever laying around. I got you. Don't they don't have the balls. Yo it's gonna be. marked the location. It's just jumping around. Maybe the glitch to see through the Wall. I wonder if they're Pharaoh needs. Me too. The Southeast marked the location. I don't know if you heard the name and I bet you have any health. Watch out. You might make an all the way back here. Of course, Have the worst look when I jumped out of a window? you know that it's gonna be their team. Yeah. What is he on a tree? What was that? Got this. So, That behind us. the Hills. Marked the location. I They're pretty much gonna get if we don't just rotate out. Yeah, you're you're right, you're right. We have this. okay. Cat This is quads So we're just trying to play. Take it What a fucking such a good guys? And stuff dude what I needed. a lot of. I'm really happy they did that. I am too. All right. I'm happy here at a. Trying to be a sneaky Conrad that was a. Whoa. Whoa. Is this fuck Pickles Day? Not I'm dead. It's all. Thank you. Gigi guys. Thank you so much. They're getting. too much. Yeah, and we should start his own. My allergies are and me. bad. Catch you later Maddie get some rest. you hear about the real about allergies. I been in the of it was like I don't know eight $900. I'm gonna say maybe. I have to check my Bank. It's all for you guys. Guys they don't have It's actually allergies believe it or not. Alright, I'm plenty of this time. let's do it. Let's do the good do it right? Hey, what's up? man? Thank you for the hundred. Yeah, Brian. It cost me like eight hundred 2000. It just settings that give you no recoil, There's no such thing. You try my settings but everyone's setting is different. 50 K U C I think it's been more. Can someone else can help too please? someone come and help them? They need help. And you suggest me make me more killing. I am with you Oh, On Top four pocket room I'd poop on him. In the lid, Just the way I touch you. This The full of pickles, oh hold on now. Right here. What am I looking at? Wait? wait wait? I did it no way. Savage You want this Knine. I'm gonna take this okay. There's a I'm dropping DP. A million bullets. Trying to read that I'll shoot you. It is coming. yeah. I need. Going through these huts. I don't have too much. You right now not me. I don't know. On the Hill. Watch out. This guy's dead. Okay. Wait. And we. Don't touch you need to touch me. fucking. hi My hope is now what more actually. The car. I'm gonna throw some smokes BS on it. He's on the what the Rock yeah. we can push it. the smoke's going on. Can easily go to the ruins? he is. I am not sure if I guess on the rock or something. weird the guy that actually was left. We'll go right. Oh no. Coming I'm coming up dude, he's one. Here we go. there you go. I don't know why I didn't knock him. I got him good. I was trying to bandage up. you help me so well. I. it's tough. kinda. I've been doing this shit. That's why I that's why I get. That's. Arrogant and I think. Just sprinting out. And that's not right. More than a thousand times, I think I've done that. Three left, I hope they're all in the same spot. Guys don't don't don't see him shit guys. please don't. It's pages for adults if you can't act like one. gotta gotta catch up. I'm not in VIP. Oh, I didn't know that. They sent me all the way to Hollywood and I played with the Megan Fox. but I didn't I guess they don't it is. Tell him tell. What's the idiot? phone dried dummies I can't even call him because. Surviving There's only one or two dudes to go. I heard I'm gonna hurt him. Just a little too fucking quick come on. He's upstairs, he's. Oh nice N Dude, Oh shit that's good. Yeah. So Norwich. You guys, if you're just joining the stream, my name is pickles, then conquer since season two. And we're just playing some duo squads and it's going pretty well the some of the winners that are shown up in check but welcome everybody who's not a Wiener hit the follow button. Well, it's been too broke to donors. You're such a badass Thanks for two years in entertained Casey Ziegler. Thank you so much man It's a thousand stars. And Gigi's Ivan. it's good to see you man. But you are such a badass gastro gastro thanks for the two years of good entertainment. Philippines number one. What are the number one at that? They have something that I'm not aware of. I think they have Have. I wanna know what are they number one at like actually? Any new cats I know. That money I need I need to put a tap on the side. Pickles Pickles you fucking for my fish off my plate. you shit. get out of there. What are they I'm asking you Rashad What are they? I know the WL. I actually do PM WL official sponsored pub G Mobile streams for PG Mobile, so if you got in on the weekends when I do those. Four. Instead of car. I was about to go on that guy you see it. To see me flying out that way. Hmm. Please quit Dream is that are good bro. Hurts you putting big boys by yourself? Good Not the door. Are they all dead? Shooting Watch out. What's up Nick? A lot time pretty much everybody's location I see you. My location. Place now right here. Yeah. What? Dang he got me. Guys, you gotta behave chat This is trying to talk to you in English. pretty much. one V one. What's your KD? What did you give me your setting? Give me for your C? Sweet Two years later today, Asia give me. Killed by Navy It's weird but I've been on the suit. It's like eight hundred $2000 US. And Season two is coming out next month. Oh shit I'm stoked. To rewatch everything dude. Are you are you in bed for the night? Thanks for the 10. Yeah, I've been playing I've been playing for season one as well. It's just hard dude. It's hard to keep cheaters again, especially when the whole country wants to cheat. Or whole continent, by that means. Can you imagine trying to monitor 600 million people? And they're for cheaters half of those reports are not yours. you imagine coming through all that shit. G Jack Catch you later. For sure, just don't brush my teeth I believe that a hundred. You're getting all those good juicy kills that's zero. Hold it. That's just mean what. You sound like you're logging. It does have plenty Ms. Mark the location. Oh, that's 900 when you hit these bodies and come. Oh my God. Dude. Pickles your rich I'm definitely no. third party. Make out of it. Stay right there. Alright now that I'm alone, I'm gonna make sure I don't get annihilated for Exchange sprays with my stupid scar. Let's fix it. You'll fix what. that was lagging like really bad. Oh. Come on. Well, that's me Pussy. Hey. do it now. They are. over there. The Raider Fuck Don't worry. You don't have to sweat. As SX G, that was the I just got off. Do you move? Oh, I should take this DPF. It's terrifying now. Or if you just ran his own. Risky There's Thank Seven. Son of a bitch. That was. I don't have enough ammo for that. Shit. It is that a guy. Fuck Whoa. Okay. it's grows. Oh Dear Jesus. guys. Those are just tuning in. We did upgrade this out of all the way it's so cool and we're gonna get to win this next game. No More bull shit. Oh, no that's it. And we're both. guys be nice. Be nice and chat. I'm doing great. Brandon Thank you for asking. A hundred K U C on the pharaoh set. He's not he doesn't scream Chris. He is really good though. My mind racing. I mean. it's not really I haven't been too stressed out about like the current. world situation, but. Have been cut. in a weird mental I thought. Dude. there are some experimental guns. but that grows it and take much to just your grass. probably like two shots if you if he aimed them well, he had a head shot. Any other gun. The new parachutes freaking killer, too. We got to stop leaning Maine here. we're gonna get some negative 50. here sooner or later. Dude, it's not even how good you are. It's a freaking lag landing with people. That are RNG. RNG and like it's like, Oh, yeah, we landed on top of the roof and it's like three seconds later you ever been to the ground. Yup getting a shot at they just cannot tackle it, you know. The beginning of the end. Guys, no Middle fingers and chat. If my channel hurts your feelings, then I. I don't know what to tell you. Suck it up. Get good at life. Fresh Yeah, and it's to watch out. Marker removed He ran away Watch out. Watch out there somebody who ran. Red dot Carin action Is everyone dead? Yeah. Okay. Good to you bro. The Big Bob Alright. You heard I send you see for big toe picks. That offers not open for everyone dude. Car on me. On driving, They just stop. Fucking bad. Both on you no, it's still. About' teammate I just knocked one on the way there. I'm safe behind this truck here grenade possibility. I They're up to the left is where you know that. That saved my life literally. Thank you. Two of them. Little Dirty Yeah, I'm sorry, Chad Sorry, I have to do that. Sometimes you just gotta get down here. Disgusting it was disgusting no not proud of it. Nice lisha Yeah supporter is fantastic. I'm part of the sport. goodnight Danielle catch you later girl and thank you for the stars. Mark the location. I'm sorry Hey. I don't see him give him the no Is he a bad boy. It's bad boy. who's the dirty girl. where 3030 dog. It's just not talk about my age. It's it's hot. What is he? He's like a quarter on the left in the on the on the ground and pruning right in the grass like that boy. I'll fuck your teammates. Oh shit Someone's right here. I could have thirst you. Oh my God you're on me. you get knocked. Can I get it? So guys. It's really. don't say it out loud. That's two kills. In my stream, yeah, Alicia he's mine and my best friend. I'm gonna add that chicken do you wanna hit a gun real quick? Oh, we can't dude 00. Yeah it's new rage in two days. Alright. No worries lisha. What are you looking at And thanks Christian? looks like shit? It's a whole body looks like shit everything about your shitty shitty shitty demand. Piece of shit. 12. Excuse me. Do you know what it's like to have to pee? It's like when you have to pee. or is it like a little bitch? No can you tell me if I have to pee. You're making you touch. That's my tell me if I have to pee. My hey, you shut the fuck up. You shut your mouth. you shot him. got me. come at me show you a little bit about it little buttt use jumpsuit. We can't talk shit as we're flying in. Right here. My Damn. I'm good. I know you don't have anything but I'm good. I want you to know that I know what you know what I found it important to six time-in laying right to each other. On that. I got supplies. Extended air and you need. Guys if you win this chicken dinner. West Coast Sasha You guys have to follow Pickles gaming on Facebook. Sorry, it's just the rules. Can I get a yes or no sir? All right. I got supplies. I'll take that as a maybe. How much it cost? if anybody is willing to answer, I think people are asking me every few minutes popular question. Help me out. monster Cari Marc the location. So stupid. Right now. I don't think it's gonna be able to pull us out of this in a second. Yeah. It's unfortunate that there was one portion of that rock that made me Super excited as I rotate around it got me I got hung up on the Wall and. It's going good Jared. I should have more food to eat on my food. And a happy place. Hello. Welcome to the stream guys. No, no no. Coming in. Thank you. He is healing up all of us. I have no vest or anything. He's on the roof. Yeah. Oh, no. Give me a give me this. I'm really sorry. Oh fuck off I'm gonna get him. They're not. I'm so much I'm. Watch out. Near you, there's. Meters, Watch out coming. number two also we got. I'm in that you have one pickles. come over here. Oh my God dude I was looking at him. Terrific I'm so sorry dude. Not a problem. Yeah. Here they come. here they come. So now bitch. I stole my kill. Yeah, it's 2:20 AM. I should probably make this my last game even though. probably not gonna make it make me on time. So I just when I'm up this late, I just need a freaking stream. I'm stream for 12 hours. I'll just drink it all freaking hours. I've always wondered why you haven't done this as long as you stay at night, I know dude everyone's like go to bed and I'm like okay and then I just go and not sleep. Yeah. Yeah. You get on time and it's been like five months I was able to do it. I'd do it do it. I'm gonna fucking stream for no one. Calms you down and Napoleon. that's it's awesome to hear. I'm glad that helps. Melatonin to actually do take melatonin take more than that too. I get like 1214 hours of sleep on accident. To happen today. three hours late to my own. Facebook and pickles. Okay. Who's Oh, don't do that. It works. It doesn't have a. Why do you do that? look at me? I don't know what else. What my shots won't do that? Yeah, I don't think hold on. I can't even spectate him. It's what you get for Joshua around. Josh and got us killed. My shots went right through that guy. I was so weird. Just went dead quiet what's up guys? How many people we got here, we got eight hundred people, no one talks. doing silly geese. Hey, what's up friends? what's going on? what's cracking donkey boner dude. That's that's a good name of the century. It's a good thing. Oh, so much positivity. Yeah. So we're here for man to lift you up and erect you. absolutely and I'm hard to rock and I thank you. I'm good. I like this guy's energy me too donkey owner You wanna run a few games with this. I would love to thank you so much for the insight. Absolutely dude. absolutely. I'm sleepy and I just left 14 hours. Where are you guys from hell? That's things. El Paso El Paso Earl pas. Hey you too I love you. I love their I love their salsa or is that is that that's actually. an old El Paso is the one you offer. That's what I'm thinking. Okay. good. Oh, you don't need it here. Yeah. Yeah. we're we're streaming. A Walmart shopper Got a Batman taking the car. You guys did not see that tag yet. Oh my God. Get it go Go Go go. What what are you doing? Don't worry about it. You don't want it. Oh no. You could've told me there's a squad there. I had no idea if it weren't for the. But Are you over there so freely you just thought me? Over there, I did. I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I wish you saw that me and number two right up and stole their shit like it was like a baby. That's right. Oh, no. Where was he? Or my allergies are killing me I don't think I'm sick. At all, just cough my ass off. Deb I'm down to play when it bro. I'm gonna make some tea actually well. I'm dead. To juice Come on. The need those. Need some of those. Where's donkey owner let's get him in here. What's up with the cons those calms baby. Vehicles that she would have saw what we did. You know how they got a car like one of the dudes landed there specifically to grab the car. Yeah. I ran over there, they're building all the way through like them. They're all above me. I thought I was doing jumped out of the top like I'm knocked him. got it. That's someone else is coughing it back there. Huh. The car back and you didn't even notice I was you could you could have said I'm I was like what are you doing? You're like don't worry about it and I was like what's going on and next thing you know people are killing me. So for the memes and then I ran over there and it's actually. It's it's pretty funny. It's really funny. It's not. Holy shit. I angered the man inside of them. In the deep down. I hope your allergies start to suck a little bit. Yeah, I know. Oh my God he could get me. You're the Worst Man. If you donate, you'll be able to play, I mean yeah, in short, sure, it's my job. It's my only job It's not. It's not a public service, you know. It's good to know that they can freaking hit you. I guess while you're cocking in a. They plug in. Caitlyn 1010. Of belonging. Oh, He's the best things happen to me and I. Hey, do you guys speak English? No. God bless. No. okay, don't Mommy's way. No not a problem. Did you do it again? I did it again raccoon. fail fail compilation video. Incoming. Third floor of the stock across the Street. Trace floral across Elsa Elsa. Get a gun. Okay. Oh, you do speak Spanish you son of a bitch. 54 Again, You later John. There was some money here. Watch out. Little Watch out. Watch out. Take A. Search for vehicles. Curtis, You wanna be one. let's do it. Goodnight Caitlyn You want one be one alright dude. let me finish this match and we'll do it. Please tell hammered. Is he coming in? A mess. All right. I'm down. you know else. To a group. Let's go Kickstarted. Team match Let's go. Triple made Maze everywhere dude. Reloading. Put it down. Go mercy Dude if they remove names from this, I wouldn't miss it at all. It shows. One dad no mercy Cover me kill me all that. Killings for the Red team. And I'm not afraid to use it. Nice shot reloading. Clear. Cover me. Oh, Fling spree for the blue team the blue team is in the lead. Enemy down Oh, Houses. Reloading. Cover me. Reloading. Cover me. Great you're about to win. Blue team is about to whip killing spree for the team. Claire Kill Half of the match is over and the blue team is in the lead. Blue team victory Jesus guys guys. So Petty. Do you need anything? Of course, what do I need? I need Sms. You hear. me back real fast, I I'm trying to delete somebody spamming me right now I was. Let's get it without him. Oh, it's all good in. You raccoon. I I just started I can't hear I don't know what happened. You do it to me. You know what I'm here. How dare you dude? you only get one you only get one chance it's gone. Somebody spamming me so I was trying to delete them and right when I did it, They went offline and I didn't notice that. What's Up. Jeremy Yeah, That was a big sad. I guess I'll just whatever. And there it goes all of our sins all that synergy that opens up there. Yeah, the energy. Team let's go. Come on. the Red team. It down reloading. Nice shot for me. Reading Cover me. It down. The wrench is unstoppable killing spree for the blue team. Blue is unstoppable The blue team is unstoppable. The team is in the lead. The Red team is unstoppable. Guys name is Texas. Fuck This is the worst thing ever. Expired nice shot. This corner get. down reloading. Enemy down Cover me. Killing spree for the blue team great you're about to win the blue team about to win. reloading. Go mercy So bad. You're. Blue team vary Dude I'm gonna sign off and I'm gonna do one more TDM. solo or solo. I'm gonna peace out. I'm gonna do one more by myself and then I'm going to bed. Hasn't moved in a full TDM. what's going on? If you're going against the Mexican, what did you just say dude? my bad? Match Let's go. Guys don't watch out we got one point for the Red team. I was just gut each other. Cover me reloading. It's smart. Enemy down Cover me. A mercy Watch out. My God. Kill killing spree for the Blue team Loading All of me watch out. The team is in the lead. Kills free for the Blue team. Cover me. Reloading. Watch out. Enemy down Cover me. Talk it about reloading. I'm out. No mercy cover me. Great you're about to win the blue team is heading out to a perfect win free for the Blues. Mark the location. Team victory I wanna do another one. I get I get antsy when I don't get all the pills. Dude, I think I'm gonna watch a little bit too for bed. Give me. That's not weird to say. Shit man it up. Pickles. oh my God. what's up geeez Hello. It's. Team match Let go. Blue team has scored for the first time. Expi Reloading. Look at this Batman Chad Wow Okay. Cover me. Expired. Killing spree The Blue team. Nice girls are out there. Whoa. Yeah, I can hear you what's up. Oh how many of you okay. I have a question for you. huh. What is like a glacier Air Force in right here? How much do you have to make? Max it out, It's like 780 bucks. Oh God. Enemy down Team is unstoppable cover. Okay. The team is in the out of control. Dad. What? Target it down reloading. Expired. marked the location. in the killings speak for the blue team. reloading. Find you. Nice shot me. Come here Boy. Reloading. Great you're about to win the Red team doesn't have a lot of time left killing spree for the blue team. Where. Blue team victory? Oh, this whole thing. Do you guys wanna play again? Sure let's go. What? I'm? It's cool, It's actually first time I've seen it. I'm gonna go with three. Are you here? Chubb Yeah radio. But Radio. oh, sorry, I was getting my charger. Team match Let's go. For the Red team. they. No mercy. Cover me. Reloading. Expired. No mercy. Expired. Blue it's in the lead. Killing spree for the blue team. huh but she. Blue team is unstoppable. Kill Cover me No mercy. Team is unstoppable. Great you're about to win the blue team is heading to a perfect win. Okay. A team really sorry did you? easy. oh, look at that it's keep going. Hey. I wish gun game was open. I'm gonna do one more and I gotta go to bed. Let's do it let's get it. Three AM you guys left. Where do you guys live? Oh, I'm in Las Vegas. Las Vegas huh. Are you still there? I went to Cheyenne High School. And I have sweaty. Mom's be team match Let's go. Okay. The blue team has scored for the first time. Do you know? Reloading. Enemy down This is native. You say Jamie. Target it down Hill Cover me. Killing spree for the blue team. Reloading. You're hiding little. Killing spree for the blue team. Cover me. Dad. reloading. The blue team is in the lead. No Bernie Seriously. It is a pretty good. No, you hold the and killed himself. Dude, I'm getting an. I'm really sorry. that you. Nice shot Clear. Have you heard of I I oh yeah. Go mercy wife is in right now. Oh, Great you're about to win the blue team is about to win. Cover me. It's gonna hide. Damn. Come on. That enemy down reloading, I didn't survive. That Me. Blue team victory you guys. He's pickles and I can't believe I ran into you on man. It's fun. I'll catch you guys later man you'll have a good night. Go to bed I am gonna go ahead and. I think I'm gonna try to go live tomorrow around three, we'll see I love you guys. Thank you for last nights. See you soon. Bye.
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