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Transcription de la vidéo
To find. the planet. and need to style. side. And the Swallow me. Yo yo yo Yo. Oh no what's up with my camera come back. boom here I am What's up. what's up? everybody welcome. today we have another special stream today is another P M W L Top five plays both regions going to be playing both regions at five plays. I am not gonna be playing them just yet. We're gonna wait for more people to get here I am going to run. Few DMs actually, I'm just gonna run TM and then I'm gonna start doing a squatting or solo squatting and oh my gosh we're creeping up on the weekend and we'll have our gun game back. I am stoked what's up what's up? Chino If you wanna play in, it's the Maddie Jonathan. Jonathan Sharp Victor right, Garrett Trisha Sylvester James. Abdul you just. Oh, no worries dude give me a second guys. I'm gonna switch over to the window and. Give me one second guys get my cool off and stuff. Alright guys. let's do this. Let me know if you need. Okay. Edith how you doing girl Diego I have this who's on let's get a warm-up in How's everyone doing today. How is y'all doing? You all know me, it's the sound of my ears. Oh, look at all these I don't even want this parachute you have it. You can do this. Game too. yeah, I got the new OM. I did if it's her. And Snap goes, no one told me. How's quarantine life It's going it's going. there, She is. same old stuff guys. Nothing crazy exciting just. Sitting around in my thumbs, try not to go even more crazy than I already have. What's up girl? I haven't seen you yeah the chicken counter is negative. When when I die too soon that was a mistake. we we'd never go positive. I'm good. I'm good. See if these failures are any good. these pickles can get the VIP. Chino try to join but oh my God let's go after the let's do it. sorry. dude, you know how I am it's attention span of a that. The Blues scored for the first time. No mercy. I don't wanna be right there dude reloading. Oh no enemy. It's kinda warmed up. He's got my teams. Keep getting doubled up on Is that my kind of thing. That guy moved. really fast the third time he's pretty good. Sylvester Thanks for Stars guys. now I don't like it. Cover me. Reloading. Damn it. it took for me. I want you dude. Government. Expired reloading. Cover me. No mercy. I miss those. killing spree for the booty. team in the League. Reloading. I definitely didn't get VIP on this one I'm not there. That's for sure. To get warmed up. Tripled up on It's just not my kind of party. That takes all I don't like it. Nice shot Oh God. Expired target it down cover for the. Oh, God great you're out to win the blue team is heading to a perfect way. You are killing me, You're the Blue Team. Hey guys. It's a sneaky sneaky. And blue team victory. I don't like that guy. I didn't get it guys. It's a girl. a girl got it. Good job Chika Karen I need another one. It's not gonna. It's Giorgio. Ain't used to date and pickles. Oh my God, you know Tina, you know where he is where he is. you know. I don't you know it's train's leaving. train's leaving. Gino. Catch you later eat it. I get to watch. I I had a lot of stuff to do this morning so I've been up. and we have scheduled stream today. How many people we got here now. 300 people that's good. Let's get it. I haven't dude. I just wanted to you know to where are you dude? Sheena you bum. Your booty buttt get in here bro a matchmaking. Why is it so long? Come home. Asian girl is gonna be my. I know it's gonna be. That you're humming. Team match Let's go You can tell me is that what you're having. They're ready. These are my grandpa. Me. Oh, And floating. a Terminator expired. I will come in. The Red team is unstoppable The Red team Red unstoppable. Reloading. Super annoying Hey. Three the? I'm Blue team it's in the League. It down reloading. The blue is unstoppable. Expired. and you pee. No Pussy reloading. Great you're about to win. team is about to win. Enemy down Cover me Blue team victory. Oh there you go. What's up? James guys, I really need to warm up here that was really bad, too. I'm just tired. Team match Let's go. The blue team has scored for the first time. Expired. No mercy. Marked the location. Marc Haitian killing spree blue team. Nice shot Cover me. Killings free for the Blue team. The blue team is in the link. Spree for the blue team. Expired cover me. Oh, what's up will? Enemy Killings for the blue team. Nice shot Chat Hi. great. you're about to the blue team is heading to a perfect win. Things free for the blue. reloading. Oh God. Team victory You son of a gun, he took him dude getting the shatters. Where were you is dude? Chino Ann Will you guys gotta get on? what are you doing? Know the drill. So let's go with the team. that's what I need. You think Mohammad what's up GSB? That it's here baby. It's here Nick Dent in his ass up. Guys. do you think we can go hunt some Street tacos down. I'm starting. Do you guys know where they where those are in the wild? I brought some granola too. We all get that title, They don't give it to everyone. Yo whatever could you get on? tacos from the streets? Oh, What's this floating business? you're trying to get us old dude. Oh no. They were gonna float us down. We don't do that here. My God. You get in there guys, I'm still getting my seal this morning. I don't know what's going on. Yeah. 50 K U C, from fits skin. Something like that. If it was a lot of it there's a whole bunch for up on me. Don't tell me what to do. I'm busy. Okay, I'm coming. Let's go. And I'm Head. I'm good. I don't see anything Dude this guy's gonna kill me walking in. I don't see em. I'm kinda nervous. Yeah. I'm up on me. It's wet, I hit him quite a bit warm up on me, he's lit. What a stinker? Stinky Butt Give me up. Is that you're suppressed fire? oh. Oh for Someone on us over here too Mark. Warm up on me. A car oh. That London Where are they where are the bad men? Where are they? Oh, do you see it? Oh no. There's four. that one is. Don't you do that? Body wallets, Oh, watch out. Miss me miss me. I got. There dude. Fall back to safe zone Back to safe zone To safe zone, I'm dead. Excellent work. I lost traction on the screen. No no. no. What's up Randy? wants to play another round Taco Bell. I'm sorry. I've got someone else coming in. Okay, Where Where Are you guys everybody that wants to play? Where'd you go. Where did you go? There's a new new comes you can't. I'm not that easy Taco I need friendship. your stars. Oh my God. Samantha. Thank you for 795 stars. I'm I missed that almost thank you so much. Kermit what up Boo you saw that footage. Nick I demand my points to be refunded. That was a sick headshot, though it was supposed to be a headshot. I think now it's just the body. It was a quick quick. Hey, guys. what's up? Yeah, I don't care. I'm. you don't. hand out. You better come. to you don't know no. Yeah a hand that over to me not bad. What's up one more? Welcome. there. waiting for. say that I can't wait. they are. okay number one the raffle. I don't know. the the. I love it. come on. tequila. No Mas. on the way. Alright any questions. Okay. so loud, Why is it so loud? One of the I should. Oh my God. No. no. no. no no. Vamos a ver como dice más bien Keep. It was about a thousand box What does it? blue? Watch out. Operations. That's. Kathy I I did it. The word. Buddy Rodrigo Evan You love it. Do you work in a daycare? What this? To Bahar, Nothing. The location. You're. Where to go? Great. Dan the help. enemies ahead Watch out Mark the location. marked the occasion. Watch out. They. Not bad. There you go. This way. I'm gonna. enemies ahead. It's not safe. Mmm Watch out. Help. Excellent work. Watch out. Whoo. Under the under, Ah, Marco Thanks for 10 Stars Muhammad thanks for the Stars Gigi's guys. Alright is any of the mister mister and missus promises online. I don't see Randy Let's go. Sophie Good to see you man. We're saying anything to me, I didn't hear my headphones were not at the moment. I said. I love your guts. I don't want you to my goods. I appreciate that. What's my own mother told me that what's up to four. Well, whoa. Whoa. I'm not for this shit to you. Start my stream up real fast. It's a Bella hey, except my transfer. I'm you know better than this. Palo and first Lewis, I want a nice clean game. I want nothing but respect. Alertness and vigilance and I want you to kill everything on site with extreme prejudice. It's a leap of I had a. I want. don't worry. Eddie was on. I don't know if you get him after this. dude, I've been doing duos squats I'll have you alright. That's fine. Yeah with strangers. Oh, that Stranger No. It's Amber. No never you're my bum. I think we're we're gonna start followed. I thought I saw some people behind us but where they landed if they came here. You need a three times. nope. Any of our lovely teammates need a free time. I will take that as a no don't be. right up. Guys. what's that? And at the same time, I'm in the game. Come on you Your voice is a little melted. Just a little bit. We'll be at. Oh, He just a little bit. Shooting Oh, I'll catch you catch you later. Garrett. This is little Geico. I'm gonna die. Where is it five? Here we are. alright, I got my five. Hey, no coffee, No coffee. don't worry guys. I'm wearing a mask. Good cuz I thought I could be out through the. oh we got in here. Where the hell are you going? You're a 300 away from me? I'm lonely. I'm. lost without you. Is that your impression of really really bad singer? Hey, it's really good. Don't crush my dreams. Okay. I have dreams and aspirations to be you know crazy really good professional. Yeah. you're totally make it. Am I gonna and it's your last without you. Oh wow. Sure, there's a huge market for that and the right industry. I'm all alone and I'm so on aren't you. Oh people the. how do you shoot me? okay somebody behind it. Yes, sit down, sit down a little. Hey no. he could be a big shit. We went up against the other day. You see the name of the got shot Vicky. Black boy. Maybe like John. They're shit. on this. He's about to three guys. in the 00. No, no no. yeah. He's got it. Behind the rock. he squeezed me out of that rock with the need. Oh my gosh, you gotta be kidding me. I got a shot on him right away. Wow, you gotta be kidding me. I don't know how you gonna be alright. I. And so I don't know. like for for more information. me I play please don't him in my chats. Thank you. Thank you. And he's up there, looting number four. He's up there. Oh no wonder he got me my pings at 260 or 260. here. He comes there. He is he. Get EM get em Get your run away run away. Away. Bad spots in the We gotta go. He peaked and sprayed real quick. what's up Devon? How that got me and I looked down and my pain was at 216 second there. for some reason he got me fair and square feel bad with that vector I'd hit him with a hedge. I immediately in my first shot and then nothing. After this match guys, we'll do it after this match to heated to heated, I need a weapon. What's up to you? What you guys are so needy you're already asking her stuff. I was asking and you weren't you were fulfilling my request. How long have I been in life? it's okay. This is good. It's fine. Yo what's up How's it going Good sir. Anybody with I'll see you buddy. Oh my God you got. Hey somebody with him. Oh my God dude. I guess somebody to yell at us when we do something stupid pickles. partners. Up no. Great so far, no my my screens sucks right now you have the same issue where you you it doesn't like just your screen for some. Yeah. I have that happen to me so often. I need to. Hey, my first kill you guys's name. Iron insights If you guys need anything. So I love it. Oh, yeah, would love that. I got supplies. Look so. Got some people watch out I need a. I didn't realize you ran off already. I got supplies. here. Steven Sam here so I'm dying more than killing you know. Just to use. Watch out Go to Big Bowie We're shooting over there. now I'm running as fast as I possibly. Can I will be there momentarily. P Hey. I'm definitely not that. Why you see me, but I can't have a chance to shoot out that'd be one. He's I think she's like come up. What out? The location. I hate the scars so much. I've only played one match the first step and I died. I died at wait. I'll tell you it wasn't fun. Oh, you're talking to your shit. Okay. Yeah. Let's say you don't have any friends. I'm Emery's microphones. I don't know what the hell you're talking about. is that don't show up. I got supplies. We're the sunshine. And we still got this little fella on the yeah it is behind. Who the fuck is this? Tasha He the car. Please tell me that whether there's a car that drove over 00 no. what Holy crap talk about a knocking thirst. Oh my God. Holy Out guys me just a moment? Moment of silence for that guy and number three. Hey it Mam mam the guy that I just killed. that. Oh the guy you killed. By the way, Like in the shooting, I know the big one coming. Are coming back as fast as I possibly Can you see them at all and you want to come faster than that. I would, but I'm already get a lot of disappointment when I shoot a pass I do. What are you doing? There's like four of them marked the location like Patty cake Okay. That's a bot people coming in from from top with the car. Watch out. Oh shit. I'm come back. On He's on now. behind. There's a point in time where you ditch the car that I was way off. No, I can do this this rock right here. Come on we're going down they ran over the horizon. It's so stupid. you're So what are you talking about? Are you talking about? I you're not. It's very hurtful. Oh people a lot of people back here What's up people back here where you knock that guy with the squad that was just chilling in the open, You sure marker you silly goose. Watch out She's I'm trying to survive. Okay. I'm trying to survive. Are they gonna come in to the zone? Shit? Okay. Come on Come on little guy come over the Hill. I am not a unbelievable. How dare you call me silly. I am highly offended and I'm going to report you and then you can lose your account. Hey, I'm really sorry. Cool cool cool down We can be rash. I'm sorry. I just got a lot of pent up anger from the Peggy all day and you know sometimes I got a let loose she can be. you know what you know what I'm saying. Yeah, I keep my mouth shut. otherwise. I'm dead So I'm. All right. It's like a tree and leaf. Oh, yeah, right in front of me, Ohh no cards today. In a nut holy shit. Be amount of Shawshank Redemption. Hey markers, I just got there's nobody okay. Alright. Waddup y'all seen How are you doing my good sir They rolled to that compound there at 240 - five. I don't know if they're after that, but we gotta go to the zone. I lit them up, so I don't know how the hell I didn't get at least one knock out of that. Well, You are my little Why are you are my son? sunshine? my only sunshine? Hey, oh my God. Watch out I dare you shoot at me. I'm not looking at you little me. Here. I'm being shot at when he doesn't know you. He's at the Rock Watch out. Oh my God. He's gonna die his own. Live on they're gonna move to a different be careful. I think there's one over there. so I think I just saw I'm trying to keep that hillside over there. They're gonna go now. They grabbed this by the way. They have a car I'm gonna shoot the tires out. Idiots. with an E. What up Ralph So I think that makes me I've got seven. I appreciate a good sir. You got seven bullets left. Keeping these guys. are they coming in. You guys wouldn't go chasing shiny stuff get over here. I'm right behind you. okay. Well, I like to be. that I asked. Bama. Are you watch out? Yeah Right there marked the location. Where are these where these guys are pickles? These are hiding below but I'm I'm trying to keep an eye on they're gonna kill us. We got 30 seconds, we should try cuz We got people behind us to try to make our way back. Let's go I'll shoot. There's a guy. watch out. There's a guy right up there too. Hey, hey, hey don't shoot and I'm ready to shoot. that doesn't know the rules. Oh, there's a guy closer. What the. Horrible, he's missing everything. Right above me above me, yeah he's coming. I got one alright. I told you. Not one shot. Alright guys. I got knocked so fast, I got knocked me in one shot. Gameplay is and what game plays that. there's a guy way up there on the top. Yeah. there's there's oh, that's where you from okay There's two of them over there. You're so. Hurt I'm screwed up Cut me off. And the tip go. Because I want to see what he has seen, Okay, I you know, I gotta put a little pressure on him of course he wieners. This You gotta buy me an iPhone 11. Okay. Thank you. Oh, I got a shot from two different directions. Okay. Well, that makes sense. Ralph Drink it all. Left. yeah, of course. You got here. Coming around. Nice work Hey, how are you welcome to the stream? That's right, we did it. Gosh, Gigi's chip Yay. Dude Where's my screen anyways so guys we are about to do the top five PM WL plays and what I'll do is I will go over. the West portion first but for right now. I've got to do something else real quick. you guys gonna have to harden pardon me. I just got. notices something. Kermit I'm so sorry, I gotta do a top five plays for the BMW Real quick. It won't take me too long, though you might have to go place. huh. Alright, dude. Alright bro. Alright Sounds good. Alright, here we go. We are gonna go with the West. P M W L five right now. And then we'll do this later. here we go guys. You listening to them that made. Whoa. That click the Bell. I don't even. The G that was awesome, alright back to the game. GG chat. This is. I'll catch you later Danielle. Thank you look sick. Am. I okay. No. I'm not sick of my allergies are are in my butt though. my allergies are making me like cough really bad. And more recently, like my my nose runny, but it's allergies that I'm fairly certain cuz I don't feel sick at all. And I'm not confident enough anything that's not. clear sorry if it's my. What's up guys? Do you guys have mics? No, I know you have mics because I see the moving right now. No. Oh wow. That's the way to start a friendship. you don't lie to people like that. I'm really sorry. Wow. Alright. I'm gonna follow you right in the battle. I got your back. Alright, I got I'm on. Where are we going boys? So you guys you guys come here a lot. Do you talk to? you frequent this establishment? You're not talkative. Of the strong silent type. Kinda like I don't know whatever Bruce film you wanna name. I'm just trying to be friendly cuz you know and I'm. you know I just work here. Nice to English to the bone. Try my best. The English I need a grip. Get it got supplies. Oh, You tell me that ain't fake. Bad man over here Watch out. shooting people You're way over there. are these kids are just gonna kill themselves. If somebody's, Is that you give it to him? Yeah. I look at it first. oh no. Oh no 000. No. Watch out I'm gonna take this thing down. I'm gonna show on. He's can you come to the buttt? On him, there's people right here in the field. Watch out. Watch out There's people watch out this way and he's yeah, you're right here. get down a little more there. Oh man. one shot away from going down myself. I love it. Get down and you're wearing that freaking. Kings costume or whatever that is. I'm gonna go finish that guy. A whole squad they're up man. I think they're in a hard, oh they're on that thing. We're there. geeez doubt they all died there. So there's no. There watch out. I don't have any real healing. There's a guy coming up right now. Oh, yeah, I got him. Plus they're. there must be one left because he was. he was down for a minute. he was knocked here. He comes. Guy. Alright, just the enemies ahead. I think there might be some right there. There was there's a up the Hill. He's right here. Mark you stand straight up. Obo over there nope there, he is behind the rock. ahead. I'm around there. 00 shit. It's a ball. No sir. She's a honest. Dude, I missed every Dude proud of it too. One guy made it on top of us. Need to get to right in the You may think that there might be. Any idea right? Oh, there's a whole slew of them. I think it's like two I'm really trying to like. that stuff. Yeah. it is it's hard. I got a monster truck and wants to go for a ride. Romantic I need some help so bad out there. Those guys. Next on Enemies ahead. shot right there, but I don't see anybody that's got to be around somewhere. If this guy's behind us actually kill but that doesn't have bad. I'm I'm looking behind this. Make me nervous. I'm sorry. Track a bunch of attention there. I think it's exciting. does anyone have any spare boots or health. Yeah, I do. Thank you everything I've got I got supplies. I got supplies. there's people over here. I'll see you. Markham when you get a chance to watch out, watch out. Enemies ahead guy behind that rock somewhere. They failed. And he's ahead. Help. Oh man. Thank you. You're welcome. Where's that shot come from two right there? Watch out. I see him he's moving, I don't have to the left, so I'm just moving back. I got one. take it. so good care of me. enemies ahead. Where they at behind the houses to the right side, blue enemies ahead. Nice shot Pow pow Gigi's fellas and Lassie. That's right, We got the dinner we got the shot. That's the one you got guys. It's all because of you. What's up Chris Escobedo Brandon Hassan's in the House. Let's get it let's get on in there these Rando's. they need it. They just need something to brighten their Wednesday. We have a moral obligation guys also please don't forget to check out down here at the pin. comments If you guys wanna follow the PM W L that link leads you to the pub G Mobile Esports page on YouTube. Go give them a follow if you love me at all, do it. One that team. Number four would you like to lead us in before we go? We're gonna have to go to the gym. or something that can be done so that we have a prayer for. our prayers. Yeah, who said that I'm. I have the idea. I tell him to shut it. throw it away. on. You love me. You guys ready to go all the bad guys. Let's have a prayer. oil. phone. oh, no, we're gonna be. we're gonna be Super late for that compound. You're gonna bust my butt off That was weird to say why would you want someone to help That's that's not weird? Or is that are you talking to them? Yeah. I'm down. Yeah. yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I'm ready to go. I'm gonna go push to two teams, real quick and save you. I can't do that. I'm not that good. Maybe I am maybe I am. You might know Hess behind me. I hear you. Oh, there's another one. Oh no. that's what you call. Stuck like Chuck. A hundred damage All in one guy. That bad guys gum to you here. Hey, can you guys hear the bad guys? Don't kill me. If you guys have microphones cuz I need it, I need I need confirmation. Say nothing if you wanna drop midst. And Must be really really deep thinkers. like what are you thinking about right now? Oh my God. Go go. Dude, Where's my vest? There's no vest. I gotta run. I'm not fighting all these. This is Nova. and I want this. I'm just gonna run I don't have a vest bro like. Matt thanks for the free Stars girl. This is Unreal. Go Go Move Move lay down lay down dude It owns screen is worthless guys. We got people on me. multiple real people. Day guys. Bad day. Oh my gosh, of course. That work with me guys work with me. Who's seen in my most afraid of all of them? You wanna ask this team and I'm afraid of. Oh, Who who whoever that's who I'm most afraid of and then all of them after that, I'm afraid of them too. Every play with coffee. He is. One of my oldest friends look at them all the time. Michelle Marked the location. Watch out. Marked the location. But Oh my God. Gonna shoot me. I'm trying to set up but oh my God.
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