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You know. you know. You're. I'm just a. Yo what's up Yo? Yo Yo what's up Fourth of July everybody. Oh man. I feel so lost right now there we go. Welcome. welcome everybody. What Athena being first? Rani Jonas Madison Tela. Oh, Fergus and Tyler Kaye Morriss King Kyla Happy fourth of July everybody. Happy Fourth. I've got kicked your ass in here with me and agent Oprah. So we're about to go handsome people. it's. In North America, real quick Red White and blue I was thinking about earlier today, I don't own anything that's Red, White and blue at all. In this music now, alright, let's do this. I'm I need to warm up guys. I'm sorry. I'm just got onto. I'm not keeping up with this stuff. Goodness Chriss tell a better seven inches request or I haven't come down. 10 4104. Oh, what's up Danielle Danielle I need to get with you about the winning the headset I need to I need I need your address for real quick and what Frank's got with you. Team match Let's go. Oh, no. Oh no. Blue team has scored for the first time. Cover me. Oh, unstoppable Got us at that. Reloading. The merce cover me. Reloading. Target it down Cover me. No mercy. Killing spree for the killing for the blue team. the blue team is in the lead reloading. Eggs I think they're leaving they're leaving. enemy down. You invincible piece of shit. Enemy down Great you're about to move the. Chriss just became a supporter. Thank you so much. Thank you so much. Killing spree for the blue team. Blue team three A Chris welcome to the Pickles Army and thank you. Opioid son of a bitch. Guys we're at 194 subscribers six more to 200. I've never been a 200 I've never been. What A-b J what's up? What's up? Kim with a 10 months. Hell yeah. Thanks dad, whatever Ruby. Six more to 200. Don't die first, It's my job. That's what I do come on now. To me, it's for a hundred dude Chris, I saw that dude welcome to the Pickle's Army man. Thank you welcome appreciate the support. In my shirt, says lame of God's the band. Band They're Christian. Not really. Enemies ahead. Oh, yeah, we have people with I've never landed here. I need a weapon. It might be real Watch out. Are those real? that's real real dude. Oh God. she's your health. I'm going to be you know. Oh, he got me. No. I had no helmet. I'm fine. He's right behind him. That's the bad man who shot me. Put the oh my God. Enemies ahead. Yeah, you need a helmet too. You got more people We're rocking a not a problem. Yeah, you know how it goes. at least one or one sleeping's the car if this intersection marked the vehicle, I'm not far from it grabbing some On the helmet. It's a little I got supplies. How many bands I have 30 images but I have no first Aids. I'm throwing them. Oh, I can feel my. Why was having to do a? That was weird. they stop. Oh they're jumping through. There's more though. Oh my God fuck I didn't see him the car just pull up too. he goes more people like Jonah Adel I I killed him thirsty guy. There's a there's someone just jumped in the car marked the location. Okay. Alright. You put them outside Northeast. Rio, of course. The thank you so much Mark the location a little bit on the last of them are let's see. That compound where you got the little boxes on I've got to that laziness. They like marked the location. Oh, yeah. Yeah I see on the. Location Emmys ahead I don't see anymore, but I'm pretty sure that she's still in that. I'm just. What was that? The location. I got an extra. extra four and an extra. Here we go. Thank you for the. Don't want that. Damm I'm feeling too, Oh, yeah me too. People on the truck, Oh yeah. it's Monday. Behind the running. Nice nice. And what is the what is your announcement? It's still there. So what is your location? This is still knocked well-marked the location. I don't know where the. Oh, he's here he's here. Six. It's B's Jovan. That drop is like a zavala. Mark Location 80 bucks. We live baby we're live. Hey, what's up? Michael? Happy fourth of July Everybody. Happy Fourth. Completely like I could be in the game. come to a lot of teams, but we're just sitting in the House moving nothing. I haven't seen a lot of. people they're like final circles. Next season, it's gonna be so crazy. Let's. Christmas is what kind of bait do you have I don't vape anymore. It's been a long time since I've been you don't. Tonys sorry, I'm resetting the chicken cutter. There you go. What a chore man? That's crazy. Oh here we go. Oh, right. Marked to locate one over there. But this is. I know. Oh shit with us in House. Watch out. someone in here Watch out Well, that's probably the last thing. Yeah. Excellent work. so set a marked the location. Coming down. Alright Shasta Kermit of a bitch you did. On the roof. You're crazy. Watch out. Oh Dan's. My papaya One left two left to us. I think he's laying prone right there. watch out. Happy fourth Markie damn. That's nice, too. Marked the location. Gans guys. We destroyed that. Let's go again so someone else if you're a supporter, How do you play with me tomorrow if you make sure that you are in the supporter only chat group there's also support only page. just go into the messenger group on the ports only and say, hey I wanna play and they'll put you on a team and tell you what to do from there. Wow Daniel, That was a while back. how you doing Bud. Kermit Awesome Samantha You say you're yeah Chris so definitely tomorrow we start we start usually around two Central to Central Standard time. We're doing them for six hours. What's up Daisy but my phone is pretty good. My voice is pretty good. Yeah, I did I stop pushing Conqueror. It's a lot of work. A lot of work. What's my favorite sniper? It's the or any bolt action. Get my hand on. Yo Thanks Mickie. You have a good one. And yet chicken counter here you go. Boom. Colonia Hope this all. Oh, this is real. Wait wait wait. Oh wow. He's an iPad mini no-I. I'm using a knife. Good morning Jeffrey I got some whole shit so I've got a bold action already guys I got supplies. I got supplies. I got an extra eight times too if you guys want one. You just need that. So the shit dude, I hope you do. I don't have it. I got supplies. I got supplies. Very nice. The helmet It's okay. I'll I'll be I'll be fine. I got supplies. Oh, I do need some more. Juice and up to Hello from Kosovo. Thank you Alton Yokio to do I like Doritos. Make them Thank you. I got none of that action. Why would they be over here? No. I'm so bad at it. Fatty dude. It's. Vinson Do I still there's chickens for a server? I do I do. Done more, I guess. Upton location. At the store. I think that was a new name. He's trying to steal and you get. Maybe get on the bus. I got to guess who can go. Jonathan the Facebook Dashboard Facebook dot com forward slash Streamer Forward slash gaming slash stream so Facebook dot com forward slash gaming forward slash streamer So it's so good to see you dude. I'm sorry. I'm so right now. man. Michael My birthday is on the seventeenth of August. Nice Papi Make it rain. Yeah, we're getting this dinner. Our left and Mark the location. That's what I'm talking about. Hey, what's up guys? The Red Bull I have a ginger Red Bull watch out. Blaine prone in the Even head shot him somehow, I don't know how I did it. Mutation Nice Oh young Carri. Thank you dude. Do you guys Ginger Ale Organic Red Bull? OPS fuck Some good chicken dinner there's solid ones with the freaking 12 kills man. Damn it That's so good. Wanna do a and Miramar? Alright, Chris Vga I'll catch you I'll catch you catch you tomorrow for sure I have fun with your son. It's a couple of chinky. I play free fire no-I have a phone that's actually like good enough to run a puppy. so I play pubg. Yeah, dude, I hear I heard pubg you got bandon Pakistan. that's sucks. Carls love you bro you too Carl. And see a duo on this. Me and you. No, no, no, no, no, no no. I saw a helmet. Thank you. I just Wait the only they only been pubg for one week. Come on you guys, It's like time out. here is that really the only come on. You guys are gonna live. Happy Birthday America. Thank you dude. Considered a detox guys. I got supplies. The person that sends 74 starters Garrett You're the only one the only person I know that has the same Uzi the upgraded Godzilla really I'm going for it to the It is still back when like people know how good the music was. Oh my God. Yeah. Yeah. That's true of my friends are jealous. I think that's the only that's out there. Happy anniversary. Samantha You and Jeffrey have a wonderful day congrats again and yeah, we'll catch you later. It's only a week today come on No. 1770 Washing too much National treasure is. If you guys see an extra scope, there's anything better than a Red dot. I know for you, I got supplies. I'll say God. And able to invest in. upstairs, Oh, that's that's too far. No. I'm not going for that. I got supplies. Do I like the mutant? I hate the mutant. Such big fat floppy donkeys. I'm like a bunch of flares. Is their car in the garage? I have a movie I did with the Red zone. The mutant is actually. exactly the same stats as the AK a.m. I I really think it's the exact same thing spread reload bullet speed range. we have for bullit. The only difference is it's got burst and it doesn't have full auto so with a 76 Gun managing a 33 round burst. Firing it is sweet but on PC that's fully manageable thing you can actually manage the recoil on that three on Burt, but I don't think you can't I've never seen anyone do it that impresses presses me. So someone has to Pakistan. Stuff. dude, I wouldn't like. Don't be surprised if like anonymous or whatever kind of activist people that cuz that's I mean like here. in the US. you would see buildings were burned and shit if they try to take away a freedom like that from the US and a fucking hand-I can't play a game. Mutant damage is not higher. It's exactly the same. Excellent work. Is this cupcake? No? This is grass who's either of the plan execute. Which is pretty prestigious plan. He's a player too. she can put my ass. Enemies ahead. The scarf okay, Laura has. Decent firing and has better hip firing the scars was horrible. I hate this guy. Guns do not have more than. there's nothing you can do to make your. player more powerful than someone else. That's what's so good about them. Every single match the playing field is leveled. everyone starts with nothing. No. Oh shit. Enemies ahead. And no more. Night. Nice NS darry enemies ahead. Thank you. Give me some of these fucking on and shit. Someone sees the arm let me know that I want. Shit I got some money. All of the year, Yeah. So that we just got a fucking bott at the top 10. None of them had 40 my God. How is it? Sony one of the guys. Alright, an agent. watch back. The begins, but Oh, yeah, we got for this. okay. Huger Yeah these people. Bye.