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Cigarettes. Where. The Don't. don't use you to escape in my fingers out the door. once you have. it, you don't have me anymore. Honey Yo What's up Pickles Army? What's up Welcome to today we have a PMW L play stream today so. So anyway, what's up chat? what we live, We got Raccoon with us tuned. We're gonna go over the top five plays for PM WL East and West. so. we're gonna play a few games first and once we get some more people in here, we'll go ahead and do it and what is that Holy Moly. It's it's Tuesday today guys. There's nothing cool about Tuesday but we're here The James Beverly Joseph Albert. We ran to into Willie Mustafa Gustavo with 200 stars Scott with A hundred Jeri Escobedo Jackie My life look at all you guys send him to Shasta Oops. guys if you want to check out more information on the PMW, please don't forget. check out that link That's in the comments if you use that link to go follow your Mobile eSports on YouTube. you're helping a brother out so go get it done. 500 stars What's up Victor? let's do it. The way guys, it's not a big deal at all, but I got this new title. It's PubG part so yeah, I actually noticed that I wanted to ask if you have that or if you just got the no. yeah, it's pretty that's pretty good man. They don't give this to everybody. if you weren't getting recognized for pretty much everyone in New York. so I wish gun game was up with that. Why is it do this? Why is he doing that? Chuck? Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah oh wow Turn it down. Cover me. Nice shot reloading. I'm gonna go. No mommy. I tell everybody. I better be burrito for it. I like burritos I love riddles. Reloading. The great. player. Myles you did that so I know I nice shot. I try to turn on. let's go. I'll do when they're dirty. You gotta go up there. They're so dirty, it'll be a little sweaty. That guy killed me with his TV. I'm not okay with that. Oh, by the way this is the Christmas tree. Yeah, I know it's it's just a just today. Target it down reloading. I suppose to get. But that's you. what you say. Oh, dad What. It expired okay. Come on DC children. on the field. I have one. someone save me. Free for the Blue team. Help me I'm waiting to expired. I got you. that's. so nice. It's okay. It's okay No mercy no empty. dad. What what if you do? Yeah? Yeah. Yeah. Thank you. Thank you. okay. It's okay. I'm right here. You're about to win the Red team doesn't have a lot of time left. Floating You love it. Team Blue team. Yeah. there. Gracias Adios It's another. Try it tonight. I miss you. Let's get it done dude, let's go to the studios. What's up? Wendy Gustavo Thanks for tuning the stars. I'm doing great. I know Kermit. I know. Oh, you can literally jump around in a circle up here if you if you choose to you can I like that. do whatever you want. pub G Mobile. Have it your way right? No disrespect your opponent in any manner you choose. and if they're like, Hey man, I bet you he's gonna that left one and then you jump right and they're like Oh man. it hit me with the plank I hate he hit. he killed me. He disrespected me. He is too. Nick I can only. It is dressed up again tonight. Dude. He's addicted. I gotta have a sit down and talk with him. He was the There's the solo on the right. Was the rest of you? Where's the rest of his teams? What did you get? I'll never land in front of me like that ever again? Do it? No no. He's almost dead You got him. I'm coming. I'm coming for that. That Anything. It won't let me get the reaper here. The door is not like you come touch it. It's door will not allow it won't allow me. Do it, I dare you ain't got it? Oh he has it. Oh Jesus. He's got a big blue balls. Close that There's someone upstairs here. Thank God. That's. What a turd? Let's do it didn't even one time I had no idea what it is. Guys, we're not boycotting Chinese stuff. we're talking about debatable politics and controversial stuff politics. Get out here with that if we boycotted Chinese products. I don't know what the hell I'm doing right now. I'd have a phone no computer, no shoes. What do you want me to do? I have no camera? Do you have a do you love iPhone? What are you gonna do it? Dude? Do you want to be $9000? I don't. keep those keep that shit up if you're a bike you've ever. What are you doing? Your boycotting hate I can get behind that dude. That it yeah. pretty quick here I got supplies. Alright, let's. This is the only life you can come and watch where we get Dobbs without even caring at all. Yeah. we're like whatever guys that's really doing at all, just shreds your people. How's everyone's Tuesday. I'd like to see it. Why do people say Stevens? Not everybody's smart, which is okay. If everybody was smart, no one would be smart, You know what I'm saying. I'm very well it is. I'm not a. But I know right from wrong and I hope I hope. That What's up Kyla putty? How do you get partner? Can you explain you have to receive an email that says hey, we're inviting you to become a partner. That's it. there's no way to. try for it. There's no way to submit for it. just the world, the world's gonna know. Wow. I'm supposed to say I didn't do that but. Here's a six X and everything you could ever over here that guy was definitely real. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Who knocked him with that butt? I think this guy over here down in town knock them. He heard us. More Was that no? It's okay. Watch out. He's not showing me. Watch out you're taking that. Watch out You hear that Mark. Marked the location. Oh my God. it's so get rid of it. You mean. PubG screw it that never happened. when you heard it was an illusion. You go eat something here. He's up. There you go. I don't think it is. And everybody in this scene too, let's go. You first to score of the day. We're gonna clutch this. You have a big shot of mods today who are already answering the same five questions they have to answer 300 times a day. I love you guys. It's too much. You guys are champions. Oh, I've had a full time. I'll show you. Oh, Alright the rest. I'm gonna I'm gonna. between Andreas. so there's gonna be two and could be to you. I'm gonna I'm gonna go so he could crabgrass. Hess at first. If you want watch out. What's up? Coming from the right. and there's his buddy. Kill this man Where is he I must know that I can Mark the location. Yes. he was. crawling. Yeah you. No why'd, you do that dude. a couple of shots that you can't do that dude. I see him up here marked the location. Yeah. he's just sitting there. He's nope. He's got some balls and I'll give him that. They I care about a new idea. There we go. Oh what how many people? oh my God? I can't dude. I'm thinking there's a lot three people. There's like there's like four you got thirsty. Yeah. I can't count dude. Sitting here thinking oh this guy. Can you tell PubG to choose put himself? No? no no you can't you? Just have to be real. I mean, really cool. Who's ranked one in P W L, which division there's two divisions. You left, I got. The players right now are actually this side of the world, the highest stats. Half grip for spray It's good. It's great for long distance angle grips great for close encounters whipping it out just a tiny bit quicker than your opponent. That's one extra bullet you got on your buddy snatch you. also probably have it for. Potatoes. potatoes that was mashed potatoes that was awesome cheesy. Dude, you're spray is sick so good. You're just so good. My gosh dude. Yo thanks bud. Dude, that was crazy. See was juicy That was so good, Oh man. Yeah the crowd goes wild like that. that was good. First game of the night I'm feeling it. This blue electronic dreads are just so awesome. so That's that's that's that is the best outfit. I don't know. I know it's it's the mate. It's if I if I were to put as much money as I could out one time, I thought would be the one. It's the NATO. Yeah. What Ping I get 20 in North America. Oh yeah. Check it out. dude and let me wear your mask. you know. so. yeah. that's cool. Am I gonna go for the outfit? Kyla You have a bill for the farewell, so I'm wearing. The goose, it's all maxed out too. This new outfit on the suits there's going to bore in the future. We'll drain your Bank account. That I will probably get. There are people with us everywhere. Snipers. You know. Put on. Making this Yeah. There they are. Hated myself, I'm gonna shoot somebody and you say it. They're pushing me. Side here. It's never a good idea. Mashed potatoes of all of you. A headshot of a little bit. Got the buddy on the story. Right when I want to shoot? He was so perfectly that's. I would have been a whole. I'm just gonna die with you. Oh, my gosh. Sorry for the cursing, oh my God. I just can't stop when you start. Hey, you get excited. Nobody can blame you. It's like a very subtle excitement too, though it's like oh F word. What's up? Heather Miss you girl. Okay, Kylie It's Jeremy I spent about eight hundred 900, maybe more on the pharaoh. I don't wanna look. Really, I don't I don't wanna look. yeah I kinda I kinda did the math Christine. It's about. it's just about a thousand. The two upgrades that did offline. Alright, I guess it's my turn the clutch game. See yeah. dude. That's. I am waiting. Come on you. laying it on you. I'm gonna guess. no. yeah There. you're gonna be a Christian. there's not much So guess. you know I mean there's nothing else on the map. power plant. you're either hiding or in your game or you're leaving mid steam. There's so many players that drop power plants. And the mid game. just watch it right check It might be coming up. Yeah, it's that direction. I'm just gonna run right through the Red zone real quick. Okay, You're not a pilot. you'll be alright. Oh my God. Well, let's see what. no. That was a bot. It's crazy. Oh, you know what it was. That's pretty cool and I just I just sit there just. It's a trap. Yeah, Mark Mike His name is pickles. It's my name. she's the Ellis. Actually, buck is met Pickles. I mean a raccoon. This is the chili. A lots of love and she loved that it was great. Oh, he's not kidding when he says that she's just cuz she's literally sitting right there not even a foot from him. Yeah. she's killing you. Supervising everything. She's a bodyguard, then when it comes to the House, they're just they're not supposed to be there. So bad that guy. There you go. Hello. it's me. It's good to start, alright dude. I can't say that we're done. That's. That and ugly. One cool thing with you. Exposed Let's leaves. Mark your spot. Oh shit. Oh. hey man. Chips. Is that a nope? It's good. I wish. Gave up all This is what you get when you underestimate. His own, I mean his own teammate. Oh man he don't even know what day it is. I was working. Put his work here He was I was working two kills. that guy had two. You were his second kill. Oh, it's up Garrett. He's not the crate was the guy out here. I think it's up. Guys, that was a big rip. we were on fire. that I had to come in. He owes us an apology. I came in and just ruined everything. You're right, dude, I already start off your 50 stars. No worries man many, I try to make me die that game. to be not to be. Yeah, you like that. Don't you. Number six player in the world. JB. You're welcome to message one of my men with some of your info. if it's true, I wouldn't mind playing with you if you're somewhere on the other side of the world, though we're not gonna have like I can't plant server can't play on like I'll just lag to be and then you play my. one flag. Why I like all in. I've been playing pub G the day it was really. Okay, It's like we get those. yeah. The last time cuz there's some. time. It's so hard. You know when somebody's mad that guy's pretty mad, this guy's pretty good too. To this box had God Ble. It looks like you raccoon beats the Ninja every time. Don't Don't. Oh man. No, I went back and read that I stole it. Yeah that they landed they landed right on it. You can't even hear me talking. I was so sad. I'm there's so much like a interference between the guys. Yeah. we were throwing a little hard too. We're kind of in a playful mood. That's so good. We got 15 viewers look at us dude. Baby I'm Christian Center. Oh my gosh, it scared me. Dude Garrett Did you guys do list on magic and fury and growth viral and standard and it's gone. That way. Standards broken Where. Lucky we live that guy up he kills us. Yeah, I am horrible driver. I'm getting there. Good shots. Yeah, don't like how on Earth. Not that's for sure. On it. It's like crazy, dude dummies right. Oh, he was reloading, too. How did he do that? got lucky on? Bummer We're working on Pickles means heck, yeah. You are playing with hacker This morning putty. Oh no. Yeah, I heard him as I did, but. I'm over it. Into the third story in Maine. Yeah, it was such a good dude. It's. oh for this match guys. Stay tuned. We're gonna be doing top five plays of the we're gonna start with no we're gonna start with the East. Wanna see top five plays Video by a sponsored pub G Mobile event. Stay tuned. What's up Dean? I'll say, are you on. Don't forget if you guys wanna follow PG Mobile on YouTube or click that link that's in the pin comment. And go watch all of the games live on that channel. You're right. Do you show up first? I promise. I think so loud. Yeah. A whole world is your shooting. It's very flammable, I will get done. There's no recourse. Guys, please don't ask for you see on my channel. That's too hard. My shots supposed to be. And around that way. Not confident with the no longer in the. I am in the same boat kind of. Don't know why I think that's ever gonna happen in a million years. It is not show me show me. they're pushing me right now. We needed that. Going for this. watch out. Kermit look at you're getting to hang out just fine dude. Because this is how I this is how this is I shot. Good raccoon I get you every time. Take me to the group. Right now. That idea wasn't it. You did the bad didn't you. That drop. I like how we sprayed back at him like in think. That was great. Thinker good looking. I dropped the eight X by the way. Hawaii Ales Gopro Jonathan and Sharp at the 50 Stars Goodman. All right, we got to run. Oh my God we gotta run. No dude, Oh, it's not that bad. I got this experimental into for cut out. I didn't see any of the new one. Yeah. it's it came out. Okay, now, I don't mean yeah. I'm not too sure if it's just the reloading or maybe a full. It could be some. I give it a give it a little while you'll make a video about it. Oh, no, I hate my life I I hate so much stop shooting at me. stop it. I don't see that. I'm not safe. That needs to be taken out. It is. I can't shoot somebody without getting a third party. Oh my God. Oh. No good. Let's go again. You wanna just go let's go to It's good to it. Let's go, let's go play some Ramos it'll be fun. Kurt. I'm gonna step away if you're like a second, I will grab a bottle of water. In guys, If I'm not answering your question. it's certainly asked in my moderators should answer it. Dude. I'm so sorry, but people ask me the same questions A million Times a day. No one wants to hear me answer those questions. Okay. Catch you later Kermit is that case. this is what SK are they like? It's different. I don't I've never heard of them. For the boy I pickles Pickles people. so much what's cracking. It's too much. What's that's what's going on. No. I'm not. I'm playing pickles. are you playing with come to our squadron? Go easy on. Oh, you're doing good. Yeah. No you can't. I'm the one I should say you should go easy. Is it that easy on the run? I can't breathe I guess I can't breathe, I got a knee on my neck. It wasn't. it's so casually said I can't breathe. We're going hot. I love it. it's. Is that like the new season' Suresh? No, it's thing. Oh, every time I play Miramar get them succeed. I don't know what it is. I just don't like it. I'm not good with it any single fire. laughing. not good. yeah. I'm I'm too. Midco scope Do you sell it there? It is. probably over a year cuz it's about I don't use them. Oh, I'm so incompetent with the sniper rifle I. I yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Get in there, dude. I was grabbing I'm proud of. And I'm gonna hit the little bills right here. And everyone forgot about it. Hold on. I'm pretty dirty. Here we go. My Daisy Here What's up Daisy? Dean are you using Bluetooth headphones? He has Bluetooth headphones. Bro. Oh, it's a mini thing one of the many hats you wanna go take a picture. Marked the location. What's the highest number of knockouts right now? Oh he's. On the team or for me, It's just too. It is neat dude. It's just Super neat. No, I mean it's done now. Done. Oh, so we're. You know it's gonna be different every game like I answered one the other day. I was like how many what's the city with the most kills right now you have to keep guessing until you got it right. Don't do Bluetooth. What's up? dude? I see you Bud. Tyler Rob People on the main. Oh, my God Someone landing right now. We have on the side. Oh no. That kind of stuff would have killed me. I better. That it's got that big boy. Yo how much I got, I've got 27. Oh am I stuck here No, there's no to the bottom. Your boy is thirsty tonight' Sorry, I can't help it. How much is too much is about a thousand dollars a thousand? So the last I think the last player in that TV. Sometimes you just gotta crouch walk through an open field. No Where is this guy right? Let's go get a bully. Sir Sir Excuse me What is your Bab? Are you playing with me? invite? please sir. Give me free. how was the guys No. Guys the biggest day of our life is here in order to tighten gel. Or someone that is guys. You can order it now. Jeez Give her a report of people believe me get on a guy on steam just drop. tall guy. Check it out. Kinda good. What is it? Come on come. Team Liquid They are they bad or something are they big, man or big? Making weird noise. Booed up our mora. Hey, that's not cool. Is doing well, I'm. You don't care how. Animal and a pickle come up to you. Oh wow, That sounds cool. Alright, we got a buggy. location. Sorry marked the location. It's a Catherine. What is the Pharaohs memory card? Do you get a thousand coins in you're able to just buy the suit or you can even give it to someone. That's what the card is. so you just buy the card and then use the car if you want to for yourself. Otherwise, it's a point. Point nine eight. percent Chance 20000 A thousand Derek Talk about Shasta Cola How did you do it? dude? What did you do that? This drops right here. I'm gonna snag it. Marked an AirDrop. get in here. I wonder if we have more witnesses this one. that's. Definitely when you saw the Murderous man On a pickle, it's it's a it's an absolute. It's an. Someone just dropped from a parachute on top of the building right really close Holy Cow. That's weird. Yeah. Oh my God I hate you. I'm not I know I know. It's a good thing you've heard. Are you an angle? Are you watching? Where do you have an angry with you just made me? Something for you. Oh he's gonna he's gonna make it on that one. way. there's no way. They're actually is a this is Buddy. Dude, that's O P dropping out of the sky and being like surprise you. Justine them. The first time around I didn't think that he would just start shooting at me immediately. Jesus. No don't do that. We did that last night, Yeah, I know. Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Guys the pickles in chat talking as pickles. That's not me. It's one of my main admins. Sometimes it just makes them talk as me or to change. I wish they would make that easier, but. Or we can try this and do that thing. It's gonna be too crazy. Let's just open it. This little dude. Sparky Is that the You and raccoon had a sleepover and am I gonna be able to have a slow loudly crying loudly crying tears of joy, tears of joy. Dude time John You know my schedule. You need to. I don't have a gun. That's still yours. I just a tiny bit more stuff I'd be. going to push all that. The car. Tommy and in seven. Are ready to take this? No. No. no, I thought which ones you don't want. I'm gonna take in seven. I've already got it for. It. No helmet a gun so let's get it let's pull up that thing takes off. Alright. drop. You know if you drop to come in and just dive in on it. It does seem like it's kinda campy, but it's fun. I mean you could drive around for three hours and you get the same amount of kills, sometimes that whatever I am. Hebert get out of my dude. Your friend got banned from PG for sniping. Dead people there's they're here they're here. Oh, it doesn't let you take that okay. And see me on there. Out Whoa. Holy Cow. oh, dude don't. We're. They're good. That's a rough pull up, pushing those things at the it's a Super deal. they're already on top. Bye. I guess I don't have a wonderful time and you're right here. I don't think they can. Oh my they're trying to they're trying to be smart and they go. What sucks? Alright dude While you finish this, I'm gonna do my BMW thing. All right. Alright guys. let's watch the pm W L West top five plays. Beep beep. This is part of the stream is sponsored by Pyle. Here are the top five place. pm WL. East Hurt you. spring is always amazing. I get that full spot. Who? Oh my God. DTR Oh, my gosh, that was nice. Oh man. Wildlife I those who does that. Oh my God. Alright, that was guys, it's top five plays to those are those were sick. Alright since he's doing that, I'm still a match just cuz that's what I wanna do. Guys. Stay tuned if you guys wanna see PM WL. West Top five plays. I'll be doing that here in probably two or three games. And guys don't forget to check out if you guys wanna watch the PM WL click the the pinned comment. There's a link there that shows you how to get to the. She's had to get to the pub G Mobile Esports YouTube channel. Sorry guys hold on now. Here we go. My shirt is name He followed me. He follows my page on Instagram. It's madness And Company Basco, something like that. same made my my logo. what's? Give me a give me good. What? Oh my God. That's gonna help me. Right there. No. Give me that. Millions tries to pick that stuff up man. Oh I do use gyroscope. I feel like I'm in this outfit. I guess so. And Egypt, part of Africa. It is a real pickle I dude. it's I mean. the games are okay, but like three silly silly mistakes in a row. It's just it's embarrassing. It's okay. Hello. How are you hello? Hello? How much did you spend it? give me your outfit about a thousand dollars? seriously? Yeah. Damn wow. That's dope though man it's nice. Thanks bro. That's good man. Good luck man. What's up man you too. I'm your mom. I'm pickle. I'm a Holland. Me versus you TDM. Down Excuse me one here you're here. They're pushing me. Too much. So much. I wonder if that just is here too. No, I'm full see I'm full. You know, thanks for four hours. Drop my ID. I it's indeed of every video I'm K followers guys and 200. friends list slots. You guys. I ask to join my friends list. It's. Are you challenged me to play in a room? I'm so honored who are you? It's cool, There's pickle. No. it's not that's not real pickles The people's bro. that is I don't know what the real real people is. That's not the real one dude. I don't even know the real is so that's a cool title. He probably cheated to get it dude. Oh, well know who. I like the tree. Once I know who we'll talk about it all in. You're number 3550. This month. Let me that dude used to be able to do there. Kill them all them in the car and they appreciate it Temple and they cut his hands. That's awesome good job. I've died so it's going too soon a handful of times. it's been awesome. What's up? Karen? Dude, I'm sorry back. Get frustrated when watch me spectate you back out. About that life. Come on. Streaming it's 1030. I'm gonna ride this wave right to like midnight one AM. It's about an hour and a half more. Come on sneeze. Okay. Got away. Level three armor. Sometimes we sometimes I don't focus as much as I could. It comes with the comes with the territory. Oh fudge. that's real. There you are. God. Camping of the whole time dude. Never heard a peep that a positive. That fun dude, yeah, That was good. That's a good point. Coon probably had to go anyway. Oh, don't don't do that. Okay. I'll catch you later later Raccoon peace. Took you a bad boy? Thank you. We are at one K, we've shown it one K. if you're just tuning in my name is pickles. and I like to shoot all the bad man and we. we like collecting chicken dinners. and conquers since way back when and I'm. So if you like shooting all the Badin stay tuned. He was shown that he was shown that tent move forever. Never heard two sets of sets. Yeah here in the same guy if you go to. if you go to Instagram, you'll. It's okay. What are you doing? Why are you doing? This is a. Go. get it. Remember, I remember my name remember you don't have to you already know it baby. Oh. Yeah. Oh, Do you guys still got a vest? it'd be real? Here we go. Yo it's Andy. Want that? I hit the twins. Get in. you don't in here. give me some fives. Give it to me. Good gracious to me. With the I guess. We're at I can't go, I can't push this. I don't have enough clips to knock for people. But it's not enough. What's my KD it really bad? because? I've been so squatting a lot like you see here and just dying. fat rips on my KD and and But it's alright. I love it. Bro is this what is life go? You don't need 30 vans. This is where buttt usually shows up. Come on by. Come here come here. No. No. Don't you do it? a little over corrected? It's got a villa. Go check it out. What's between N a and Asia nothing? There's absolutely no difference. Besides the people who play there. It's just a server it hosts the game, depending depending on how far the server is from our location. You're latency will be good or bad, so that's why they just make a bunch of servers in different locations to serve the entire world or majority of players so they can have the best gaming experience. It's not to compete if you guys wanna compete. Guys wanna compete just play in the BMW. It's not expected. Are they better or something by people play safer? I mean you're in my stream. I'm dropping hot so squatting pushing compounds in myself. I don't know who's playing it ain't me and it ain't those guys that just killed me. I don't know. I think it's just rumors people are like, Oh it is easy. because they can only see like two inches in front of their faces and since they're bronze five on every server they don't play. They go play that for five minutes, they're like Oh they're all nudes. Actually, What's up David? Wants me to play there, but why if I? Oscar if people don't understand people are new to gaming and they don't know what they are for so they just they just think that. they're meant for rivalry or something they're not. Please don't vote for UC Don't beg for anything and chat. Napoleon Dynamite Swoosh dude, you said yesterday and that's awesome man. I love to hear that. and. I'm back. I'm a teacher. I on it. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. huh Come and see Emma. What Bob it's okay. I'm Hey, Pecos. Hey, we're gonna have some sex. yes my heart. who doesn't. No idea where they landed not good. Oh look at me. dude. give me a good bro. Where are they? We'll take the time for the extended. Oh, my God and I lose sound. People around me. Dude I'm out here. destroying my ring just out here destroying my KD. We're just not ready for tonight. I'm just haven't anything great in like 17 games. let's hit TDM. Holy Cow. What are my stats right now? Horrible. Down I'm gonna have to win this game for you guys. Huh. cover me. Mark the location. The Red team is in the lead. Flair reloading. No. Target it down. Watch out. 10 enemy down. Expired cover me. And feeding it. no mercy marked. Reload it be careful you're losing the game the Red team is about to win. And down cover me. reloading. The Guilty Reloading. Bad The Red team is in the lead. No mercy. Nice shot No mercy. It's free for the Red tea. You're good, It's live. Hey, joining this live that are already losing. How many have I went through so many? Two or three months or six weeks. It sucks. You guys, I've bought adapters. on many actors. There's Apple stores pandemic. Amazon sold out of them of them for some reason. telling me these refurbished ones, which do suck so don't buy you'll have to. Get my own damn game. Team match Let's go. The team has scored for the first time. Dude. Enemy that's annoying dude, it's camping. Fuck nice shot reloading. Really bad today. Fucking move dude Killing spree for the Red team. We're not here today. Chad We're not good. Expired. Wow. God dang it dude, they're everywhere. Cover me. Xfi Target it down. Go Marty reloading. Oh my God. Stretching is in the lead. Put it down and they think kill. 10 Nice shot cover me. Bloating Feet down dude And they're pretty good, but my teammates are not helping me dude. I got two kills they have 70. It's only one other guy, but they're just teaming up on it. Nice shot Half of the matches and the Red tea on the lead. Dad reloading. She's good, know who that is, but he's good. So it's gotta keep warming up. Dude, she's good good for her. There. Kill Shot Oh, An enemy down. Expired. Nice shot cover me. Be careful you're losing the game Blue team doesn't have a lot of time left. Talk it down. Reloading. Enemy down Cover me. It's good, I gotta stop killing spree for the Red team. Jane was good. Strange random girl. no level. or anything. It's weird. Good morning Bonita Team match Let's go. Sport for the first time. Nice shot reloading. Expired. Cover me. It down reloading. Down 10. Nice shot cover me. Kill reloading. Cover me. And killing spree from the blue team. Clear. Cover me. Target it down. Blue team is in the lead. Reloading. Killing spree for the blue team. Whoa. That's good. Karen Dad. No mercy. Cover me. Half of them is over and the blue is in the lead. Cover me. Great about to win the bloom is heading to a perfect man. Reloading. Cover me with a fist. Blue team victory How much of us in this game? And enough to buy like a luxury car. 30000 20000 by 30. more. What time is it 11? To do this. in fact, Let's go, Ramos Yeah. Take Ramos. How many of you let's build up a few more viewers and we'll do it? let's do it. Justin Catherine welcome back man has been a while. What's up Jake? Or my God. Oh my God. It's another one back up. Oh, no you ain't going on. am I hacking. yo man, but there is not. a sense. What? How much money you guys fucking spend on the suits about a thousand dollars? big fan. It's. how did you do this partner title or you have to play Asia for a hundred people depend on okay? Okay. Take a bite The No like this are you wanna be in here. Do you no more? no more substantial. It's smarter. You're not mortal your mouth. Oh so you're let me know him know him. He's Jonathan. It's Martin this Jonathan. Ah there is many lovely lovers here Give me that too. Here. C'mon. You. They think. Good old fashioned Oh, no, they seem bro. Oh good old-fashioned. Think bro Don't. As service toxic, oh no. I mean I'm in Dallas. because I was too excited. That's. Dude come on put me in a match bro. Good luck crying and that. Play in Asia Play it. Yo pickles What's up bro? Pickles What's up? I wanna eat your fucking car. I'm I don't even care. Oh, I'm gonna die so quick don't worry about it. Where are you landing? Where do you need a what are you going? I can't say you're gonna kill the hell out of you. You don't no. no. five G I don't know what the fuck I'm saying. Come on. Where are you? I'm looking? I wanna eat your fucking. I wanna eat your pocket exactly bro. I want you. Ice cream ice cream, Where Are you landing? Where are you at? with no team? No team that nope No Pickles Yuki nickel. Let me let me let me tell you please. I'll take you need to put. you there. on. it's okay. Okay, USA. Oh number two you're gonna jump. Oh nice for those snipers. I love it. Kansas City shuffle. Who wants to play? Oh, yeah. Oh. yeah. Oh boy. We're probably gonna get guys just be careful. We gotta move a lot. Sorry. Oh boy. People coming down from Castle on the on the side with water. Yeah, I go along. Another one. Give me one more. Tons of five G's and all the stuff in those dead bodies right here right in front of me. And it's nerve wracking. She's the best we got. You guys. I just showed myself to pretty good because I can shoot. Who's that they got Collins is it smoky? What was that? yeah? Everybody's got almost. It's amazing. Oh. At the but I got one too. This guy very well. Yeah, he did his friends weren't that great so that they. it. We should go push. before. they push us. As President, I got supplies. You're not. I can pick it up for you. It's. I have been here. I don't know. Illinois and Texas. I'm Luciano last Louisiana, Louisiana Always. ඔන්න It can't be. You don't have to draw. Have to draw the draw the draw the draw. Oh, no, I try not. too much. I don't like having a Texas accent I have to. This both garages were Andy. I carry out the price for. Check out Myrtle He's the best guys that I don't watch the Indians streamers. I didn't speak. I don't even speak their language. Yeah. I've tried tuning in the mortal and it's a. speak speak Hieroglyphics man. A lot. I do I have my button and I have it for a few seasons in my UI. so I got a I got to write the pub jeans tell them what's going on. I don't know what the fuck over. Our yeah. no one else wants to I got it. got a bad man over here. They're real. Oh my God. Over there, yeah, there's rocks there's big rocks Watch out. You might get that revive before you get there. Flip your Oh, Do you want it? You. Thanks Victor Holy Cow. Is in the lobby. And there's a there's a really good spot here. It's probably gonna put this. I'm sorry, I don't wanna say anything in the language. I don't know so I'm sorry. I don't wanna repeat something that might be hateful. Are you really yeah? okay? I just wonder what they're like what is he talking to? I thought you guys were listening to all chat was I was giving me a huge full. They're they're gonna be for us. Back in the Woods. Twitch Facebook. I'm a I'm a partner, pub G Mobile streamer. I feel so honored been 249 and a. I'm good and level. No dripping, I'm sorry girl. Oh, I got some dirty dirty girls and chat. There it is. That was it. As a club open. plan, parachute, whatever. marked the location, we're in a bad. oh nice. Revives yeah, he's gonna on that. Oh wait. It's it's we might get marked the location. Yeah. They've got a car. Got an extra four Electra extended MAR And Yeah, that's it. My Yeah. Anything on this A W. I'm kind of. where are you? I can't get it? It's on you. alter her out of the bed. I need consumables. That is my friends. Yeah. What the? Oh, Where that smoke is. From the other way, That's it that's it. Gotta heal another grab you. And go. You ready, I'm scared. I think we should leave. You're crazy. Come get us. you're not. Watch out Yeah. And people come on top of us. We're gonna be. I see you. Watch out. Marked the location. So I just left. He's marked the location. Yeah, they're in the Mark the location that power. What why would you do that? Oh the circle. Yeah. That's the only move it's good. on top. We're gonna meet a lot of people there. Jake Guys, I'm me. Oh boy behind us to towards the tents. Just failed out of this House. now he's in here. Pushed out his way across this guy's. That was me. Through it. Oh, it's on. it's right here. Mark the location. We have guys coming up from the right to 300 ditch. Yeah, I heard him. The ones trying to get out. chris' man. They're gonna oh he was just in that door where you threw them off. it's just one dude. And I'm gonna push on three. Me two seconds. You tell us and you're like it's your House. Let's go. let's go. all we can do here is that. I'm gonna catch him jumping out. Here we go. one of you guys jumping out the window. Make it rain about a thousand dollars for the outfit. Oh, no. Oh Grenade Grenade Grenade. That's dirty, that's dirty I love players. they're over here up to location. Smokes other to the left. You can fight that's fine. Yup. Break off you have to. Gigi's Bros Gigi's Nice show Oh, that's the why they came up on the drop. That's us. he's gonna do it. That's not that out. Yey the random squats, it's kind of fun. I did spend the money a lot of money on the outfit any any donations are much appreciated. I might not might not. You know I get. It's stuck, it's stuck. Try it welle and Well, this is back up. let's go over the PM W L top plays for East Guys. this is a. From God's We are about to watch top five plays pub P M W L West Week Two check it out. He's there. They don't have. All that made it. that was a nice day. Oh my gosh two days at the same time they're. That was sick guys. All right, let's get it done. Long data of okay, No worries girl. Yeah. After this, I mean if you gotta go, it's fine. I'm closing down after this. Hola Bu Mustache I thought I was. Oh, Hola Ola The and up? Yeah? Yeah. No. Got a team who are right number two. I need a weapon. Shoot out of the sky this guy. Help. Holy crap. I was. Are these people here? Oh, that's. One of the guy buddies behind. Fall back on. Guys, you're just joining the top five they were already announced. It's a Rachel. Uncle have a. two. I have a. Oh boy. I dare you to scoop me up in that vehicle. I'd love you forever so much. dude. what number one huh? number. Oh, I'm number one I'm pickles. I thought you would. I'm also streaming now so. I mean just mind your words. I got another vehicle. David. Hey. oh. yeah. Yeah, I gotta heal up. Oh yeah. Oh, Fall back on. Oh man. People right in front, I mean arena. we've got a minute before we got a bust I got up a little bit. I don't know what make it. here. I think. Yeah, let's go. Get that. I think. Go back to say so. I kinda need some blue. Hey guys. it's really troubled. I'm good now. Oh, Watch out Watch out We did a little bit of work together. Are you serious? Yeah? Guns. Someone shoot me. Other Oh, yeah. Dude. One of the one of the vehicle watch out. Watch out one here. Watch out. Watch Out. Watch Out Watch out I've got nothing with that. Oh, he got me. marked the location. Watch out. Oh, Alright guys. Holy Cow, I'm the only one who do damage. Kinda All right, Chad that's my Dream tonight is past midnight and I've got. Go to bed, I have a I have meetings early tomorrow morning so. I will be streaming at two tomorrow is. Thursday so. let me say hi to black fire. And there was and sandals. yeah, that's weird. it is. was cracking baby I'm the fuck dude pit bulls is a partner with the PG. It's all kinds of perks like you can go in the water, reported hackers and stuff what the hell are you do you have to have the X outfit all upgraded are the you know I actually can't. By the stream, but I was gonna say hi black but my guy. it's all good. y'all have fun and some other time. Yeah, for sure. that's for sure. Good luck. Guys. tomorrow, I'll see you then I love you. Bye.