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Transcription de la vidéo
Store Keep. All of the times before the Find yourself better. It's the rein. When I stumble. And that idea. Thrilled It's. Now, Yo what's going on guys? What's up Pickles Army? How's it going everybody? Let me turn this back on today. We've got a we're playing a new game today. Toledo We're playing a new game today, it's called um we're doing a giveaway for $50 Amazon gift card The way you enter is using this link that we're about to pin right now and install this game. And that's all that's all you have to do and you'll be entered to win and here we go let me use this link right here. Make up hold on. There we go so guys use that link below you get you get a chance to win a fifty bucks. There's not too many of you guys who are gonna do this like if a few hundred or even a thousand people do it, which is a lot that's pretty good chance of winning it you have to do is download the thing. Download this. Download this game. We're about to play and I have a code special coupon code that a bunch of. Uh Uh 23 coins twenty gyms in twenty energy, which is pretty cool. What's up? Carlos What's up? James you guys might have seen some of our uh some of my uh other buddies playing this online recently so uh we're on the same train baby. We're gonna be playing some let me see uh and we're gonna be doing this for 2 hours. To turn this a little bit down. There you go. So sweet alright so. so. And the over here to this other screen, so you guys of this game is and welcome everybody. What's the Jonathan of the shark? What's up? Madison Kelly to meet Mila Beverly Nick Pace the heel James, That is a good What's up guys. Iran are things that twenty stars. Thank you awesome. I really just download it. Nice. Madison got it. Jonathan Got it sick? Alright so I actually just in AI just put like the first few levels. And apparently, this is like a shooter game you you you traverse this like little puzzle like levels with enemies and you build your character and you get different gear. you upgrade your gear. your hero. You can change your hero. I'm assuming you have different abilities. Yeah. they have different skills your tax deal more image at HP. So like this guy maybe like a Zert man's, it looks like there's a lot of strategy and oh, and you just have to straight up by some of these heroes. There's this guy's got extras hat you can tell. There's a chance to trigger random power elemental attack. You can tell these guys are OP as heck. Ones and just for just just to say I did it. It's a good one. It's a real show of the real self has powers shadow self hasn't increased attack and attack speed. I don't do don't do it. After you don't need to do anything else, the link that you use If you've use myLink, they will automatically choose a winner. Let me see if I missed it. Remind them. Okay. So I get to choose the winner and what I'll need is your in-game ID. I need your in-game ID. Got it with your email address and Arturo themselves will send you. Address and we'll send out the gift card later and don't forget to use the coupon code free stuff free free free stuff. Can you go now? Test Test test test Okay, good. so I just bought this new character. No. I just upgraded I use a ton of coin already cuz I kinda got a lot of coin. So, let's just. Hero Adventure Evil dungeon There's different there's different places So another plays up in 13 hours. so I'm gonna play. I'm gonna play the hero adventure. So all you do is you move around and you like go to fire. You've been you've disowned with the following and temporary projectile damage reduction when there's more enemies sure. Oh, okay, you're dodging and then you stop. Linus with obstacles. Like that, I'm already seen it here. First you see. And I think it just stays everyone trying to show. I got a new ability. Strike and see Wall or ice. Bouncy walks I don't have a sword. There it is look at. He said, I already died. Supportive measures in there Catherine I don't know it was almost like every now and then like in and out of chat, it was it wasn't it wasn't showing up, but I know there were like there were moments where it didn't it didn't last year. That was weird. Too off, and it's like. Turn it on and off. Who else is who else downloaded the game guys if you want to enter just post the screen right here and chat when you download the game post post your screenshot and shot of your ID and once you do that for the selection process. So once you're all here, the amount of damage of all the enemies nice okay and I get an ability here a tax speed up or heal. I don't think I need healing my health is full. It looks like the more often you stop the more you shoot you a flicks like that. Sometimes, Like if I were to like. Right to work for something I used to if I still like to work. This is what I put it on. I'll be doing that. Invincibility agility or bolt circle the circle like a Little shield, maybe look at that. I need to heal next time. Yeah, the more you the more you Oh, that hurts. Put my Uh On So acquired skills okay, we got it for. I'm gonna die. Oh my God. You know I just I just tell them read it and we chat. I'm gonna zoom out. I'm like so close to my face there we go. A lucky Make-A-Wish after catching up, Yeah, you can't post out here. I'm gonna go with the Obsidian circle um. Do this for me? Well? I've got you guys here. I'm gonna just back out to my main page and post a screenshot on the. On the post that I'm that I'm gonna make right now. Alright guys. So there's a post now whoever wants to win Fifty Bucks just go to that post and post your screen there. It's on my main page. And I'm gonna announce the winners here and. Less than 2 hours an hour and 15 minutes. You just gotta be here when I announced right, you can't go. I'll show you how sorry I. At this. An angel tech boost or heels I'm gonna go for the attack. I'm I'm kind of a full of holes. The command. The Holy Stay away from the Holy Touch. I've got a feeling and I upgraded so hard. Reviving continue with the hero so I had to uh so you get a different. So so long as you have heroes. Oh no. Oh, yeah. And uh. Stage nineteen Ton of loot ton of ton of gyms and experience. Where did I get here? Dude? I'm gonna scrub I have no gear at all. So I can just Oh I have these things. Yeah, I call that dude. So this is a. Sharpening back and forth, and this one is a powerful sight, heavy and slow speed. I'm gonna go for the fast. Rolls I think that's our deal once this a perfect epic. This I guess it's in my pet, I can have a pet like this is my other pets made perfect spirits upgraded I have materials up to these two. Why? 500 Great. They both Oh, they're two different ones. No we're gonna we're gonna get in. That one let's do that. Still don't have I don't have armor rings. I'm waiting for the chicken dinner. Hey guys, post your shares screenshots on the on my main page at the The post. The post is my most recent and it should be pinned. It is the pinned post at the top of my page. That's a lie. That's this thing now hold on it will be in 30 seconds. And you know what I think I can afford more heroes. I'm an idiot for not having all of them. Claim with fifty KI found Green got it got it. Only available during events. Stay tuned girl. I want you more now. It's like an upgrade multiple dudes. It's probably a good idea. Just so I can get through a boss. More coins or you can buy more. Oh, wow. Okay keys for days for this chess of sitting and chests the equipments definitely get one of those let's see what kind of gear. Epic Oh. And I can buy coins for days. Look at all this. Did you guys get your free coins from that coupon? dude? There's a coupon code in my uh description of stream. I'm gonna go and unlock that fifty KI was jealous. Resource boxes for sapphires and scrolls and stuff for upgrades What's this? Laser be. This is I've got that purple stuff dude. Yeah, G's guys. It's pinned it's people are posting on it. It's like it works guys. People are poking. We've got people in for days down here. how many and honestly let's see. Only nine people to one in ten chance to win fifty Bucks, but you guys better get on that now. Now, I wonder if I can get this Uh oh my first ring and rings if I forget dismantles this gear I guess tornado a better one. I don't need. Yeah, I need to post that. Use this coupon code you get the three GS I was talking about. And we'll both of these there. We go. Thank you. Joyce. We're gonna pin the comments uh for uh the coupon. If you guys the link use the link that's in the description of the video to download. For the ring. So the bracelet containing the bring down the wrath upon the uh deals four to seven times random lightning nearby plus one plus eight would add eight to my total attack. I'll put it. It's right so three. I'll put another one and see what happens. Damaged to me, No, I need one that makes more sense. That's an ambulance backstage P. Six. I think that's right. I look at that the best. And what if I can wear the these are bracelets that attacks 71 plus eight and that equipment those that's alright. Oh my gosh. It's got I've got multiple heroes. I can't I can't forget that. I'm gonna throw some of these really good items on my other heroes. Which one's me. Are you studying medicine in visible care and allowing him to be skilled poison? So he's poisoned invisible, probably male dude uh born from fire fire is known about him. It's probably fire accessories. accessories. Thunder And he's a warrior who does more damage at HP. Let me oh there's a fifty K guy. I wanna get him gotcha. This guy I'm gonna get him. Upgrade them. Just a tad, we can make them viable. I'm gonna throw so he's wearing the same series. If the accessories are universal, so all the heroes are wearing the same thing. Joyce Thank perfect. Guys don't forget to uh install the app down below the link is down below Enter to win $50 $50 Amazon Gift card Post It post the screenshot on the post on my front page. It's the pinned post. Go there. post your screenshot and uh I will be announcing the winner at the stream so uh just stick around hang out. let's play this. let's play the shooter for a while. This is a sponsored stream Barr chair so everyone. Them a big shout out for doing this for us. This is awesome. Incredible value once only two bucks for the one-time ten K. In just times ten, So I've got keys, I wonder if it'll just let me open up ten times. All right, let's do this back to the action so there's duo to Nick and I are probably gonna do is on this. In twelve hours so these time limited events Oh, look at my look at my uh. Dude, I got a little deers. I got a little pets. I don't know what it does. Revive coins, I'm watching an ad for the Revive. You gotta be smart. Amazing. Boom. Strike I was doing more damage in my uh my health was low by the way. Multi-shot dude. You. If you guys if you have to use the link to be entered in this giveaway by the way. So what am I gonna get? I guess it's a buff, get a puff attack up. I'll take it and then a reward. um you know. Many for no, yeah. You guys probably don't wanna do this now. Watch me do it. Um, I'll go for the attacks. HP plus 150. Purchasing that's and remove the ads it might get that. I But this guy at the Max HP 150 is that temporary buff. Oh my goodness. And my little my little Minion. HP Booth Australian frost slow down. Speed boost I don't know. Alright. Dustin That's Mike volume is low. Test Does anyone else think it's low or maybe the uh the games overpowering it. let me just test. All right now. I almost wanna come by the battle. You found an angel, the HP booth, give me the 3600. It's a huge boost cuz I was at work. I guess we're gonna find out what it is. Crib give me I got a shield. I got the two okay. I don't need that. Oh, I do stay strong heart or heal. I don't need healing increase heart rate. Oh nice. I got it, Oh no. Game Audio is a little sounds good now. okay. Good. Stage six, I'm gonna go back and get the battle pass cuz. You can unlock talent upgrade from 100 K. I need 105 Oh, I've got plenty of that. We got that. We got that. Boom right. I've created 71 times temporarily. Make you stronger. So, Initial skills, so I just unlocked one of the uh so I can it's 100 110 more look at the other ones. so this one get one skill selection. I guess like the beginning. Level up heal and battle collision damage resistance So these are my total passive upgrades. go there 2016 99¢. Ruins forge for a chance of rare stats. don't forget to tap swap when you see stats you like so it takes five K stuffs you may need more than one so I do a five K right Where's the battles? What if it I wonder if it just throws it in front of you. Pack Uh Oh wow quest for days. Upgrade equipment One time all theses, I got a ton of. Achievements. I'm killing it already. How's everyone doing and I've chapter three and together you know the pickles in the team. Oh okay. Nice choice. Yeah. get past chapter three and we can uh we can play together in a duo. Oh, here it is I'm gonna get it drop all the good stuff. Oh, There you go. There's 10 days left in the season. Get back up there. Um okay, I'm running past level three yet. I'm like loaded. Oh, you can go through with the gyms. What is at the end? Is there anything cosmetic or unique? Just keys tons of coin in this crazy, okay this chest like this one has a um I guess indeed purple item. And you have to get capped out at thirty. let's get let's get it going. You can play with us Samantha, It's got duos. It's it's it's pretty cool. Your starting the arrow, plus one. This wasn't the guy specialized in poison. I think you do make decisions based on your guy on your character so. Down the wall in front two arrows some mixing front is any direction pointing but diagonals. I can't sleep three four skills siders a taxi boost, pure shot and bouncy all no. I shouldn't piercing that would have been. Oh, Those guys hit hard. I wonder if this is something different is this. It is different chapter cleared. Just normal. Ignored I'm gonna read that this game real quick, I got a little delay. It's my it's my uh my streams sound for you. Your arrows I need to put my hair before shooting. My hair my hero out it's so I put out. HBO Besides, maybe rings and bracelets. I think that that's something that I like. I'm destroying things now. What's up Jake? Have you? It's. I'm about to be able to run duos you've met Devil. I want the devil. The sacrificed HP or more. Smart arrows Oh my God. That's okay. The following items for free, it's a thousand steps right. Easy I was stressed I was stressed this game is awesome. awesome. Diagonal arrows bouncy wall I feel like these upgrades are really gonna start compounding. Yeah. Piercing with bounce. Plus one so this you're adding Holy Moly Okay. Uh oh. Destroyed Special reward Boost I'm gonna say HP the devil took 600 back. Uh Nope. Let's do this. Blood thirst does that mean I get to restore you. Guys, This is a sponsored stream. The everyone think our chair for doing this for us if you guys want to enter to win $50 for Amazon gift card Use my link below. download this game and use this coupon code to go for some free gift. I'm so cold out right now, just throwing everything I don't know how much more my tax go up and let's do it. Thank you. Ricochet Holy cow. I'm fired up and say. Sorry guys. My allergies are still getting the i's are so bad guys. Positive vibes guys. Can I see when someone down to the lake? um? The team can III personally don't have that access. Blazing arrows and even more, I got a feeling I got. Adding to defense defensive stuff. So here's my character Max. So, like whatever level I am right now is from upgrades like HP grades grades. The clamp I got a weapons from the fifth of fifty cleared. That's just chapter one That's chapter one. Yeah. Do this test? Assess Oh my gosh. gosh. I think I can do this now doesn't wanna join they don't have available. Create a hero. There's my room code does anyone join. See them coming up there Three H eight seven. I think it's. Oh, you got a joiner, you know who this is. You better get on it. John Death Nova Hold on. Now, I hear you guys are hearing is it still too loud guys. Oh, it's Cody. What's up man? Oh, my almost dead. Alright swords. It sounds better. Thank you. Joyce. These stores swinging around my hips. Give me Hill. Oh, yeah. Dude this therapy. they're blazing meteor. This guy. Oh, Poison circle or frost strike. I think frostbite. Ready for this. Does anyone else wanna play? do it? Guys if you wanna play a duo after this get ready, get beat Chapters, one two and three. And if you wanna play a guys just for those of you just joining. Download our show right now we'll be doing a fifty-dollar giveaway for an Amazon gift card. Your screenshot of your play on the post the pin at the top of my Facebook page. Carrying me. Oh, oh my God. Oh my gosh. he's got eighteen. Slash damage from the the Green booger that Blue Cross the screen. Cody GG's, Cody wants to do it again. Did you get greens from that? Let's go guys. This is the I it's the same room code Three HD eight seven and you can join. You know more. And he's like, Oh, okay. Cody Nice. If we don't have an acres here in a second, I'm gonna I'm gonna keep going through this because I wanna see I wanna see where at cuz I'm pretty high level already. Let's keep going guys if you if you wanna play clear Chapters, one two and three download the game using MyLink comment or in the description of this video and enter to win Fifty Bucks with me you get to chapter three. We'll play right now. Temple or flying bullets. Ends and I feel like. Let' What front front and back? Cody I'm sorry um mysterious magician magic. uh after I die this time, we'll go again. Cody if you want first medic, you're gonna miss out with the following magic chance of explosion on enemies death damage to hero. um yeah, let's accept it. I swords dude. See how this guys on fire I think they're weak to the fire the guy he was on fire. So you can probably choose for. He's gonna reach the fire. You go grab that dude that specializes in fire. Uh huh. Oh, yeah, you play offline. That's true. It's good idea. Holy City and that's right. Oh my God, I got a fat boost from the big guy. Tons of clean Rica fire nine I hope I got that. Fire Circle Yeah. Choose you this fire orbs are OP to I found an angel. let's go for the HPD. Hannah Thank you. How are you? Level seven. It's in your adventures blazing star Rare A pets are doing a lot of work. What did I? Get em get em get em pets get them. Oh my God. This is our feet. Oh my gosh. I'm like Neo in the matrix. Did you see all that? do you see me Bob and even though? Stop trying to hit me and hit me. What's up? Karen Welcome to everybody. Oh my God. I'm already addicted. Heroic fight back, Oh, that's when I'm when I'm blow to a lot of uh what I'm. More damage There's a little a. Um attack Hit You're really good, you can do this and and and write a freaking college. Beautiful do homework with the other hand you can play the game with one hand. Words Meter. Dude I got thrown haymakers these swords guys. Really destroyed. Give me that help. We're gonna clear this easy sauce flawless victory. You've been bestowed the following magic high increase in tax lasting three rooms high increase potion that give me your strongest person. Potion Seen that video. You know not what you ask Traveler. My potions not too powerful for Dragons are a million man. I would fall in on that one. Oh my Oh my lands. The bomb or giant oh look at that. I'm a big boy. look at that. Oh, I get to rock this girl. Peace. Guys guys for those of you just joining all those skills those skills for those of you who just joined this game is called Arturo and if you guys want to enter to win a $50 Amazon gift card use the link right here in the pendants. There's also free gyms if you use our go as a uh a uh input for free go get it done put a screenshot of. Your ID on my my My main Facebook page. There's a post. It's the top post that's pinned at the very top page. Go post your player ID. right there for Channing. I'm gonna be announcing it and like 3040 minutes so go do it now and if you go download it get the chapter three. we can play some duo really quick. The thirst Oh, what's this? Oh it's a whole portion interpretation. That's. Didn't see that coming? Did you? Bernie Go guys. Okay, The bad man touched me. Oh my God. Oh my gosh, No, I didn't want to die. I'm not sure I can't, I can't tell you. Let's do a duo who wants to join use the team code 62348 come join anybody can play if you've been after three, you can hop in, We can play Duos right now. come play. Beverly Thank you for stars. Raul You should download it guys if you download the game using the link right there guys if you have any takers for are you guys all playing and leading my stream and not watching that's not fair if you are. Cody come and get it come get you some. Oh, dude, I should I play for you whatever let's go. Did you get that it is it's got that uh it's there. It teammate might have lagged out. It's really nice so I don't see I don't have anyone. Yeah I just. Um we might restart the game uh my do opener made out. Let's try that again. All right, let's try this again who wants to go. You know what no no change my first papa gonna change. Whatever I got my first thing to ground units plus 100. 100. It's a little forty. Uh I got a 5% chance boost all heroes Get Mad Max JP plus five whoa. so there's insistent upgrading all of them. Having a well-rounded team. All right, let's go here and. Is there anything that's like an upgrade? Here's ten. Okay, let's get more. Or this, It's way by 12000 Good Lord. Okay, I'm not gonna upgrade the blue one. Oh, man Alright Join up Baby 6968. Shearer multi-shot Thirst to survive. In a in a duo that it seems like they're like level the playing field so that someone can't just like carry you through all the walls that they're extremely higher than you. Which is good, It's good make sense. Hands up. Frost Botox or easily. Even though I should probably take this. S Shield guard Oh, You've got this dude come play and play come play a duo after this guy this one. Shot Oh, I don't wanna step on there. Oh, so that's gonna tell me bulk up with increasing okay. so it's just more answers your favorite. I bet there's bosses you don't wanna have these swords. It's like the Malay probably. Try to see some more like Have to be all rain. Moose A Vero thanks for the fifty now I have tried it. Everybody check it out though. It's tax or heels. Below. Oh, my God that the fire. It'll get you. That you're more damage uh I guess I'll need it. I'll I'll put that at least Oh no buddy. he's gone. It's just like, okay, I gotta hurt again. I think guided access causing that error. Maybe something for you to know uh Joyce I just turned or maybe it's coincidence. Saluting thing. They're just trying to think of. Yeah. look at this game crushed Soto. It's okay. There you have it, I got a key. So some guys stay tuned. uh I'm gonna be announcing the winner to the for the $50 Amazon gift card here in 20 minutes so if you've posted your screenshot um. If you haven't go do that now and I'm gonna upgrade my armor I wanna roll I wanna get a purple chest. So the booming. Turn your hand and Boomerang increase damage when returns so like the on the comeback, it does grease the but this high chance to kill Bob less than 30% of HP. 58 versus what 358 so there's just two different same stats, different style weapon. Oh, I need to put that iron lock it. Boom. And then you're confused and what. Identical equipment, Oh, so if the other one up to ten, let's try this. Maybe I have to have three. Do I have any three's? I have Oh three. All right, let's go a little bit of a chest I want. It's a fast tornado. Okay. Dustin This is this is the pinned comment and also in the uh description of this video use the link. To download the game. And don't forget, there's a free gems and coins if you use that if you input Arturo go. I got a purple. A phantom dude, that's what I needed, I needed a purple vest. get out of town. I want that. Look at that drip. Oh man. Alright, but Great. Some out of weapons scrolls. Spirits lockets Oh, it's Toledo. I'm stacked. Why is it want me to wake up? Plus five at level forty that's the way some other easy just to the I can cycle in the I die alright, let's do it let's get down to business. I don't have more chest. Oh, I have two more I figured out um. Purple Purple bracelet Alright, What's this? Oh my daily login gift. More daily quiz and achievements. Don't need them. This stuff from my battles. And Buttt kicks. And then we'll announce the winner so if you're here and you've entered you better stick. Bye. Ricochet HP See I'm I'm already 200. After all those upgrades. Thirst Oh, I'm sorry Will was that okay. I'm sorry man G. The devil he wants to trade front arrow, plus one, but I lose 900 life. I got a feeling that's the percentage. Poison Touch Tax Booster Okay. Chris You know I. You don't realize how nice to eat the grass they're kinda they're kinda cool. little graphic for this for this coming game. It feels very like. Like indie platform. Like a Nintendo bricks, I like it. Let's go for the blade. I'm shooting fiery tornado that it doesn't get more American than that. Listen Charles From different Once my life, I'm gonna give it to. What was Rochester? Rochester? Smart arrow Level of Oh nice. So we're not smart. I just love that faster. You hear back. Oh yes. Donate bye guys. Good vibes. Bouncy wall or piercing. Today Oh my gosh what the fuck? Water Walker I'm gonna I'm gonna I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna the walls even though that strong hurt. My Arrows chapter cleared I've already done chapter one, though, hit me on Chapter two bro. Chapter cleared We go through twenty clay. Chapter two. Three Clear Stage thirty chapter five to claim. Do I change my? Hey guys I run if you guys want. After we'll Uh we'll announce the winners we got yeah less than 10 minutes. so yeah, let's do it. let's play it. A tool let me see what's going on. I see let me see. guys join this uh this duo. How many people entered to win? Attempts depleted Alright dudes. I'm gonna run one more than. Expeditions I think. I Harder. The mermaid And thank you guys if you haven't done so already please enter to win by posting your uh a screenshot of your ID. Go Do that you got 8 minutes guys. use the link down below to download. I think this is harder. Hmm. A serious visitors by I don't need it though. We had to to. I can walk all over the water with my water. James is here to start what's up. Didn't need to need to heal? Max. I got hit by one thing I took away like. 500 $500 Killed Put your hands up. That is reflecting all the coins at the end, headshot small chance to kill mobs instantly. Look at that so bad. More coin, Oh, give me more. It's the dicking cuz you need more coins to upgrade and you need to get more coin. We're almost there guys. I can't believe it's almost already been 2 hours. it has been 2 hours already dude That was the quickest part of my life. Oh my God. Oh Oh alright. Well guys. that's it. uh let's see you announcing the winner who is the winner of $50 gift certificate. Let's go investigate. No get in here. All right guys now who you're actually like downloaded and played all the way through to three. Alright, I'm gonna pull this thing up here like quite a few people. Alright. Let's do this. Chris pick a number between one four. Carter is the winner Beverly Carter. Reel 467236 Beverly You are the winner. Do this? There it is guys there's our winner. Congratulations Beverly I lost yet so. We go what's up Josh. What's up Andy Theo Oh my God an old. For Beverly Beverly But oh my God he's here What's up. Congratulations Beverly. Did you announce the winner? I did Jake Billy is the winner and everyone thank my brother Chris for missing a number to help me choose. he's some of the video games. He has no idea what we're doing. I love it, Gigi's guys. uh thank you guys so much for joining us and again um if you guys wanna check out this game go to the link below here you're in the pin, comment or the description of this video uh download the link If you wanna support me if you wanna go check out this game, I just wasted 2 hours on accident. I can't believe I've already wait. It's it's an indignity because you guys check it out. um anyways. this is the end of the stream guys. I will see you guys tomorrow. It is almost midnight and I'm gonna splitting headaches. We're gonna check in tomorrow. Have another special tomorrow so I will keep you guys updated on that. I will see you guys. then I love you guys good night and everybody say uh thanks to Joyce for helping us out today. See you soon guys. Adios.
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