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Transcription de la vidéo
Let's. Yo yo yo what's up guys? How's it going everybody. We are live and today we have a very special stream. This is another weekly roundup for the PM W L for those of you who don't know the BMW is it is PG Mobile World League. It is the NFL NHL NBA. of pub mule. on the big boys. and What we're going to do is we're gonna start by just playing scenes and once we got some people in here once we've got some people chilling that then we'll we'll talk about the PM W L A little bit. look at the standings. See the highlights all the good stuff and I don't know if you guys remember all ay ay. It's a good good old, good old friend. Let's see. One of my oh yeah, we got a black. We got a black screen guys. Here we go what time of the game start that is gonna be seven. So it's four. It's 40 'clock now we're gonna start this at. seven Yo You don't care about the rank to you. No. Levi it's at. hots Hot drops you baby squats right. Cards. My coffee right. Norton is the squats, but yeah, it's it's it's it's up. Jody. It's a boy, bass autumn. And I'm sorry guys today we had prior commitments I'm gonna do half today. I'm gonna have tomorrow so hopefully autumn is there a good time for some of you guys who won't be able to make it tonight. Is there a good time tomorrow like evening late evening night time Just like I get most of you guys make up for this last few weeks. have this. What's up dude? raccoon? you ever? yeah. I love it I haven't played. like this is the first season. I've played one let's go to classic. Oh, Oh, you jumped too soon in my ear. 450 So excited man okay. We're Charles Dude wins a PMW LPV is ongoing. what we're doing here is just to round up. giving you guys the insights of them. giving you guys the inside scoop. Thank God. we're alive People Department. I don't know it's like. I'm going back to you. Yeah. It's not bad. There's no no way to rotate that way. Oh my God. I'm chasing you. He's at that Wall that Wall in front of you. Yeah. Yeah one thing left to my left. Make sure you can't get hit from. He's needing. There in front of me, I should be. one on ones in the front of at the top of the apartments you guys are getting revived. I'm good and good. Unsafe now I'm safe now. Here at the left Wall. They don't need their silly. Oh that's run as soon as you can. Cover my left. Good job. Here. That's buttt. The Dock. Right right got it? This is the best I like the food. Very where you're going. Get in there. Does this? what happened. Someone's playful talking about my aim at the last few sprays. Players. Imagine with underneath the food that would be. I wish there was actually like a really big city that marked the location. You're not really like a lowly in the Middle of this. Yeah. I don't have a. Racoon You missed it, but I played with we played with six us all night, six and eight. Now we're. I wanted to say this, but I'm gonna say it anyway soon to be tier one team Invictus, but I mean I'm look stupid if it doesn't happen. I don't know it's so stupid it's okay I got it. Where are all the viewers today every time I've I one of my BMW you guys are so shy. I don't even know where honestly the second we leave people are gonna push. All yesterday mid scene, so let's go ahead. I would. You're dang, I'm sorry about last night was not a good night anyway. I'm sorry I saw your text and I was like dang I assumed that's all way through it. That's really yeah, there's a car in the near them too. Go. I'm coming. Can I get a Mark? marked the location? Generally I assure they are now thirsty one speaking on the right side of that big ass. I actually say by you, I'm not gonna play. We're gonna get third party here in a second, you might as well just back away and move reset. Third party that you. Yeah. Oh, you oh my God love me. dude. Oh my God I have Europe. Europe. Oh that's right. To the right, I know I've been far back. oh, shooting the ground. Oh I get 30. I yeah. I'm sure they're spraying that My last I was playing a I couldn't do anything Now my last stream earlier this morning. go check it out. It was six. But yeah, I played with the API. yeah. it's good for sure. what's up man? Yeah. my my older brother actually staying with me now. And a cooped up it's okay I'm happy to help him. Thanks Jay, And honestly, if you guys are really trying to get good team death match. range gun game. Every time I play. Like hours worth of those I honestly feel like I've like leveled up. Oh man. Watch out marked the location. it's. I mean South Side. In front of me as well as you know this building right. Oh my God that didn't give me a gun. Let's say you're. He's actually right now. Yeah. I just wanna take you. I'm gonna keep rotating away. Yeah. 12. I'm gonna get more info cuz I don't know in the week they're gonna move. I think I saw my merch. You in front of me. Here. oh, God I got I got it for you. One here. Close On the ground level behind the and on the roof. Are you hungry? Good. I'm good. I'm. And they're just right. speak, I don't know I don't know I was. on the roof. I think I can reach that with the mall I had to have it. That's one way to do it. hit the ceiling. I really have no one rotate it. Still in that window, too. it's getting ready to shoot him. Kind of I know what you wanna do in that building. I don't know there's split up right there. away. We are getting fucked on this Wall. I I'm down. if people on the door. Which direction Coming down here, you're good nope. I got you. The he's a high-level. Yeah, I'm pretty close to him. I'm gonna light him up. No. no. we got me right. Oh man. A quick little shit you heard me start my New Hill. We're in the Sixers had to go to bed recently, Man we've been up all. I shouldn't be doing this let's keep going. Where are you? Oh? yeah, you were right? I was I was like 510 and I got a I got a heal off that I didn't do that and they were decent so I don't wanna go to 70 percent. I have to you know what I should have done. I should actually been a little bit closer to you. I should have I seen it through the door I started running and I didn't have to at all but I should have done this to some waited beside that sort of provides that are gonna he was balls. I'm making the temperature and he he push push when he should have. Yeah. I could do. What's up Christopher? you chat is dead. What's up with the views today guys. I got to go live at like one AM. It's like a million viewers. How many of you have right now 250? Low. My restart my I wanna act. cause. it's just it's not an easy task. That's. Gonna dial on it. I don't see anyone. I didn't either. Oh, yeah I do the they're not. Random Three people. Dude I've been hating this thing, but not only is it thing but I don't have to WiFi I get I got supplies. to the new button. What happened, I have to mash it like 20 times. You know what I don't like so I wouldn't Denmark layer. I understand that what's happening watch out not really good You can't really see but I feel like we should make it more transparent and visible they should make a tiny thin line like branch away from that. so you can actually see the two pixels on your phone trying to shoot at. I'm used to this multiple times. Yeah. Pressing at once. Catchy to your eyes. It goes with the better. range. I got I got a 15 kills so this one on this last night. It's GAF raccoon. Are you you tell me you wanna jump in after this? Still in here bro. Two I yeah. everyone's hungry every day I don't drink. I'm just tired. I stayed up all night playing tug of war. A difference. Give us a buttt. Go crabs You wanna go now. Are you good? On extra for your game. Dude come on I gotta buy baby. It's gonna think I'm gonna go I see I I. had that into your hairstyle. I remember that. Oh yeah. Here. If it works for you, I mean your fans made you into your heart. I guess so. Part of it. I'll wait for you here. Alright. I'm good. I'm your man. Red dotted out, but it's. this is this is a decent I can I can do it right now. So I read on this. What's ups? I thought I was gonna sleep. Next four days six games a day final week. For A hundred thousand dollars first place most people are watching the final matches the Super. I mean. I don't know. You look at their their page I get more viewers they do sometimes Mobile's official page. I don't know. Oh, Watch out. Watch out. This smokes watch out let's let's get on this watch out. more and more people for watch out for 400. Watch out for that Rock as well running left. By the way, watch out there. Damn. Headshot In front of there's people at the. they left and push the people that died want are they running there in northwest here. Lit oh my lord. I hate him eight times. Watch out. When they're rocking the it to my left behind him. You guys are getting thirsty, but. And there's down the road. There's if you get the angle. They're running left. Yo this is insane. I got this Red dots. I'm doing fine with that. Any bugs. Oh man, I really wanna wipe them. there. I'm at least 200. I wanna make sure that car is not. I'm good. I'm good. I'm good. Oh. Dude, what is going on there's less than 11 point five. I'll the rest. get the rest? Okay. Make sure to like seafood now he's more love, don't know where he went. oh shit there he is. Nice I'm healing here. Let me heal. You're getting it done. Oh my Lord Oh that little shit. I'm about it. Watch out right there. If there's someone else, there's not a location. dude, how many people are here? It's literally edge and there's a hundred people here. No. Oh my God. What is this dude doing on his own? Oh my Lord God dude. The heck was that oh my God. I just had a scope a little bit different. try again. Who's that I can do anything I knocked like I knocked them like four times but I got five months. Sparky is big and Guys. Stay tuned for P NWL Week two breakdown If you guys want to standby, I'm gonna go ahead and do it after this game get a little more viewers here please if it'd be a huge if you could share this stream like comment. Add comments do whatever you can it all helps. I really appreciate Daniel Patterson man what time to see. That I gave that guy the good old fashioned. That was great, but at the end it with the. how did you find those angles? like between doors and other half? to the ad? There's like this little kid that goes fuck you. And there's the way you want. yes. I think that's the. I kinda like these policies, I don't know I'm kinda. I don't those those houses are my favorite too. I even landed off of him when I can cuz they're like say for a second. And there's couple people that know this. yeah. There's no. he's landing on this. they're all leaning. Oh my God. there's a spot on the Jesus. whoever gets the gun first. Do you know what I don't understand when people land somebody always tell them like you know land and somebody will get to them. Crazy up here. Doing Texas What did you say you saw in Texas? Yep? Yeah. Downtown Dallas. He's in front of me, I got this. Oh you try to name me. No nobody you cannot do that. cuts That sounds pretty good. Two people in front of me that I need to come to me. I think. Another body. What's over there? But He's on the edge. Once you get ready to shoot him. Item once in the ass. I hit him again and again. They're pushing this. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. People get. What the heck is going on. Dude there's so many people. That's good. Yes. Guys. Maybe he just pushed me, No, no, no. he's. he's just I don't know he's dead. What if I guy man. Yeah. Come to me, I'll shoot him he's on he's on the roof. Two of them on the roof. This is what did I get? Really looking very nice Down the road. Thank you. This stuff right here too. I'm gonna be crazy. We should just not take this place. Here at Backyard that this is the spot we can't. We made it. they rotate it. all could've really got us from behind. We're gonna get a third party here soon if we don't want. Go away. from Rebel is the area. I'm the Ravens. Let's go, let's go to the other side and you know it better in my in a little bit. So that's. Driveway out there. I'm Maddie. My duty They didn't wanna mess with us man just left. There they didn't pick you don't care. I'm looking. Have there's a car we can take. Thank you. difference between those guns. I don't know some of her op. Mtwo four the scar. hit like. I'm Mike. Doll Werner South Africa. Hey, what do you think? And they left it dude. You see the They started shopping so. That's real. I don't know. Oh nice, my guy. What are we doing? That you love. I I knew I love that I thought that's the guy knocked out. I A diet of his own in here. I'm gonna pray the Herr of you. I thank God. I didn't take them as I was in the room. Oh shit. Watch out The Rock and maybe. Chilling too hard. It again. What the hell? Bro. No. Oh shit. Yeah, there's one too. Soaking towards them and talking to them. Watch out this guy is. Is that real? yeah? Yeah. For nights better We don't see the F word. That mean kid. You're. Watch out. I just wanna say it was like 45. Oh, Don't act like that. That's how dangerous. More and more at the. you when you hear I'm about to crash but when you hear me and I just right for it, it's the only one guy. Try to practice Nice First, though. But the hurricane in Florida aren't you A J, A the guy I'm playing with he's actually he's in Europe. right now, kind of I guess. escaping all that madness. GG dude. it's Kyle. I You know this place alright guys Let let's let's go ahead and go over this sponsored stream So this next part video is sponsored by Pubg Mobile themselves. So, this is the NWL roundup for those of you guys who are foreign BMW. It is the World League for PubG Mobile and right here the Pens link is a direct link to Pebble Esports YouTube channel. Please go give them some love. go get some follows. They are live streaming every one of these P M W L events so. All the exciting stuff is happening on that page. and what I'm gonna do is. I'm gonna walk you through being able to look at standings and see what's going on and check out how to exactly to tune in to the BMW. L. Watch your favorite teams or in your favorite divisions so you can go to eSports PG Mobile dot com just just Google PMW. Easily find their official page. This is what we're looking at right now and you can select. world World World League East. So I'm in North America, I will be choosing West. and we can look at the most res results today was actually the the final Super weak matches for the Super weekend. oh my gosh so here are. World League West standings loops Eastport We come a little bit last time. They've got this player he's still the top player in every way in the West Division is insane. last week he was at a two point seven K D. He's still maintain that he's like one point 95 and that's to do in the World League. It's insane. and second place we got wildcard gaming. There's tempo football is Dream. Cloud nine and six, so I think last week they're in second so there's still really well. I don't know how but loops is a whole hundred points ahead. just about everybody. 60 points that is second place. It's 11 through 20 teams and eleventh place Nova Esports 13. For a machines headquarter saw 69 so the key players are here in the mostly the top 16 cases also one of the key players let's look at all this. so you can actually click on these teams and you can actually see all the players from most of the teams. It's cool if five winner winner chicken dinners dude, this is a team from South America and for those of you guys who have been like judgmental about this server. that's blah blah blah. Especially feel so good looking at this. and knowing knowing that all of like preconceived judgments of servers and like skill levels of different servers, None of it's true If you would ask me a few months ago, like what's most like dead server, you can say I would say South America I would I've gone there quite a few times just didn't know how big this is. It's not really that big at all, compared to like Asia. Or even in a I think and this team is just destroying and they're just rushing things they're rushing proteins and just annihilating them. so. That's pretty sick. Let's see I lost my page. So in the first place, hundred 23 points 250 kills, dude, I wish I could look at individual stats of players. That's what I'd like to see. batches. So Saturday, July eleventh, that's all that's it's recent dates and again this is for the West Division and I'm gonna try my chat again guys. I think I lost my chat room. You full hackers. Call nine and qualify this last weekend. it's it's just it was awesome. No, I am not playing in I don't play competitive guys. I do this hang out. best team of the day Yo Esports Karina Power team queso. Loops so one game so there is a 40. I'm assuming it's just ended and maybe the stat submitted. Loops Esports first place 25 points. Want more okay again? Here's our guy hundred and 29 kilos of deaths. He's done an average amount headshots, 34 percent. Do we were calling this Packers earlier today, someone with the 34 percent head shot he's doing that in pro. look at everyone else's dude, They're just dwarfs in comparison to this guy's head shot ratio. Oh man. Bae Wolff cyclist This is who we are. I was just playing with last night. Pittsburgh nights Oh my gosh. You gotta wake up. Oh I'll catch you later. For hanging out. See if there's any good news team of investigation final ruling That was I've read this last week, but apparently. some people were accused of cheating or timing. and. Remove all points earned by eSports despite there being no evidence in involved in knowing clever two teams is clearly an instance of it's been like iconic by loops that directly goes against the spirit of competition. We stand for is such falling through the issue, so they lost a ton of points and they're still in first. Oh man X band I believe he's not partaking in anymore but I don't know the facts so please don't take what I say as as fact I don't know you should definitely go ask yourself. I'm not here. I'm there. brutal that the second week in July 20 sixth for the start of the weekend. Crazy Man crazy. What the only experience I've had coming close to that is. a challenge dude and they were like two teams. From the same exact plan and we were in like the same group as them and you tell me they weren't cheating. They're all wearing White mum outfit. It happens it happens. It's crazy so this one it seems this is another team I don't know that's that's right. Of teaming up from the hub Esports, this is a guy we watched that video on. so everyone Esports is like sports all that's for my behavior with one goal in mind winning going against the goal must be considered unsportsman like behavior, which goes for teaming up with other teams in some of the cases. and practice difficult to prove chemos even though some cases obvious at first while watching our broadcast a deeper look often does not reveal enough evidence for a subsequent ruling, rest assured we are. We're using old tools that are disposal to investigate such instance extensively including various cameras in a data even interview players teams and some occurrences or judgment must be objective database and follow a not guilty until proven otherwise mindset. along the way while investigating players and teams last Sunday, our division zero P M W L West League in an encounter between team glutes and Team Queso team loops decided to not seeing Casey and intentionally decided to not fight them without a strategic reason, and this case we're able to. Evidence to prove this unsportsman behavior. Yeah, what it sounds like they like what's going on there were fighting someone else and they're like. Oh, it's it's it's chill. let's walk away. you can you imagine It's not really. like concrete evidence for like you know. they can say okay we could read what they were thinking we can be their thoughts. That's the only way you can tell maybe they can. Calms that who knows if that's recorded this are usually in line. once you express my hope that moving forward all players and teams act and behave professional show the best sports in the all the competitions and you know what. I'm sure those of you have who've watched my stream for a while. I'm huge on that like. Win or lose. I try to say Gigi but I definitely like you've probably seen someone like hey, let me jump in the car and jump in the car with the team or with friends. Don't kill us blah blah blah blah blah. I don't like that I kinda cringe at that even just in classic matches. so. And in game footage of every player in PMW, I wonder if they were just low key about it then. Well, it's written in a few different languages. kinda tells you how big this is. Worldly East Yeah same stuff let's look at the dude so big Aron the key for big Tron. Was one point 73. And they're the ones in the first place. I don't think that directly translates to so and so as a player. Something. says something about how they're playing. And third box gaming big It's our major contenders megastars. Oh boy. 45 matches five winner winner chicken dinners second place six, but they got more kills. I don't know how common that is. 522 points. RQ Athena, No one 's got a landslide lead like Team says. it's In the ballpark, though, what was the loops like five C like? Stamp Zi Zi hundred two kills 59 deaths shots dude it's the only guy that can close. and you know if they're like a frogger slash dedicated sniper or something, but that's still insane. Dude. It's insane. There's another nope, no one else even comes close. That's crazy. 30 percent here for vets that megastars the big Aron dude looks like they're freaking. They're stacked team every on bigger phone is in top 10. Maybe you besides one. Maybe there's sub team secret you high. I'm not too familiar with this. Division Pros. PTR one last chicken, which was insane. loops, made it clear they one of the other spot I longer but the other squads slums were clean and clear. so there's no evidence of teaming up just in sportsman like yeah. That's what people always tell me people people team up in a. people came up in a solos and Duos a lot now just stupid like you people do anything just to kinda like have that stat. On anyways, I'm gonna break away from this now and we'll go back into more games or viewership drops. keep the momentum. Go get her done. I'm gonna run. I mean we need this for nice. dude. Oh, yeah. Alright. And blah blah blah. what's up Billy? Gun games you wanna see play games. Guys most of my team. most of my peeps, they're not available right now. And I'm just quite frankly spots. Three squads units team of God. And Lucy That's what I hear. Yeah. it's twins. I've had enough. Caffeine Supercharge of I definitely will have and I definitely I know I know I'm not the best in the world, but any means. It's still fun for sure watching this. just watching for half a second earlier in. I felt like doo doo. You've already watched the squad wipe I had in this building right there yesterday. Satisfying Oh my baby. There she is. Time. But time. that's real. guess who's coming. on top of the roof? No no. Come on pickles Wake up wake up Oh, my God that was. You know this. Are you dude? You get on in there, you get in there. Fuck me, I can't just happen. No, no no. Absolutely world so the squad player right there guys, I only lost one point though that's nice. Yeah, you're kinda stuck on that roof if someone gets on the third floor, dude, I hope he's on the. way out. Yeah. I forgot to restart this tree. I've been up all night. It's so easy on me. all night and I've got I don't know six more hours of streaming to do this. dude. that Roof is a great spot man. It really is I've got a lot of funny kills on there, but. If if there wasn't some Overwatch me on that freaking roof, what I mean able to stand up and shoot that guy or get off. Dude. can't. I got supplies. I want that back. Put off. So I say now. Did I honestly know I wanna do this? I? Give me that back. Bro. Something better than that. Where are all these people coming from so quickly? We need more bullets. I'm gonna kill people. Oh fuck. That was him. No med kids. And no imo either. I'm fuck. I'm dead. I'm dead. It's full of faith, let's just drop off. It's too much for me to work around in the beginning. Making I promised myself yesterday I stop driving. I need more room to them take a plant. I I swear to God. I just wanna do so much. What do I think of the gaming? What's their name? Gun games fine. I'll do good games after this. Wanna play I would. The worst feeling in the world is hanging out with some of the some of the top and friends that you have to a-game and I'm about. It's only game mode I wanna hurt my own teammates. All right, let's get her done. So, Let's go check out the car. Here people. On top Keep going dude. Am I playing World League? No, no no no no. I'm just coming to you. Randy Sleep girl and hold on Can we prove it What? You were the one who seemed the most upset about it. Randy. But I honestly, it's not a bad idea. probably like this. That's a real. Out of here get out of here. But I mean the poop. I feel safe. Chua dude, Thank you so much. Super late you know. Like I was real, both of them. But the drop. He had the goods. See You're screwed Come here. You've little angel. Look what he got me you don't have to do that dude. What a good guy? What a swell guy? you know. Is that you're five bro? Still, a teammates were right now he's instant. I used to. No, no, no no. there's no one 's Fudge man Not fair. Nightmare Tree Bridge Complete one weekly personal objection for the clan to see you. Alright, let's go. Look at all the cows. come on. A pickles kill some dude. Did I honestly do feel like a million dollars ever since I changed my meds? That's okay. I'll be there. and hey what's up on show me. Do you guys speak to English? Let's comes out I just I didn't. no. That blue team is here for the first time. Are you? I try to. go. Yeah. Go. Reloading. Cover me. How to get down the hoodie? Loading Right I can. Squishy Nice shot Cover me. Trump don't. Get out of here. Expired. And It killing spree for the blue team. Dorsey Damn dude. you guys are hitting their shots. A horrible horrible. The team is about to end the blue blue is unstoppable. Cover me. Reloading. Doing Turn it down. Thank you dude. Dad. Nice shot Have the match is over and the blue team it in the lead. I don't know how I just hit that guy, but I did. Oh my God you look good. Fuck dude. Oh no dude. Not my day. It down. Clear. Red team victory bomber Barr. K got some some good runs I got 12 assists. That's so many times I got robbed. Sucks. That's the worst thing. Yeah, we are doing today. They're gonna start in an hour and 20 minutes. I look like spawn dude, I love this outfit by the way I love it. Squire team match Let's go Savage It's gonna close. Ho for the Red team. go Percy It's fired. It's. Cut it down. Coming in coming in. yelling free for the Blue team. Reloading. Clear. Killing spree for the poutine. Cover me. At Ledge blocked a hundred percent of the Reloading. Nice shot Down Nice shot Killing freeze the blue team. I thought I got that. This model all in one. Dad. No. I don't know what. The right doesn't have a lot of time left. Mercy Hill. you. the unstoppable Super Bowl cut it down. Cambridge baby excellent. Yeah. Yay. Reva. Whatever The 50 I'm just warm it up. dude. Back Hey, you guys like making noises. Sounds like you are stacking Plastic Cup. Turkish Turkey Let's go. It is that a sandwich. Red team. You. Loading Chilling free for the Blue team. The is unstoppable Stop crying Lady. Oops, I love you. Turn it down. Expired. Turn it down. Killing spree for the blue team, The Blue Blue is unstoppable. Killing Street for the Blue team. Is heading to a perfect win. Killing for the blue team. Mercy Down Aww Blue team victory hit them baby You know. Good remember the Six KD dude. you need to practice dude. It's where you just need to practice. Love you. Say it's 30 midnight in the UK If you feel oh my God Shane. I'm sorry. It's been a crazy few weeks guys. I'm sorry about board games. Boston's what I was thinking No. You know what it is. are you Team Max let's go. The team has scored for the first time. Reloading. Let me see if this is you. Let's go. there's a point at the. The water Piazza alaikum وعليكم السلام They use they use. About to put you here. You know a lot of zero zero zero. Killing free for the Red team fired that's. so that I was thinking and I like as a mom Exactly exactly what I. You're up your love Cohen exactly a lot of them. Yeah. That's what I was gonna have a lot of free for the Red team. You need a clear your throat just clear it. It's. don't get up look at that. I don't know pack it up. It's gonna look like a little monkey. That's a lot like. The team is about to win. You side step son of a bitch. Son of a bitch. Turn it down. We're all tied. You're in the Lena Cohen the match is over and the blue team is in the lead. He's telling me his sister fucker. That's that dude. Allah you're talking about your sister. Oh boy. Reloading. Me down. my. Cover me. Blue team You are Are you I love you. all. I like your stuff. Don't ask me how I know they're throwing at the opponents. anything that I guess to help. win the game. making with 50 -. Team match Let's go. Giovanni you've raised. You are the Red team. Cover me. I could have. the I'm not liking this. That's good. Nice It's fucking cute. Set I gotta catch up. Oh my God. staring at the freaking. Mercy Reloading. Cover me. Jeez these guys are good. Killed me multiple times. Come on. Dad. That blue doesn't have a lot of time left. No we don't. Turn it down. time for this dude. Oh shit. For you. I don't like it. Enemy down Him. Oh my God. That is Super annoying. Mercy Here. Half of the match is over and the Red team is in the. These guys are killing the crap out of me. Kill Nice shot Reloading. Expires. oh. Red team victory Don't hide. When was I hiding? Do Jevon Game of Thrones is so good if you haven't seen Game of Thrones. and it's entirety. I'd seriously. I really feel sorry for you. It's really good. It's probably best. aloha's of project. It's our baby, you know. I'm gonna. thank you team let's go. you you can't do There are yeah, you're really loud first point for the Red. Nice shot Reloading. Expired. Nice actually really good. I think I'm just dying from these things. Fuck Yeah, That means that's the wrong place to play. Dying for sleep that's too, but I definitely feel it this thing. The questioning that I was until I figured it I Europe. Expired. See that guys quick. No, that was my fault. Nice shot Cover me. Reloading. Oh, The blue team is about to win. Oh, thanks to me. She's that guy kills me every time bro. Real bad right now. half of the match is over a blue. It's the League. Cover me. Where'd you go dude. Living until Dude, that ain't no that's insane. It's like 13 times. I've got a bad. Like that, what the hell man? Blue team victory Dude. It was fun, but I'm gonna go break away. so that there's room there's room for two of us. there's or there. There's not enough room for two. but I love to play soon. regular stuff. Oh, take me off. Okay. Do you play you don't wanna play the game. You don't wanna play anything like that on hiking. Ain't that bad Honestly I did, I did poop that game Nice. I do that quite often. Do you think? Yeah? Yeah. Tom. Thank you for the donors. Let's go. The blue team is for the first time. Mark Dean. Pain free for the Blue team. Killing spree for the Red team. Watch out. Monster Enemies. Cover me. Percy And they get to clamp down. The team doesn't have a lot of time left. And that's bad. Dad. I just can't watch out marked the location. Clear. It down. No mercy. Ah, Expired. hare for the Red team come on dude. We had more. Are you still here? Cover me. This guy is annoying so. Race to the invincibility to get EM Half of the match is over and the blue team is in the lead. Killing spree for the Red tea. Oh no. A nice shot. Blue team victory he did. Future pickles tell me to take a break. Shannon What up Dude, I'm from my space is donating Tom made it rain with $1 and $1 Donnie. Thank you so much dude. After this game, We've taken a break. I'm taking a little break and we'll go support the games. Team match Let's go. Scored for the first time. Kill Nice shot Turn it down. Boom. Killing spree The Blue team. Cover me. Killing spree for the team. Enemy down No mercy. Me down. Expired. The blue team is out to win. Enemy down Target it down. Enemy down Half of the match is over and the blue team is in the lead. 10. Reloading. Oh my God dude. Not sure how many times if these people with this thing if you head shots just one now with our 45. now you got like four times almost. As well, Watch out. I just put my freaking gut punch in the dude. Blue team victory now Oh my God. I'm not stoked about that. Tell you, I'm definitely gonna need a new phone I'll do classic when I get back guys. I'm just killing just a little bit more time. I have a supporter stream starting in. 30 minutes. I guess. And guys please go Follow PubG Mobile world Go Follow PG Mobile Esports on YouTube, please click the link right on it. Melody is that you. Are you stalking me you stinker what the melody? Good. How are you? go? I think you're still streaming. I assume I am yeah. First point for the Red team. Turn it down, I was almost full. watch out nice shot. Reloading. Killing spree for the blue team. Watch out and down. Knock it down. Guys, this is how Pubg. Enemy down Oh no. Mmm Out Butthole come here. It down. Okay. Me down. What's up? Brian? Cover me. Out the Red team doesn't have a lot of time left. Watch out. Excellent work. Reloading. Half of the match out and the Red team is in the lead. Whoa. He shot me in the head shot. What a good one. To the dough, oh no. Red team victory J darn it. That's. that's exactly what I. like I don't ever wanna press with the UMP. I'm not taking out of my day because shoot targets with the poopy UMP, but I am gonna be taking a break. Give me 30 minutes guys. We'll come back. We'll do supporter games guys. I also wanna remind you guys, please go. check out PubG Mobile eSports go check out their YouTube It's a link. It's a comment. Some love pickles army sent you. And see what else we got going here This concludes the PM WL. Roundup events. we went over some of the PM W L stats what's going on recently with the Super Weekend who's the most recent winners contenders were who's in the first place in each roster or in each division we went over the top two teams, the top layers kind of what's going on the next the next event that's going on is I believe it's the next step up. so I believe we're going to like the let me see. BBB. I'm losing the stuff. And these there's there's like four games five games a week each division. There it is. Anyways you guys, I'm so I gotta I gotta take a tiny break. I'll see you when I come back. I love you guys Happy Sunday Happy Sport Day. I'll see you guys soon. Bye.