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Transcription de la vidéo
Which one. You love. Usa USA, USA, USA, USA, USA, USA, USA, USA. One Give me a couple of units. Usa. The US USA USA USA. You can't go back. A woman I thought that. Please don't just don't. Police no police no police. We're good. We're good. We're good. It's a great show I've ever seen. It's so cool. The I can show you watching so if I show you watching. So everybody's here so. So so far. If you haven't so I mean that. I think the I think a couple of shows a little bit more. This boy's got okay cool. I don't have a light so it's getting pretty dark cool. Bye. I love you. What are you doing? Hey, I'm told you. so stick with him. Should you feel it? I'm at the junction where I? They're going to their cars. They have a compact, so I mean. They got a total that. You just you're putting again. A Frances Greg's Take it What is it? Oh, okay. Cool cool. Yeah, I'm that's a beautiful ship and I couldn't enjoy it. It was like that's like something out of the movies. Hey, Joe. Maybe I don't know a whole bunch of cops won't buy me. They left the place if you have any view on the plaza if you have it. Okay. Yeah, I'll I'll stay on track. I'm just seeing. Nah, it's almost the day. I think I'll just push on through right. This is the finale finale. So it's. Okay, let's see let's see I think I'm coming up so I'll I'll this and then I'll turn back to the plaza. Okay. Cool. Thanks. Bye. I want that high school. Hey, Joe so yeah, I'm at the I think it's really. It's like this is just water. No, I mean, do you see my shot. I'm not sure it's just it's empty. It's pretty much. yeah, it's it's the full time this year. You know they're here til midnight every night but I'm gonna head back up. Alright, Thanks man I'll check it out. No peace, No peace, No Justice. Police Will be. Matters. What? Our RT. I Mccain the No. Lives matter. Matter And The Let's go. Police don't touch me. Hey friends. He's he's my signal. Yeah, let's go just let them know these people walking in the direction of the Bureau. so that's very convenient. I'm just gonna walk with that. Yeah. Yeah. So I'm just gonna. Keep an eye out for you what you're driving. So you got the the behind right that you have. Holy shit. Oh, man. that's a dangerous proposition. Alright cool. Alright. I'll see you guys in a minute. Alright. Thanks. Thanks.
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