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Transcription de la vidéo
I need to go ahead and do start challenges for real. Yes, I won't say Terry. you accept some guy at $1200 each if you to win a trio to a trio free chances, you wanna do it as well. Yeah. so you can we do Juggalos. I'd rather do that. Yeah. I'll do that. well. we both enjoy it. I can't they can't they can have is a car or a pack, and that's not like P O. It's not like hacks. It's just that Shey crazy months sheets. It's like do you drive by like Heinz Ketchup or like that shit catch up. That's how you know what I mean. hackers are like Pines ketchup and below ketchup is Theron Maxx and that's What. Cross by Alright. No more chairs looks too good at the. I think we're gonna start doing that first thing. Yeah. it's it's more like how do I say it's like. More chances, you know like it's not like it's luck. It's like involved, but it's not like a hundred percent like black yeah. Thank you for the positive vibe. I'm sorry that my stream disconnected. I have no idea why that actually happened but yeah, I welcome back guys. hopefully we can get our viewers back up as you guys know we're gonna try and we came third. I think we're gonna try and do some like stars. you miss your right-I. Yeah, that sucks man I would I appreciate you letting me but the stream just disconnected. I didn't end it which is just weird how that ended up happening but we've generated $37000 today we have three hours and 30 minutes. Ourselves A hundred and 20000 stars now anyone that sends Starz previously I apologizing in advance that I will not be out of shout you out and the reason why that is is because the stars I can't see who sent them now that St. lasts ended or dissipated. so if you did send stars you guys are truly awesome only because I don't shout many people out during the tournament process cuz I don't wanna get distracted from the main oden so. if anyone has got a challenge to start it off to try and get a hundred and. Stars' Challenge in the chat now, but some stars to your challenge. I'll pin your comment and main exams. I will attempt to do so All Stars go towards gaming, fours and disabled children so they can play in eSports and learn the stream and YouTuber who's gonna be our first. person today I joined Samson. No worries. I bet if I didn't, I wouldn't be any, you know what I mean and I it's so good. It's all positive vibe, but there's always a competitiveness right, Terry Lee says. 1000 stars trio NS jogger You're too good. Okay revolver only win has I with a 5000 stars. Okay? Why don't we I I Terrill. I'll try and do your size and terrys at the same time. revolver only win. And she's a snake shots. Oh, yeah I use the shots. Appreciate it. Daniela Daniela says eight thousand for five - No. it's pretty you can't laugh to flash raho. Alright finally with Sargeant finesse sent you a message in March or some shit and he'd love to play with you or something. Yeah I play with him. He's a good guy. He's a good guy play with him many times. it's available if it was on now I play with them now, but now let's go in. I start out. That's right, Terry and Josiah and miss Daniela. Yeah, it's locked in for the challenge. Jackson's 5000 stars for no win. Okay. So I'm definitely in you right so we're gonna try and do hold on a fucking revolver win five knife kills. Yeah. what we're doing Intros Oh my God but we can't what Baer no one stone at 500 bucks, but what we're trying to get all birds in the same zone. Alright Okay. so start out you know you can just do what you want. I'll play safe by back and if you die, that's good. Did you Alright. good luck. I'm like how are you just win just 95 people just just Tva to me If you know it was just come up to me sweet, I was kinda good luck mate. Alright sounds good I'll share posts and don't forget guys all the gaming has been disabled children so they can play for so we're doing a couple of challenge a revolver win by that. Daniel said eight thousand I think the five kills with the fry. People say what people are saying you said I F was people are gonna say bullshit every day of every day. Why why would I say he's? Clip it baby Thanks, I say it and then show me. People always go and cry baby cry baby. I said that we got to go deal with hackers dude. What's up Jason? You say you're not just with disabled children. Jordan tell me what it is for Jordan. Is you're the mind reader you brother? Sarah says you got enough challenges so I'm just gonna help out with the 2500. So thanks so much. Sarah I really appreciate you coming in the the support so I said, 40 kills plus. to win the AK Okay. We're gonna do this with this first okay so whoever that person is please do stick around and we're gonna do some challenges here right here right now and you know what I've thoroughly enjoyed. you guys in the tournament. I'd send you $50000 if you drop A-. Cliff Yeah, that'd be cool. You don't warming up Princess sounds like something that you're far too much invested into brother. Steven is on the old you babe. that's a must have send my Internet your way I had to go on a different line today because other Internet providers doing a reset during the tournament and avoid the and luckily it ended So yeah we'll be algorithm and the fucking likes we're going down the drain and that's start fresh air but. I don't know there's some sort of a poetic licensing there, but I have to talk to the. I think it's about time that we start actually going up against each other broccoli like being in the same lobby and going for kids rather than being all randomized. Here's if you're an A and we're a little bit together, you know and that's just the way it needs to be. it needs to be one of those watch the sky. Isn't it? I got I thought this is like so you can read There's a fight kicking off. while you're feel free to give this I put you and if you find something that you feel. James with the next day. Listen up. We're here and you return to the front line, but if you lose, you're gone. Sort out. Got up in there, We're bringing you home. if you're team has the cash like to pay for your So what after a tournament? Everything is just so dry. Welcome back We are Welcome back. It's kind of like you know like my energy is just going down the you know you have to get it today. I'm the camp windy never. Side. Yeah, unlucky man we're back. Be a support to jump in the game with me, Terry Honest, I haven't really excited that I mean it depends. I'm happy to do a challenge. what you're you're willing to put on the table. Guys and I right now we've got three hours and 30 minutes to go. I've got Jason. not really mate, you know I can't be giving you any more. I'm gonna give you any advice. Contact. So good. And I'll be dropping into the AO Target spotted. As one that's one knife. one knife kill. Got some cash here. believe that. And it I'm trying to challenges right now so that's a challenge. Yeah, by all means. A nice five knife kills out of the way. I think this revolves as well. Thanks for tuning my my phone at night, it's not dropping to the AO. Contact. Now comes with all of the cans as well. It's gonna load up drop it okay. Send recon a ving the AO. Target spotted Enemy UAV overhead. Be advised US. Gotta go. That's disregard. There. Zions is just gonna kill him. Adrian Good. Yeah. That's why it's. Asia This-we're So this is gonna be the no win the revolver win. And A G I win. Yeah. And then I think that's are running at one night kill so give me. The record, the revolver is a gun so. Knock out this. location Mark Cuba Okay, actual Suny UAV in the AO. trophy to the IO. Ice creams and ages. B's UAVs B's you have to make that decision yourself right, you know. it's one of the things like my mom says. I'm so that means it must be true. so you know peace. please. alright. And you're like the a seven. NAV over here Gotta get up. That's why you don't use the kimbo. It's hot, It's sucks. I hate it I hate it. I mean I'm on myself any favors, but you know trying to kill all the birds for one thing. And I. Anybody need this. Ross dot com. We're doing a couple of challenges. Yeah, we get our stars. Yeah raise the money for the game for disabled children so they can play any sports and then the road we get this win and we've done Terrys challenge. Yeah, that a lot that boom boom boom all the way and then make it more of. Really, oh, that was oh man I was screaming. prot but I'm gonna ban this revolver challenger and try that another as as some point I look I was watching and I cut the revolves is so bad. I just got that on the ground just enough it so it can be so this is I'm gonna. can I get a Casper Casper if he is Dan's play. Yeah or you can get in I wanna shit. On That's available on it because it'll be done in quotes wouldn't it. Come on man Think for your brain, Oh man I'm the energy is just you know. and you. The stream Well, what are you waiting for Press the like hit that phone God level and I'll take this Monty just the way I'll shake your third make tonight, Ladies and gentlemen. It's your boy. It's your man and jugged daddy. Oh, I hope you enjoy this. I really do well. I'm not your bad for the next round, though take a time putting every single new byer everyone getting in the comments La La Don't just keep staring at me shaking that good. Toki class well. it's your mom told you that I'm your daddy. Yeah. I'm a real daddy The jugged daddy anyway. it's back to spring. Let's go down drop down of what's not to die and cry again about hacking and new ladies and gentlemen. Thank God and enjoy the next Warsaw game. Are you enjoying the rain? Hey? King of the Ocean, I'm the King of all wet and everything wess just like you're a mother. She loves me. She calls me jugged daddy and yes, I'm your daddy and daddy tells you to press the lock button now. or I'll make a squeak again. and you'll be hearing God Leroy Corridor God level through the streets and God never everywhere that you can. As I say son or daughter, I press that like and share, I hate to follow in the. the jugged daddy has arrived boy Take Back Your. Sucker Yes, it is so good daddy. The best with my little. I don't you. vons. bastard coming. Again, But I didn't mean it. I'm sorry. yeah. eat that it's a real dog that you little bitch. but again I swear. you never will you're gonna be mad. I'm gonna have fun with you get together and by the out and get a clown. That's what the do you little pussy Me-I. I didn't mean it. way. To the level. hit that like. A join the dog that community. sorry, my pet crashed to just play a couple of extra animations to get back on top of beside Baker. Thank you so much to 1230 stars. Thank you. I'm sorry I didn't hear all the challenge on the You know the scale that you needed it to be so I apologize guys. so who's still here for Aime was still here who's still here to put another challenge. That's a pin another person. For our challenges here. Next game for up to 20 and 220 Where'd, you go sure. Oh no the Shanghai was just out of the game can be good. You're good. Hello Gorgeous jeffs. reply. That's fine. Okay. What's that fucking blocking out? I can't even. if you don't win. What he says 20 game each and dub 30 K. I mean. amazing. yeah. 20 kilos each. bro, I that two -d MG can't give me a minute to wake up hold on it was like yeah, it was for me to stay up and punch the shit out of his It's not oh he's gonna clip it. Oh, I'd love to see that what happens to his Chadd didn't say back on it. You just snap Yeah, he told me he was passing back and it's not. twisted. That's what he said is that yeah broke his chair. He's he's tomorrow. It's gonna be like a ditching wooden chair tomorrow you see she's like the oh man He's like I was saying it's just. He's now on Twitter for a new Rouge india'. What have you got? I was like know why you came from my chair. I've got the shitty chair. Bravos when I finish it's just down right. It's I send you a video of it. It's very impressed. It's a good. It's a good luck for the kitchen so I'm glad I'm glad thank you. Terry Edwin 1000 Join us get with the Ru's Them' a-game here with the 1200. Thank you very much. May I have just hit like sugar levels are just crashing with 250000 the first time. Thank you so much for 3000 first time Emailer Gmail dot com. You've got yourself a merch April the hundreds for the 50 first time that you prefer it and see with the 50 I heard about Sargeant Peris saw that with the children with a hundred and with the 30 a-b, Thank you for the stars at this time shout out to our new supporter mister. to the goal. Oh, this game is wink. If you want 20 kilos each they need to spare. It's not easy as it sounds absolutely and next a hundred dollars each you could be and I just it's just gonna be such a great. Can I do a cross challenge anybody wanna do a cross nunchuck? please Chris with the 250. Thank you. Catt We need some more likes right if you care about me and you care about your mother. It's hard to get married press' the like my man. Yeah Pressley now joking. Thank you very much to the stars. I wasn't joking. I'm serious about you know. Come on press the like button. Yeah, I was gonna show the key but my stream crashed so I'm really sucks It really does so it does. Oh my love will turn off during the tournament, but I'm out and I missed out a couple of thousand followers. I'm ready. I'm so sorry I just. Yeah, I've been waiting for so long. I'm One It is comfortable right, You might think why you even got a back piece. how I move that back down. this a big hit. It's challenge step right up All Star Game four and disabled children to play on the road and and if you fucking 400 press the thumbs up, I'll share the Kela right now, 400 people come on press that thumbs up on your phone. 400 of you share the key set up the best assault rifle. Inna Okay, God-damn. Exams of Brian exams You can see the name here's a-game in right so here's the challenge for game four. It has been disabled children come on. come on. Let's have a challenge so I can fit it with a 46000 stars. We have 4000 stars. I'll give you the NP seven as well. Yeah NP. Seven. I'll give you the if we get ourselves 350 more likes you get an MP Seven. I've got a challenge for all three of you if you're interested in this one. alright. I'm using Ginette not digging it. If you haven't got the new MPfive Arenal fps seven. I see you Tristan. Owen says five K stars for the crossbow and Nunchuck dub right there you go to Owen is gonna donate $5, which is 50 Bucks so gaming for autism and disabled children so they can play in eSports and then the roads that will be a stream and YouTuber now bear in mind, Always buy your stars through a PC software not to Apple. Otherwise they take a huge percentage and you won't be able to donate as much it cost you as much enjoying the stream mister. Says the three stars' blessed for the kids Love baby. Thank you so much my friend. right, so we're we're we're 300 stars away from the 50000. then we need a hundred thousand dollars in three hours That's gonna be so fucking difficult a thousand dollars a thousand dollars. It's not as hard as it seems because you guys are awesome and I know that you're gonna fucking challenges in the chat so Owen says 50 Bucks. if we get a shot at CrossBow Dub who else. Throwing stars in there give me a hundred dollars you'll be a hundred. There will be there. It'll be a hundred 89 days in a row, raising over $1500 a day or 180 days in a row. Let's not let the momentum die. It's fourth of July. It's a good day to be alive. It's better than all the other days in the month of the year. so a good day The good good day. let's make it a good day. Bye. it to the next level with what 270 - five Darry says. We're trying to get a lot or team up against the rules to get. We would get Bann if we did that we'd have to do that. Anyone in the check home' on Owen, it looks like you're the only guy that's gonna throw in some stars for a crossbow challenge. right ready when you are, that's I'm using a crossbow. But we did it, You got crossbow challenge. What challenge mate get the win with the cross point. wess. How many you but they taste and taste and he says 5035 to get in bison. Alright Shayne with 20 - Five. Thank you Matthew, he says about it. Alright. Okay. I got a hundred thousand dollars in. Done. Yeah. Jeremy you're on. Matt these chairs right. one of the best chairs I personally. all set. I was in jogging on tree, I was in someone so oh, yeah Miss Danielle with a 554 knives. Yeah. I'm I'm using Ives and Daniela. France's tough in the tournament and thanks for the Great Entertainment team. God love all the way baby thanks to 1000 fire and Brent harris' your fucking legendary you No, but you know. some target practice while you're deployed how how deep into the machine to go the Pune travell it sure did he pull off of this chair? No apparently he loves the thing They just like sat back and then you could like John Anger. He leaned back really hard. He's be doing that. But it's it's no webm he would have been out of it. It would have been funny though. Can you imagine? yeah? Post's drop it into the area. Watch the sky. Play time is over you're going to the war zone. There's Brian. I'm glad you guys are enjoying him. Daniel Set 10000 stars if you jump out and get killed in the air with a cosplay battle Royale. How can you get how can you get in the air? I'm guessing I have to go in the helicopter on a. gas and load up load a little bit. Dustin I got a challenge as well, Hundred dollars per year up to 20 and a $2200 of the 20 so he's gonna win. Everyone's trying to buy my chair and like a bit how was this time? we start up for a pound. We're at right now. They were reviewing it is a little sniff on the on the I mean, Oh, yeah. that's. The IO It's getting Ricky. Oh, he jumped he. but he's been robbs. This Friday Saturday, I got I've got I've lost so much energy. on the back is no that's just what I've got a new map by the way with the unpleasant just saying. man couldn't have I honestly, I must be there. Yeah, but they give you the MT seven. alright and you have to pay for me. It's the MPfive period. I I promise you, I promise you that because I have no, I don't know but what I need to have the stuff it does have no-I okay The greens playing. Yeah, I think it's get back on so you get just find it on the walls outside. Come on on Facebook because it's not a it's a-b. Half you Casper's VA SPF? That's I catch it shines crashed again. Man. Alright, Y'all one Sec. you know. I love it when it's frozen and it looks legit. and I saw the show. we're about to order a new Goss tomorrow I can say. Right-I you need to get it out so I can go across by and and and the summer. Summertime I will I will I will I will. Order and what what what's the best to buy? Well? I have a look. It's on the website. for cash. Or chaos or guys, let's slow down so I can get this out. I'm playing on the old PC with. I don't need to fight it now I found them. Casper. Hey guys Welcome back to the old Stas. Be there. What was it that I have to, but does it does? Yeah my my surprise. It's even worse. No the rocking chair. It's got Echo's marra on no-I out of that. so it's probably the other out of the ghetto. What you want. Why punch me you wanna scrap. The four. I can't leave now. Follow me if I'm dead. I'm alive. I'm alive that diamonds. that's right. You light show for you. We like that. Enemy and and you get out. I'm Matthew who's Ann's. What what you want. hanging out mate. Hey did you have something over here now? What is that dismissed? It is a what is it UAV overhead? I see I peed on me. Here he comes. I got activated load up the challenge. Take five. please Oh, I picked the wrong class. We got. oh I'm tired. 00. Yeah. that's cute. my on the I see him. I see him I see one they're already you just feel like what the fuck is wrong with you. That's why as well you see for them could have been mine with the cross by you, but you really don't don't do anything 32. Oh, yeah. Did you see that bounce? bounce? I wanna get back on, he's not. Oh the fuck. It's got my grip. I thank you and we got you know what you just killed the world. let's go. to fire if you go and get some more on, I gotta get five tomas and then that's the challenge. Wow cash flow. You're not expecting the stars but some of it from me you have to let you go man. Yeah, I don't know if this one it's fine. Why don't you just stay and get the keys? That's right come on. Don't worry about it. don't worry I'll he took my I was sad about it. as she got. my machine was going good as well. I'm crashed the got my ass just to check it out technical difficulties but I got to get out a new one.