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As a result of COVID-19, Pay Our Interns set up a Relief Fund to give cash to working-class youth who had their internships canceled this summer and need funds to pay bills. Those selected can use the funds to pay for groceries, rent, transportation, or other needs. Of the 986 applicants who applied for funds, 346 are Black. Collectively, they need $373,940 to pay their bills while interning this summer.

Many Black applicants also have family members who lost their job. As a result, they are asking for funds to be able to feed themselves, pay rent so they don't become homeless, and, in some cases, to pay their internet bill so they can do a virtual internship and gain the experience needed to enter the field in which they are studying.

Pay Our Interns is committed to funding Black interns. In Honor of Juneteenth, any donations POI receives in the next week will go to a Black intern. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, any contribution is tax-deductible.
À la suite de la COVID-19, Payez nos stagiaires a créé un fonds de secours pour donner de l'argent aux jeunes de la classe ouvrière qui ont fait annuler leurs stages cet été et qui ont besoin de fonds pour payer leurs fact Les personnes sélectionnées peuvent utiliser les fonds pour payer les courses, le loyer, le transport ou d'autres besoins. Sur les 986 candidats qui ont demandé des fonds, 346 sont noirs. Collectivement, ils ont besoin de 373,940 $ pour payer leurs factures en interne cet été.

De nombreux candidats noirs ont également des membres de la famille qui ont perdu leur emploi. De ce fait, ils demandent des fonds pour pouvoir se nourrir, payer le loyer pour ne pas devenir sans-abri, et, dans certains cas, payer leur facture d'internet afin qu'ils puissent faire un stage virtuel et acquérir l'expérience nécessaire pour entrer le domaine dans lequel ils étudient.

Payez nos stagiaires s'engage à financer les stagiaires noirs. En l'honneur de juin, tous les dons reçus par POI dans la semaine prochaine iront à un stagiaire noir. En tant que 501 c) (3) à but non lucratif, toute contribution est déductible d'impôt.

Carlos Mark Vera • 19 juin 2020
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Dear Partners, we gave a $900 grant to Hali Smith, an aspiring attorney who attends Clark Atlanta University. Read her powerful story below.

Within weeks she lost her job in Atlanta and had her work-study hours cut. She moved home in Memphis and started working at a grocery store. However, her father has a heart disease, and given her new job, it was risky living home. So she moved back to Atlanta where she has a remote job but they recently cut her hours.

She aspires to be an attorney, so if we have any attorneys that wouldn't mind chatting with her, let me know and I'll connect yall.

If you want to help others in a similar situation, help us reach our 10k goal: https://bit.ly/31e7sic

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Pay Our Interns
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Pay Our Interns is bipartisan, non-profit organization that advocates for an increase in the amount of paid internships within our government, for-profit, and nonprofit sector. POI serves as a research platform, advocacy guide, and internship database for students across the country. Paid internships should be available to all students in every sector, whether private or public. A student’s socioeconomic status should not be a barrier to getting real- world work experience. Afficher la suite
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