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Transcription de la vidéo
Спасибо вот а все борис очаг Seem to be over so I'm happy I've got free. Lucky Lucky Lucky I won. But now, I'm telling you I'm going to smile, but I will never ever would have believed them no reason. sometimes the truth is hard to see but I never ever ever seem to be over. Happy I've got free. And down he went out to look. I ain't no looking back. I'm on the road right here she goes. Lucky Lucky It's. We are too much look at. Look at him. Them. To be good. But it's mine. To be good all the time. He knows how to make it all right. Get that. What I need to be good all the time. History but what about it? He's got a bad history, but I want him anyway. Don't look at me. I'm in a bad situation. looking at him. He's got a bad reputation, but what about it? what about it? Be good.
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