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Transcription de la vidéo
What's your? Insects Yo What's up Pickles Army Welcome back guys. It's too bright. How's everyone doing today It's today is Friday. and I've had a full day I'm up and moving and shaking. most of you. playing all day I wanna play more games so I've been thinking about I just wanted to do with Rando's too Is that does anyone else wanna watch that or? What do you guys think What's Up? Siesta? Daniel Philip Pong princes Jonathan Rachel Congrats Congrats Welcome back We all miss you and Shasta James oh my goodness gracious guys. James Are you oh hell Rocco Bro. That's the name of it If I had the Obi-Wan Kenobi. that's the name I haven't heard in a line. Me and okay. Alright if you guys are down and down and reset this chicken cutter. Dude Hell Yeah. What do you got well? then that's what I wanna do. why not and I mean. it's such a good practice too. It's so good guys. don't call me a God of pub G by the way you're about to see you're about to see someone smoke me once maybe one out of every two of these geese. Big loses for me. What about myself? no, no, no, no no. team match. let's go. my name is get a. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. yeah first points for the Red team. Enemy down So, You don't in there. Loading I'm You know. Turn it down. That boy. Shot No sir, No, no no. It's free for the Blue team Goldenberg screen swipe that old chestnut been haunting me since day one. I'm Daisy. Down Dude. Two camping there's fun bro. Screen stops you stop it. I've lost about five encounters in a row. Cover me. Yeah. When they're invincible. You gonna do. Reloading. Good for him, that's make sense to me but good for. At it, I hate it. Blue team doesn't have a lot of time left. cover me. Oh fuck that. Half of the match is over and the blue team is. Reloading. They're only two people here. kind of there. All right. Find a new lobby I love you. Ricky. Thank you for the 50 stars by the way. do Javon gun game is awesome. Please do not please don't guys pretty please hello. Stacy Jason If I was watching a good game, awesome Murillo awesome dude, I hope you have a good ride. I hope you have a safe trip. I know I know Rachel, it's been the theme lately. I I was looking at. I was looking at one of my post the other day and I kid was watching like one of my recorded live whatever. And he jumps in the first thing, he said, was hey. I'm okay. 10 years me and then he knows. Then he goes no team match. let's go. That's my life in a nutshell man same kids that all those things. First point for the Red team dude I wouldn't have. Turn it down. Kids are bumping into me, killing me. Alright guys. Wake up pickles Back up. Killing spree for the blue team killing spree for the blue team. Reloading. Follow me. We're live give me a call. Cover me. Expired. This guy is invincible. Reloading. Enemy down Cover me. Reloading. Dude. I'm I'm just gonna start getting mad. not good. The team is about to win. That's stealing my 12 other kills for me. Cover me. Oh, What's up John? Hey. Reloading. Of course, you got this. Nice shot half of the match is over and the blue team is in the lead. Cover me That's for sure. And then I get killed what. Kill Nice shot that time at work that's right. Hmm. Mercy Oh, wow. not good. Expired. Team victory Yeah, I sucked really bad. I sucked really bad. We're doing it again. for these guys are yelling things in Spanish the whole time. I'm sure it's great. Dan Thank you for the stars and let's get warmed up. Let's get this cooking. Oh my God guys. you're wondering where is nor knows me busy these next few weeks He's gonna do the best he can to be around but he's had he's had some stuff come up so he's gonna be busy unfortunately. My friend Nick Reloading. Let's go. It's Blue team Ford for the first time. cover me. Loading Comey Expired. Nice shot There. Everyone's got a. Excellent work. I don't know. Fired Reloading. Enemy down Nice The team is about to win killing spree for the blue team. Nice shot Clear. I fired. It down. Oh man. Half of the match is over and the blue is the. so. Cover me. We're all stuck on the. Kill spree for the Red team. You can do better than that. That's fine. Dorsey And that's what I'm talking about. Two It's a running. Blue team victory It's. Nice What's up Samantha? To the passage, dude I I'd fly. and a non slider. There's two kinds of people There's cool people and there's not cool people the cool people They Don't side. science fact. Good morning, Eng Dawn Yeah. This is a new T D chat. It's called gun game and it's Super fun. To this, Team match Let's go. First point for the Red team. Cover me. Xfi Nice shot Oh. Do you know a big boy over here? It down. Free for the Blue team. Nach Reloading. Down Cover me. Kill The blue team is heading to a perfect win. Expired. You got the dual killer. The price I'll do it reloading. You're a girl. I like to hunt down Mike gets one at a time. A baby's kind of a gun. Okay. Sick second, Blue team victory And he did it with all the love and support of his team couldn't have done it without us. Nice job To the sky. so toxic. Just doubled everyone's scores going into this game. It's still UN laggy and my right you guys feel that what you have to do you have to download download Oh, how do you? see I'm doing? that? How do you more? Let's go? down Mora dot com Now dot com. Download dot com. Download more ramps The blue team has scored for the first time. Alright. Turn it down. Reloading. Nice shot Killing spree for the blue team. There's no, there's no. If you look at that kid. I feel like we got one. Cover me. Behind That's. fired when you die, you should go back a gun. And I would like to. Game Only like 10 minutes matches. Start it down. That Okay. Enemy down I Red team doesn't have a lot of time left. It's gonna be hard. I'm on a revolving. Man this guy's really no, I don't know what you. Kill Yes. Reloading. Killing spree for the Red team DBS Expired. Varsity a revolver and body shots. This Winchester just stopped me I can't even got it already. I got fucking. Kill I need them to get in to get younger. honestly the remote. Oh, it's a. People up, but I can't finish. Half of the match is over and the blue team. You cover me. Reloading. Killing spree from the Gretchen. Oh, no, you don't. Oh, Run in there. Yes. Fire Oh man. that's. got him Hey, I'm on the hand hand. Nice. I'm in there and there's two of them. blue team's victory. crossbow dude. I did one shot with that crossbow across the like all the way in head shot. Hey, do you guys wanna go again? you wanna go again? Yeah. I'd be all for it. That's not him. not him. That's not. Where's the res? All of the stars on. You know what I'm just gonna sell it. I'm just gonna say solo. It's what I do. Sometimes, Joe it look with A thousand stars Joe you're the man. Thank you. It's the real tempo. Team match Let's go. The blue team has scored for the first time. Oh my God he's hit back up. Cover me. Me down. Reload No, it's. Cover me. No mercy. Killing spree for the blue team. Oh my God. They all leave. Reloading Killing spree for the blue team. The team doesn't have a lot of time left. Killing spree or the blue team. Expired. Hmm. Down nice shot Cover me. It down. Half of the match is over and a blue team is in the lead. Get him get. Talk down Blue team victory Back Pretty sure that's a pro player for tempo. That guy was insane. Yeah New Game mode Buck. I just walked in on this dude, I'll get wrapped up in this game. What's up? man? What's up? what's up? Team match Let's go. Reloading The blue team has scored for the first time. Killing spree for the blue team. No one likes you dude. I'm just kidding. And That corny. Cover me. No mercy. Enemy down Killings free for the Blue team. Expired. It's one dude. Man. I need to take it off as soon as you fire dude. One day I love. Good shot. Blue team is about to end. Half of the match is over and the blue team is in the lead. Expired. Fuckers To me, Well, how do you know he what he does that with his mom? Disgusting you know. Target it down. It's all you and me too. Killings free for the Blue team. Reloading. It's breaking them all the way up. It's getting and. oh no get the pan. don't want to you. You're buttt had got him with that. Don't let him kill you when he. Shotgun I. 10. Nice What do you want? It's gonna be hard to get the. Maybe You guys could victory. Oh my goodness gracious. Guys. please look at all these links and get a town with that stuff guys. the links and chats of Bozo. No no guys. Can't he can't even done it? Yeah. Patrick. we've won. We've won a few yes yesterday, my first my very first gun game ever we want it. It was great. It's are we mad tonight. it could be. I think we might need the interested in becoming a Mod. Let us know we are looking for a few more few people have become available recently. Thompson Team Match Let's go. First point the Red team. Oh, Enemy down Turn it down. Go mercy Cover me. Enemy down shoot at me. the killings for the blue team the bad guy. Two Damn bro. What the fuck? Show me like two times and I die What the fuck you talking to. Be careful, I'm sorry. Nice shot a pussy. Kill I can't get a kill. Reloading. I'm really sorry. No, you're not hey the book was calm down killing spree for blue team. Come down. I hate this fucking game. He's a guy. Killing spree for the Red team. Expired. Go. Wow. My gosh, oh my God. the is about to win. Don't stop stealing my ques. I didn't do it. I just right here. dude. Me. No way. Don't know you better not. Oh my God. Son of a mother. No mercy. Ah, If you're done, let's get it done half of the match is over the blue team is in the. Bro. I'm really sorry what. Nice shot I'm about to rage, don't do it dude. It's so bad. No. Bro. I'm I'm trying not to raise the poker. Bro if he hit me with this man, I swear I'm going to race. Get the pan after it. Nice shot bro. How many. the pickles? Over here, no, no no you're gonna hit me. Better not. Come here Come here don't kill him don't kill him his victory. baby let's go. I'm really sorry. I'm just kidding you're getting guys. What's so awesome? Dude Morris, This is gun game dude. Yo What's let's play some game bro. On I am going to send this information to. the admins and Team let's go. Reloading. It's point for the Red team. Expired. Reloading. Place is. Cover me. Dorsey Reloading. Nice shot Do that? team is a good? Enemy down Mark it down. Enemy down Oh, There's no reason to think on this. Fired Look. Talk to where they are. Those angles. Cover me. The team is about to win. Bling spree for the Red team. Me down. Half of the match is over and the blue team is in the lead. Killing free for blue team. What the? I'm stuck to the shotgun. Kree for the blue team. Killing spree for the Red team Blue team victory. It's these games get really frustrating. and I mean really frustrating. So what's up? Daniel Sparks? Ready up. Yup. The man let's chill out. Com. Team match Let's go. Blue team has scored the first time. 10. reloading. But there is no way. Down Me. The wrench unstoppable. Enemy down Loading Oh, Expired the blue doesn't have a lot of time left. Enemy Nice shot Who steals a tummy what's hurt? Target it down. Down Now, you got this. I just was 16. Half of the match is over the Red team is in the lead. Killing spree for the Red team. Red team victory Gigi did. Oh, my goodness gracious. Season 12 and I see going on. dude, it's gotten really good. shaky. It's no joke. no joke. It's windy. Everyone's been pretty good. Team match Let's go. First point for the Red team loading Against us, there's one guy we just played with his against us now from pouching. Nice shot Cover me. Expired. 10. Enemy down Reloading. Nice Cover me. Reloading. Cover me. Expires. Go mercy Turn it down. The Red team is about to win. oh my. Enemy down Half of the match is over and the blue team it's in the League. Bad spot I guess. Fired Oh my God I need to Connor. Red team victory No way. No. Dude, what is up? with Facebook? Again, Team match Let's go. First point for the Red team. That's the guy who won last night playing against him there you. Expired. No mercy. Reloading The blue is unstoppable. Clear. Yikes. No mercy. Turn it down. Go first. Oh, Killing spree for the blue team. Enemy down The team is unstoppable. Killing free for the Blue team I actually I don't play Call of Duty. Expired. They're ready doesn't have a lot of time. half of the match is over and the blue team is in the lead. Shot There's 545 days. load expired. P Kill So, Mark the location. Cover me. That's him. Loading Cover me. Loading Cover me. Blue team victory Did you? Charles you that's awesome. She's. And I'm just gonna do one more myself and then dude honestly I just wanna fucking Solo Squad and I need to restart my stream because this viewership is bad. I'm gonna restart it. You're back. Cracking Hi guys. What's cracking? cracking lacking my brother.